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It's Time To Find Out Just Who Is Jackpot

We're all pretty sure it's Mary Jane, but is it really?  She's gone all these years being a normal supporting character.  Just because she has red hair doesn't mean anything.  There is the name but I'm thinking that Marvel is just messing with us.  Why and how would Mary Jane end up in the Initiative?  Why would she be going after and trying to unmask Spider-Man?  The story was she was next door at her aunt's when Peter Parker carelessly climbed out his window after Uncle Ben died to go after the burglar.  She supposedly say him and has always known he was Spider-Man.  Okay so Peter and Mary Jane had some sort of falling out but would she try to unmask him?  I don't see why Mephisto's re-write would change something that far back.  Who knows.

Pencils & Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—1/24/08, On-Sale—2/13/08

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