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J.G. Jones DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1 Dynamic Forces Exclusive Variant

Find out how you can get it for $1!

DEATH OF WOLVERINE is coming up soon. Dynamic Forces has a J.G. Jones exclusive variant cover. You can get a copy for only $1.00! That's right, only a buck! If you want more than one copy, you can get them for cover price, $4.99.

This cover will be limited to 3,200 copies. While they're offering additional copies for $4.99, it will later increase to the suggested retail price of $19.74 (the year Wolverine debuted in INCREDIBLE HULK #181). Each copy will come bagged and boarded with a certificate of authenticity.

Why is Dynamic Forces offering the first copy for only a dollar and additional copies at cover price? They want to reward their existing fans. If you weren't a fan of their site before this, perhaps this will win you over.

You can find info on the first $1 copy by clicking HERE and adding it to your cart. The link for additional copies at the $4.99 cover price is HERE.

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Posted by Mercy_

JG Jones never disappoints

Posted by Teerack

Bye bye wolvie.

Edited by VanderSEXXX

Farewell bub!

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Sweet cover

Posted by buddha07

man this cover is gorgeous, i rarely by anything on a whim but hey a dollar is a dollar (but like 3.29 after shipping, which is still cheaper than a reg. marvel comic)

Posted by Spulk

Very nice cover...Of course Logan will be back in a few months..

Posted by JackJack390

I really hope Logan will be back just because he got me into comics when I was little

Posted by JamDamage

any want to start a pool on how long Wolverine is dead for????? I'm saying 9 months. TOPS!!!

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by WarlordEternal

RIP Logan...I give it a year at the most.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

RIP Logan..........T-T Hopefully he will be back in a few months...........

Posted by averywetfrog

Thanks for the post. I bought one.

Posted by Ms-Lola

Interesting array of characters. There should have been an image of Mariko somewhere in there, but I know she's getting some love on other covers, so I understand. Seeing Elektra there warms my soul.