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Jeff Parker Interviews Mark Waid on GREEN HORNET

Waid discusses the old Green Hornet television series.

Mark Waid's GREEN HORNET is kicked into full gear! The 12th issue just came out and writer Mark Waid discusses the book, among other things with fellow writer Jeff Parker (BATMAN 66, KINGS WATCH).

JEFF PARKER: When you were a kid, were they showing the GH series on your local station? Because my first exposure to Green Hornet and Kato were on the Batman show, and I finally saw multiple episodes at a Saturday matinee.

MARK WAID: Same here. Same exposure, but for me, I’m old enough (just barely) where it was first-run to me in 1966. But I was only four, I don’t have much memory of it. I really only became cognizant of the Hornet, like you, with Batman re-runs, and I think part of the intrigue was that there were 26 episodes out there that I was dying to see. In the meantime, my dad introduced me to the 1930s radio show, and that sealed the deal for me.

JP: And back to that, Kung Fu was really big then so the whole audience was mainly there for Kato.

MW: Except for poor Burt Ward, who was reportedly scared to death of him.

JP: There’s a strong appeal in that kind of pulp hero who essentially only needs to add a mask and gloves to what he would wear anyway, you don’t have to make a big production out of getting into your butt-kicking persona. Also apropos of nothing, the Black Beauty is a pretty sweet ride.

MW: No kidding. If you don’t think the Black Beauty directly inspired the Batmobile, you’re nuts. Yeah, that appeal made him VERY easy to pretend to be in the schoolyard—a kerchief-mask, a coat and a hat and you were good to go. Beyond that, though, I really do think part of the Hornet’s appeal is the triple identity—a newspaper publisher and powerful social do-gooder by day, a crimefighter by night, and all the time pretending to be a criminal himself so he can get inside intel on the mob. That’s still a sweet set-up

JP: So level with us- Green Hornet is going to die in this story, right? You seem to be going that way, Waid. How could you?!

MW: Pfft. Look, I’m not trying to steal any dramatic tension away, but how can I kill the Hornet? It’s still 1942 in my story and he’s still got to be around in 1966 to meet Adam West or else my whole personal space-time continuum collapses.

Make sure to check out GREEN HORNET from Dynamite comics! Issue #12 is available at your LCS at this very moment! You can check out an extended preview of the latest issue right here!

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Posted by bob808

I wish Dynamite would do a series base on the Green Hornet TV show.