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It's Official, Uncanny X-Force Revealed In Second Coming #2

Find out who what the new roster will be.

Things are about to change. We've heard that there will be a new roster in X-Force. Rumors started floating as to who the members would actually be. Today, Marvel makes it official. In a press release, it's revealed that the new line-up will be seen in Second Coming #2.
After the devastation from Bastion's forces, the X-Men have to band together and rebuild. Of course one team will have different plans. When a secret society resurrects Apocalypse, Wolverine's black-ops team is the only one that can take him down. 
 == TEASER ==
Why the new team? What was wrong with the old X-Force? We'll find out in October when Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña bring on the all-new ongoing series, Uncanny X-Force.
Second Coming #2 is written by Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Mike Carey and Zeb Wells and goes on sale today. Uncanny X-Force #1 goes on sale this October.
Is this the team you want. Are you happy to see the changes, not only in the team but what about the creative team? Are you excited about this new direction or scared that Deadpool is actually part of this?
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Posted by doordoor123

I have hope for Deadpool in this. The creative team could really do him right. Every book nowadays with deadpool in it has horrible writers. Cant wait to see what happens with this.

Posted by excalibur5150

I thought this the perfect time to replace Wolverine.  If you ask me, I think the team was fine just dump Logan and add Psylocke and Fantomex. 
I promise, I am not bashing Logan, I still think that he is still one of the greatest characters ever created, but I think this is the most I've seen Logan in more titles than in the late 80's/early 90's where he guest appeared in almost every title from Marvel. 

Posted by Ravn

WOW im excited for this

Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" Even if she was a little redundant with Wolverine on the team, I liked having X-23 there. "
I agree...
Except with Liu new ongoing on X-23 wasn't she supposed to leave the X-Teams for her personal benefit?
Also what happened to Domino and Elixir?
Edited by A-Strondinaire
She's leaving X-Men for awhile Wolverine kicked her off I think after getting scolded by Nightcrawler for killing one of those thugs Wolverine felt guilty
But aside from Psylocke carrying a gun and Deadpool this seems like a stable team hopefully Deadpool will leave
Posted by Man of Lengend

I really like the new team, this is the only team Deadpool could ever really be a part of ...

and i will be picking this ongoing up for sure

Posted by pixelized

disappointment is coursing through my veins

Posted by uncanny89

Im glad Psylocke and fantomex are on the roster i don't like that deadpool is there though

Posted by ugli

i like the team change
i don't like the art team change :(

Edited by Sandbox24

Psylocke is the only womanon the team?? Huh. 
Also, I'm not sure how having both Deadpool and Fantomex on the team is going to work. I mean, l don't know that much about Fantomex, but isn't the guy as nutty as Deadpool?  
Let's hope that Remender can pull this off. I'd hate to drop this title.
Posted by PrimeDirective
Yes, Psylocke IS a bloodthirsty killer. Wolverine learned that in Psylocke's latest mini and I love that she's in X-Force now, mostly likely because of it. I really hope they reference that story as to why she's now on the team. 
Honestly, Domino and X-23 should have still been on the team. They were every bit the killers that Wolverine is. Domino wouldn't think twice if asked to put a bullet in someone's head and X-23 wouldn't even have to be asked. Of course, Wolverine wasn't too thrilled about X-23 still being exposed to that lifestyle. Domino, unless something changes in the pages of an upcoming issue, has no reason to be gone from the roster though. I guess someone else has other plans for them... I hope. 
Elixer needed a break. He was the reluctant killer in the group and he desperately needed to get out of that enviornment before he became any more screwed up than he already was.
Vanisher I'm a little sad to see go, but I don't see him working in this new lineup at all. I have a feeling Deadpool would just shoot him in the head the moment he became uncooperative and nobody would be able to act quick enough to tell him not to.

Thunderbird... Mishandled from the moment he steped on the team. 'Nuff said.

I loved Deadpool's team up with X-Force in the future. It was just perfect there and I hope this new creative team can recapture that.
Posted by xerox_kitty

I'm just a little underwhelmed.  It's the line-up that was speculated about for months... and it turns out that most people were right.  Not much of a surprise.  And the name...?  Lame!

Posted by Beatrix

I'm liking Psylocke in this and of course Archangel.  But they really should have gone with either Deadpool OR Fantomex, not both… preferably the latter. And WHERE is DOMINO?!?! I really hope they haven't shafted her again, because she's such a great character, and Elixir, I want to see more Elixir loads of potential with him: maybe they should move him to Young Avengers?

Posted by mattastic

I have been waiting FOREVER for Psylocke to be on X-Force.  I think she will be a FANTASTIC addition.
And the team looks pretty decent.  I would like to see another female, but I'm sure Domino will be on the roster soon (I hope!)

Posted by Theodore

good group here

Posted by wsst

X-force whitout Warpath, Domino, Cable... or any original member
whitout X-23....
this team not deserve X-FORCE name
too many Deadpool!!!!!!!!

Posted by Comiclove5

This is one hardcore team just like the previous one.
Edited by longas91

  OMG!! aahh!! PSYLOCKE IN X-FORCE! I have wished for this to happen way before and now it's happening! haha im soo excited, i cant wait for this to happen! i dont really care for the others as long as Betsy is there. She will finally show off all her bad ass skills and kick ass! hahai'd wish that  the creative team that has been working with x-force since the new run stayed the same, i have really enjoyed the writting and the art, it just makes it great. And the artist is one of the few who have remembered that Psylocke is actually ASIAN, and drawn her properly. Hopefully this will be a great "new" book! Hope that as time progresses more characters join, like Domino i mean, Why the hell is she not there anyways?? i really like her, and  Illyana, i would really like her to be in this series, she is a really interesting character and with her being kinda wacko, you know, since she got no soul or whatever, she would do some serious damage! Overall im just really excited!! 

Posted by Mighty_Destroyer

called it! especially deadpool

Posted by Gennadius

Awesome sorry about posting this in the forums (didnt know you guys already uploaded but hey atleast I got that let a mod talk to you quest XD) And I remember reading a yesterday at deadpools page about him being in X-force(an other universum I think) I was like crap that I missed that guess what xD He gets in it again.
Posted by Edamame

Which group is going to revive Apocalypse?

Posted by Queen's Halo

Worst lineup ever ... except for Psylocke.

Posted by Taylors005

YAY!... another team for wolverine AND deadpool!... yay... 

Posted by Alaric

Deadpool is always win, unfortunately I'll miss Domino...

Posted by

This is probably the one "good guy" team that's appropriate for deadpool. I think they should have kept on domino or x-23 though. I do like Fantomex being on the team, and I've been a huge psylocke fan since I saw her on the animated series over a decade ago.

Posted by TheGhostofGarethGraves

Just get Psylocke out of my life. I used to like her, now she annoys me.

Posted by bilfred89

Psylocke and Deadpool?  This could be interesting, plus it has two of my favourites in!  I just hope that the elder of the Braddock clan doesn't appear...Jamie and Deadpool, that could only end in insanity...

Posted by Midnight Monk

Cool to see Fantomex finally in a consistant format, Psylocke is alway fun & I been lovin' arcAngel but I am gonna miss X-23,Warpath, & especially Domino. Not feeling Deadpool at all though, I knew he would make in the roster after Messiah War but still his overexposure has simply reach beyond annoying levels

Posted by MercWithaMouth2385

OMG!!!! Deadpool.... Fantomex.... Arcangel.... and Wolvie! That is a blockbuster of a team...... I'm demanding a movie be made now! I am committing myself to buying the full run of this series!
Posted by jamdown

where did X-23 go???????
Posted by Pacperson
Sounds like shes running away to New York Again
(Buy the New X-23 Ongoing Series available this October to find out more)
Posted by Korg

"Quick, everyone assume a cool action pose with your huge guns for the new badass Uncanny X-Force promo!"  

"Goddamnit, Logan!"


i do like this roster plus its great to have fantomex back. but i did like tha previous roster
Posted by copymanrules

what the hell is with the guns spuderman is shown with one now the xmen, what with guns today. wonder if they have their gun ownership papers on them. whatever happen to plain fighting skills and powers and wits.

Posted by Krooze

Bummed about no X-23 and Domino. 
The addition of Deadpool makes me wanna punch myself, but if anyone could make me like him, it'll be Remender.

Posted by R.I.P. Nujabes
@Cherry Bomb said:
" Psylocke!  <3  I'm gonna miss Domino. :( "
We all will.....(-_-;)
Posted by Meteorite

I've only read the first six issues of X-Force, but I prefer that team. 
Though I do like the idea of Fantomex being on an X-Men team.

Posted by bl00dm0nk3y

can someone tell wtf is in the background of the top image?

Posted by Korg
@bl00dm0nk3y said:
" can someone tell wtf is in the background of the top image? "
That is E.V.A., Fantomex's external nervous system.
Posted by Namor1987

This roster is too ill I think  they should put Daken on it to add to the brutality & insanity of this already mind-f***ed team

Posted by grimm

I don't see what Wolverine is doing. They disband the first team and then he just does the same thing behind everyone's backs...AGAIN! I would've liked Domino or Loa (if she would just grow a pair) as well.

Posted by wooodude1

Screw this Dom, Warpath leave wolverine find cable in the time stream. Then grab Cannonball & Sunspot. Resurrect Caliban. Find Boomer & kick this fake X-force's @$$.

Posted by Thunderscream
@wooodude1: tell me, does it feel good having Liefeld inside you?
Posted by rasx

I may check this out, just because I like Apocalypse.
Edited by jamesewelch
Posted by Mutant X

Looks like I'm getting this series.

Posted by The_Martian

Sweet! Fantomex!

Posted by somatics

I liked how they made the X-force team really elevate to a real/gritty level before. I hope they can do that with Betty. I do miss Domino because I find she had a good thing going... Fantomex isn't my favourite either. But I dont mind him on the team. 
Uncanny X-Force is too much of a mouthful. 

Posted by Inthedark

Fantomax and deadpool i get but betsy not so much.
Posted by notorious

who else do u think is gone joining coz it started wit 4 the last time  who else could be on the line up think daken would be a savage add to the team just n have dom n x 23 back in doin damage