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Jango Fett is Abin Sur

And Pieface has been cast, too.

 Abin Sur

The races to play Abin Sur and Pieface in the Green Lantern movie have just ended, according to the Hollywood Reporter. New Zealanders Temuera Morrison and Taika Waititi have landed the roles, respectively.

 Pieface's "classical" depiction.

I hadn’t heard of Waititi before today, but he’s a veritable jack of all of trades in entertainment, having been an actor, a comedian and, most recently, the writer and director of the quirky dress-up movie SHARK VS. EAGLE. Interestingly, the trades don’t name his character as Tom “Pie Face” Kalmaku, but keep the role description to simply “test pilot Hal Jordan’s best friend.” I suspect that probably has something to do with “Pieface” not exactly being the most PC-name, something DC’s had issues with reconciling over the years. Perhaps the crew’s still in the process of picking a new name for Jordan’s Alaskan sidekick.

The news of Morrison playing Abin Sur, Jordan’s alien predecessor, is pleasing to me as I enjoyed him as Jango Fett in STAR WARS. Even beyond that, he’s always come across as getting a real kick out of his involvement in the movies and all their tie-ins like the REPUBLIC COMMANDO game. A lot of actors seem to be dragging their heals when promoting a big genre movie, but Morrison's always seemed to relish it.

 Jango Fett.


I especially enjoyed this back and forth one time during a convention Q&A

“Mr. Morrison, what’s it like having your own action figure?”

“Oh, it’s great, you know, because it means I’m the only man in the world who can play with himself in public and not be embarrassed!”

AY-OH! And so on. I’m going to ahead and also putting it out there that it’s fitting an actor from STAR WARS would have a part in GREEN LANTERN, as both stories draw inspiration from the classic pulp series, LENSMEN.

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Posted by KRYPTON

I guess that would work, but It would look a little weird  

Edited by starkiller95

If Morrison will be red i will watch this movie immediately!

Posted by Knox

That's cool

Posted by Emerald Warrior

No exactly the kind of casting I had in mind for Abin. As long as he's in make-up I won't have anything to say. 
Oh, and shameless self-promotion, Pinchuk? tsk tsk.

Posted by Tyler Starke
@Emerald Warrior:  Your face is a shameless promotion
Posted by Lustwish

Ill go with that

Posted by AngelFrost
 Taika Waititi looks adorable!
Posted by Silver Knight75

sounds good

Posted by Son_of_Magnus


Posted by Moomin123

Hey, if the Jango Fett man was bald then he would look a lot like Abin Sur. If Doug \jones is not playing him, then I hope he plays Tomar-Re.
Posted by MisterDK

 "director of the quirky dress-up movie SHARK VS. EAGLE"
Eagle Vs. Shark, no?

Posted by greenenvy

Not bad
Posted by NightFang

So Abin Sur is a "brother" now?  Cool!

Posted by Mbecks14

doog eciohc

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

lol nice

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

cool ,he can die again

Posted by geraldthesloth

Good choice

Posted by jdeluca2

excellent choice, too bad he dies in the begining

Posted by Bruce Vain

Temurera is a perfect choice for Abin. I'm pleased to see this news. :)
Posted by jagged glass

You're not in Guatamala anymore Dr. Ropata! 
Heheh... always wanted to say that...
Posted by greenlantern26

hmmm. i reserve judgment until i see some screen shots or the film. i like  Temuera Morrison but... well we'll see...