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James Cameron Screens 'Avatar'

In Amsterdam, the hailed film maker previews 24 minutes of his new top secret film


You may have heard whispers of James Cameron's latest film project since Titanic; but chances are you have not heard very much about it. Yesterday, James Cameron previewed 24 minutes of his latest top secret project, Avatar to a private audience in Amsterdam. The film was projected onto a whopping 55-foot screen and "delivered the largest and brightest 3D presentation at Cinema Expo ever, according to The Insider. The quote-unquote "jaw dropping experience" is said to be the greatest presentation of 3-D cinema yet. According to the people at who are not fans of 3-D cinema; this one will definitely change your mind. In a review of those 24 minutes, we see that Cameron has certainly created Avatar into a massively colorful film.

In the fourth scene the Avatars of Jake, Norm and Grace explore the jungle of Pandora. The surroundings remind me of a planet that appears briefly in "Revenge of the Sith." A lot of massive colorful flowers and plants grow everywhere. Jake's unbridled enthusiasm works on Grace's nerves. And not before long they have their first confrontation with some creatures.

Some sort of rhino with a flower sticking out of his head looks like he will kill Jake, but he's not scared and he let's out a scream. The 'rhino' runs away, but not because of Jake. A more dangerous creature – a wolf? – jumps at Jake from behind...Overall I was really impressed by what I saw. The effects are in a league of their own. After some disappointing or even pointless 3-D movies, "Avatar" may be the first movie where 3-D is properly utilized.


Supposedly, the film may be ready to be previewed at San Diego Comic Con this month, which has a venue equipped with a 3-D theater; but we shall have to see. It sounds pretty unreal to me, actually; and pretty hyped up, too.

Have you guys ever checked out Avatar? Have you read anything about it? Are you looking forward to seeing this film? What are your thoughts?  

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Posted by Sparda

James Cameron is a great director so I look forward to this. When he was at E3 and talked about this for 30 minutes or so, I thought he was talking about the animecartoon Avatar, but now that I know that he wasn't I'm a lot more excited, lol.

Maybe this will be the 3D movie to change my opinion about 3D movies.

Posted by Decept-O

From what I can see, this looks like Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustrator Jim Burns' work brought to life on the big screen.  Interesting. 

Posted by iLLituracy

I thought this movie was completely unrelated to the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Posted by Kurrent
@iLLituracy said:
" I thought this movie was completely unrelated to the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. "
Yeah this is not about the Last Airbender

M. Night is doing that one
Posted by LastSon1027

I have heard that Sam Worthington is in it or has something to do with it.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@Babs: This needs to be removed this from the Avatar: The Last Airbender forum :)

I knew about the legal problems the name had caused, but when I saw the title I thought 'they've patched things up & he's watched some dailies!'.  At least Cameron's film wont be bogged down by brain-dead prejudiced fans who are scared of change :)
Posted by Bergquist
Posted by Media_Master

James Cameron is a legendary director, and he wouldn't waste time on a project if it wasn't good enough

Posted by iLLituracy
@Kurrent said:
" @iLLituracy said:
" I thought this movie was completely unrelated to the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. "
Yeah this is not about the Last AirbenderM. Night is doing that one "
That's what I thought, but the links it's filed under confused me.
Posted by TelekineticSun
@bergquist said:

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Alright, I don't know about james cameron movie that much,
but the last airbender looks like it's going to be amazing, i think Shyamalan is going to do a great job with the series.