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Jamie Foxx as Electro in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Revealed

Get your first look at what the actor will look like in the Spider-Man sequel.

Ever since it was teased that Jamie Foxx would be playing Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we've all been wondering what exactly he would look like. His yellow and green costume might be cheesy but it's a classic look. Unfortunately it's also one that probably wouldn't translate too well in a live-action movie.

Back in December, Foxx did say his costume wouldn't be green and yellow. And now, thanks to Daily Mail Online, we can get an idea what Electro will look like.

He likely won't be wearing a hoodie in the movie. Foxx also said back in December when describing his look:

"They want to try new things, like a liquid rubber and things like that, and there are all these bolts and stuff in my arms when they are hanging me upside down and trying to figure out what happen."

Foxx was seen Monday in Times Square and we can assume this is just a temporary look until he finds something else to put on. Then again, maybe the hoodie and jeans look is what they'll give him since the green and yellow spandex suit is out (and would look silly).

We'll have to wait until we see actual footage of him in action. The blue look is interesting but there will likely be more electrical FX added in.

What are your thoughts? Does this look spark your interest?

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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

In a word: Awful.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

For all we know this is Electro in full electric energy power. And that is what the make up is for, for those scenes. And other times he looks normal.

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I like it.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Here is an image with some of the effects put in.

Posted by Perfect 10

they have a finished look on youtube on clevver movies. he's glowing electrically. i actually like this one better. with the super imposed effects his face looks bloated.

Edited by Perfect 10

@thetimestreamer: didn't ultimate electro wear a hoodie when he first got his powers until he got a costume?

Edited by Dabee

It looks like it will be cool in full costume will the SFX, and everything. I don't think he's supposed to look particularly like a super villain just from pictures of him in makeup on the set. But even for that, it looks pretty good. I'm really looking forward to seeing it all finished and polished up!

Posted by nappystr8

Not at all what I was expecting, but I can see it working.

Edited by JamDamage

I think he looks great. I'm a big Ultimate Spider-man and this looks like that so I'm happy. This works for the Ultimate fans, but I bet the ones that ONLY read the 616 version of Spider-man are cursing the sky right now. Oh well, to bad for them. Let the little fanboys cry.

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@oscars94 said:

A similar look to this , perhaps?

That's the look they are going for. He even has lights inside the hoodie to give his face an electric effect.

Posted by Mediumflyer7


Posted by thatlad
Posted by w0nd

he looks like an electric eel/fish man thingy. gotta be honest. not digging it. i think the ultimate look would have been better.

isn't that what the ultimate look is, just with more glowing and lighting effect and electricity shooting off of him....something that can be done with cgi after the fact? I mean these are just pics of him on the set..

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Because the movies are a mixture of both 616 and Ultimate universe. The movie title is just a name. The Avengers technically should have been called the "Ultimates" then.

@mucklefluga said:


What's wrong with the Green and Yellow costume! !! ! !!!

Makes him look like a walking sunflower man.

I would definitely be more intimidated by the one made out of pure electricity. Hell even the MTV version was blue

People seem confused as to why he is blue, but there was a blue energy version back in 2003, and ultimate Electro has been seen a few times now.

Even classic looking Electro has turned into an angered energy form a few times.

Posted by elayem98

What's wrong with the Green and Yellow costume! !! ! !!!

I cant tell if this is a joke or not

Posted by k4tzm4n

Posted by Kiddevil

Hmm maybe what they should do is Adapt the old spandex costume to a more modern Green hoodie with lightning and black jeans

Posted by Oscars94
Posted by w0nd

@perfect_10: He had a leather jumpsuit with a lightning bolt on it.

Posted by thenexusrebound

Considering there is most likely going to be a decent amount of post production, this could be cool. I like how they go practical effects and then work to the CGI.

Posted by Namor1987

LOL y'all have heard something called CGI right? They're more than likely going to add a ton of CGI to this so please shut up & quit nagging like a bunch of schoolgirls. I personally love the nod to the Ultimate Spider-Man look

Posted by Black_Claw

Looks pretty cool to me. I'm sorry but I could never take his classic look seriously. It looked like something somebody would wear at Mardi Gras.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy


Posted by Veshark

Looks like Avatar! But I'm guessing an on-set photo won't be as impressive as the actual CGI-enhanced final product, so I'll withhold judgment until a trailer comes out.

Can't say I was impressed with ASM 1's Lizard, though.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Oh boy, I can see where this is going.


Spider-Man: WITHOUT PANTS!!!

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Looks better than 616's ridiculous costume.

Edited by fullmetaladam

Damn!!! I thought Abe Sapien was owned by Dark Horse?????

Reminds me how much I want Hellboy 3 :(

Posted by BlackPan1her

It reminds me of a combination of the Ultimate Comics Electro and the Frost Giant design from the Thor movie.

Posted by Shazam78

Not liking it. Maybe some digital editing and cg will complete the final look. Not giving it my final judgement though.

Edited by Moby

I need to see more photos of hopefully the finished costumes. Looks like a fail so fair. But if anyone can pull it off Jamie foxx can

Posted by novi_homines

Here is an image with some of the effects put in.


Posted by ForeverMan

Yeah I have to think there's going to be plenty of post production going into the finished product. This looks weird, like a swamp monster...

Posted by w0nd

@perfect_10: Whoa this site is messing up for me. Anyways Ultimate Electro's first appearance was in Ultimate spider-man 10. And he was already electro and a hired good in costume at that point. He wasn't hiding it, he was just bald and not blue yet but he still looked like a brightly colored man with no pupils. The only hooded Electro I can think of is the one in spectacular spider-man where he runs away from the hospital, but that was in the cartoon.

Is that the one?

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django recharged

Posted by Lykida

I like this look. It's something new (since it's even a bit different from the ultimate look) and to be honest fits better into the movie Spider-Man - Universe. I mean most costumes look different in the movies (just think about the X-Men) and so far this has been working out well for me.

And besides that I assume he will be wearing some kind of super villain costume later in the movie and that might even have some green and yellow on it ( I know Foxx said it wouldn't.^^ But one can hope.)

Posted by SimonM7

Everything in the Amazing universe seems to originate from the genetic mutation stuff at Oscorp. The video game has more mutants in it than a Turtles episode.

I wouldn't be surprised if Electro is literally an electric eel man.

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doesn't matter what he looks like, Jamie Foxx shouldn't be in this movie. Terrible choice for Electro!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not bad! Kind of a Sith-feel to it but I can dig it :)

Posted by CykoJimmY


Posted by reaper2923

I thought Electro was white?

Posted by blkson

He looks like Don Cheadle's Captain Planet.


Posted by Vance Astro

I'm not seeing this now.

Edited by Raw_Material

Will this be somehwat of an uprising of Electro? Is this gonna be his main appearance, or will he find a super-villain costume during the movie?

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People where complaining that Electro was going to be Black, now they are complaining because he's Blue.

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Posted by Guardiandevil83

I hope at some point that Jamie walks up to a beaten, broken, and burnt Peter Parker, looks at him coldly and says ''I like the way you fry boy''. Sweeeet!!

Posted by YoungJustice

Is it bad that I thought that image was just a photoshopped picture of Jamie.

Edited by fACEmelter88

Soooooo awesome but with MJ, the rhino stuff as well as Green Goblin AND Venom rumors...I hope this doesn't have too much going on



Posted by nerdork


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this movie could be epic or awful