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It's Official, Uncanny X-Force Revealed In Second Coming #2

Find out who what the new roster will be.

Things are about to change. We've heard that there will be a new roster in X-Force. Rumors started floating as to who the members would actually be. Today, Marvel makes it official. In a press release, it's revealed that the new line-up will be seen in Second Coming #2.
After the devastation from Bastion's forces, the X-Men have to band together and rebuild. Of course one team will have different plans. When a secret society resurrects Apocalypse, Wolverine's black-ops team is the only one that can take him down. 
 == TEASER ==
Why the new team? What was wrong with the old X-Force? We'll find out in October when Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña bring on the all-new ongoing series, Uncanny X-Force.
Second Coming #2 is written by Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Mike Carey and Zeb Wells and goes on sale today. Uncanny X-Force #1 goes on sale this October.
Is this the team you want. Are you happy to see the changes, not only in the team but what about the creative team? Are you excited about this new direction or scared that Deadpool is actually part of this?
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Posted by JeffreyKnippenberg

does anyone know what the hell that thing is top left of the first x-force pic? looks retarded.

Posted by Korg
@JeffreyKnippenberg said:

" does anyone know what the hell that thing is top left of the first x-force pic? looks retarded. "

@Korg said: 

" That is E.V.A.Fantomex's external nervous system. "

Posted by MosesArebalo

I really do like this Roster, but I think the Original Was Awesome enough...Where's Raine, X23, Warpath, and or Domino?

Posted by mavfan626

I don't like how Deadpool is on the team but it might be a good thing its just I liked the merc thing he did. I can't really say much till I read the first issue.

Edited by daken_2513

I like the team Not the biggest Deadpool fan but Im glad to see Psylocke and Fantomex on it :D  
I will miss the other team that was one of my fav x books :[
Posted by 00 Raiser
@R.I.P. Nujabes: This team makes some sense but I totally agree with you. Domino was BADASS!
Posted by Yung ANcient One

X-FORCE is NOW MY OFFICIAL new favorite team... for now

Posted by waruikumo

Anyone notice they are all "upgraded" mutants?   
Archangel - Apocalypse 
Psylocke - Batsuo (?) 
Wolverine - Weapon X(plus) 
Deadpool - Weapon X(plus) 
Fantomex - Weapon X(plus)

Posted by Cherry Bomb
Posted by frigidboi3

the new roster kinda sucks. it should include some of the younger kids. after all theyve been through, some of them should have been pushed over the edge. i think surge or hellion wouldve been good to the team, or dust to try and keep the peace. even rockslide would be good after he lost so many friends. no one really writes much on the students anymore. i prefered them more then the adult x-men.    
Posted by Algerro

Uncanny X-Force will be my favorite in Marvel Universe, that is good. that is true...

Posted by Edamame

Will this be considered 616?

Posted by VZA

This is going to be so great... Deadpool, Psylocke, and Wolverine on the same team.  Sweet!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

is this " Uncanny" team just another branch of Xforce? so they will ahev  Xforce with Elxir Domino Warpath x23 etc and now this team as well? . If not iam gonna be Pi**ed the current xforce team is brilliaat.

Edited by jamesewelch
@lazystudent:  X-Force was disbanded during/after Second Coming. Now Wolverine is operating Uncanny X-Force without any other X-Men knowing about it (other than the X-Men on the team). Cyclops thinks X-Force isn't running anymore. The current X-Force title by Yost/Kyle has ended. This new title by Remender (Frankencastle/Punisher writer) will be the only X-Force title.
Edited by EdwardWindsor
@jamesewelch:  well thats kinda sad the series was so good. Oh well looks like i will have to see how thius new roster goes. Where am i gonna get get to see Elixir start to kick ass now lol
Posted by cheekybuddha

I'm not a fan of this roster cause i've been a x-force fan ever since the first issue and would like to see old members back in action and out of limbo.
Edited by DxBreed

Only picking this one up cause deadpool's in it. For you suckers out there saying deadpool is whoring my dollars. Well, you're right. Wade gets paid, he's a merc it's what he does.

Posted by CapoSousa

Well....I like the new team...but still...I dunno, there's something that makes me upset....WHERE THE HELL IS DOMINO????? I mean....she's an x-force veteran, she has a kind of friendship with Deadpool....and lately a more sexual relationship with Logan (read X-Force: Sex and Violence), she doesn't mind to kill and plus she's hot! C'mon guys! We want Dom back to work!! And what's about Mike Choi and Sonia Oback art?? that was cool!! I would like to see them in Uncanny X-force too. About the new team adds...Psylocke is a hot, ninja killer...and Logan trust in her, so she fits in the team. Deadpool is one of the most expert killers in the Marvel Universe, and he has history with Apocalypse and his horsemen (as in Cable And Deadpool), he can be a team player if he want to (as in Identity Disc) and if he gone mad (well...more mad) Logan always can put a claw through his head isn't it? The only thing a team you wanna keep in you include a guy like Wade?....About Fantomex I dunno much about the character, but I like him in the last issues of Uncanny X-men....and Archangel rocks in the old X-Force...with all that psycho thing, but he is still a calm man in his Angel form and he can rule the team.    
Posted by time

Psylocke & deadpool good for the team. Not to happy about   Fantomex. I will miss domino & X-23

Posted by time

Hey, who is writer & artist for this team. I bet will be better than uncanny x-men. It's good wolverine still leader of the team.