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It's Official: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman and Tom Hardy is Bane

A beauty and a brute to bedevil Batman in the Dark Knight Rises.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? Wow… after months-upon-years of speculation and all the possibilities thrown out there, I never could’ve guessed those choices of villains and their respective actors, but Deadline says it’s all official. 

Read Warner Bros’ official press release below. You can’t fake this…        

Hardy was, of course, cast a few months back into an unnamed role. Fans speculated that it might be Hugo Strange, Killer Croc or even GCPD curmudgeon Harvey Bullockbut they were all wrong. Out of all the villains left in the rogue’s gallery, Bane’s certainly one of the easiest to work into Nolan’s more realistic vision of the Bat-mythos. Venom isn’t too far off from any number of real anabolic steroids, of course. I can totally see Hardy pulling off the interesting duality Bane has as a cerebral brute, and this finally gives the movie Batman a villain who can legitimately kick his ass.
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Hathaway has shown up in the numerous rounds of actresses rumored to be the new love interest.   Fans thought she might be Bruce Wayne’s one-time fiancé Julie Madison or Ra’s al-Ghul’s deadly daughter, Talia… but they were all wrong. I suppose there's some irony in her playing Selina Kyle when she was heavily rumored to play the Black Cat in the unrealized fourth SPIDER-MAN movie.

I’m sure we’ve got some strong opinions in the Comic Vine community. I know they’re both going to have a a hell of hard act to follow with Heath Ledger’s Joker, and I still think there are probably a couple more villains who have yet to be revealed, myself. Thoughts, my friends?

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Posted by NP90

I think it's an absolutely brilliant bit of casting with Anne Hathaway. She's young and talented enough to make the role her own and on the back of the success of The Dark Knight, she's certainly going to get enough attention in the role. I just hope they do the Catwoman character justice this time around. 
Besides, she's got a great rack.

Edited by e12101988

i'm still not sure if anne is perfect for the role.. will they cut her hair short like in the comics? she's hot and talented though so  we'll see! 
Bane is an excellent addition too.. cant wait for this movie to come out!

Posted by Vitality
@NP90 said:
 Besides, she's got a great rack. "

Yeah, I think these are two good choices for characters in the movie.
Posted by joshmightbe

I just hope they do Bane right. 

Posted by PrinceIMC

This is the best news, it's time for them to do Bane well.
Posted by inaragon

God!! What a beatiful woman and... she's a good actress too!! 

Posted by Zamir

Tom Hardy basically played Bane in the movie "Bronson" and he great in that movie, it's on Netflix watch instant, so everyone should check it out well worth the watch and now even more with this news.

Posted by CRTrobinson

i hope she shows her boobs

Posted by Hawk
@NP90 said:
  Besides, she's got a great rack. "
This is the only thing good I see in this.
Posted by Billy Batson
@e12101988 said:
 will they cut her hair short like the comics though?  
and dye it black?
Posted by Vance Astro

I'm glad she's Catwoman and not Black Cat.She would have been a terrible Felicia Hardy.Hathaway and Hardy are good actors.Don't know if that will make the movie any better though.I haven't really liked any of the Batman movies with Bale as Batman..and I actually really like Bale as an actor.

Posted by LordTaronji101

Let us pray...that this movie will work with this cast

Posted by johnny_spam

With Catwoman the hi tech thief is the way to go and Bane a mastermind on steroids works they both do not need to be drastically reimagined for the "realistic" universe Nolan uses they work fine and the casting choices are good.

Edited by matrix10st

Yes yes i was hoping for a female villain and hey there's bane too so this will bring two highley unrecongnized characters onto screen and hopefullly make better from what they were portrayed back in the 80's and 90's and breathe life into them and bring pure fear to the audience I cant wait anne is young and a good actress and has had her own take in action movies im unfamiliar with tom hardy's work but i know now that he has bane's look i mean under the big stretchy mask and suit and i'm guessing nolan might be brining more of a sci-fi feel to this last instolment of the franchise one can hope right
Posted by Leviticus128

Bruce gets his back broken by bane, catwoman attacks bane in revenge, catwoman gets killed and batman and bane both die in a horrific showdown. I'm calling it.

Posted by The_Warlord


Posted by spiderguylll

Bane better brake Batman's back for this to work and Catwoman? *facepalm*

Edited by TheShame

F*** yes, Bane! Oh, and Anne Hathaway lol

Posted by ComicMan24

Not sure if Hathaway is the best choice for this one. But you never know.

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I don't really care for the new Batman films but now that they've cast Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway I think that the movie will be quite good but I hope that she is catwoman already and don't do an origin story for her but I think since Bane isn't that well known they should show how he became Bane.

Posted by Deadknight

Posted by Outside_85

Hardy needs to put on some serious muscle to look like Bane if that photo is anything to go by, hopefully he wont be a moron like last time (Bane that is).

Posted by DMC

Anne Hathaway? Sure she's cute and all but I'm not convinced yet, its hard for me to see her as a "bad girl" (curse you Princess Diaries!!!). I gotta see her in action first.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

This comes off as a surprise to me that Bane is the villain and that Tom Hardy is playing him. Now I'm really interested on how this movie will play out.
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Nice.

Posted by FengShuiGod

Tom Hardy I can get. Maybe. But Anne Hathaway? Meh. I guess I have faith in the team that's putting this together so it will probably turn out good in the end, but I don't see it now.

Posted by GhostHawk One

So, when are they going to reveal Dick Grayson? ;)

Posted by matrix10st

since Tom hardy is Bane im guessing he will have to work out immensley to get that pre buff that bane is without the vemon serum like uhm that regular inshape body that he has but the question with these two wil they be teaming up like in batman &robin in '97 or will they jkust be crossing paths or will we even see catwoman maybe this is Ms. Kyle without her claws and whip maybe she's just s rich girl like in early comics and her and bruce wayne eventually meet but it a possibility you never know

Posted by danhimself

I trust Nolan...he did an amazing job with Ledger as the Joker so if he believes that these are the actors who should be playing these parts then I'll take his word for it

Posted by SirSparkington

I'm glad they have talented actors in the villain roles. However, I'm a little skeptical of having Bane in there. I just hope they do something different with Bane, not the super steroid Bane from the early 90s and Batman&Robin.

Posted by Zamir
@Outside_85:  he has but on some muscle already in this movie called "Bronson" which he played similar character to Bane, although it based on a real guy, it's on Netflix watch instant, so everyone should check it out now with the news today
Posted by Cherry Bomb

Really really not satisfied by the Selina Kyle casting :/ 
I love Anne Hathaway to death, but I really really don't think she's suitable for the role. I'll have to grin and bare it.
Sooo happy with Tom Hardy though (: 

Posted by Theodore


Posted by SirSparkington

I just noticed, the press release says "Selina Kyle" NOT Catwoman. Maybe Catwoman won't even be in it or it could be a late movie change into Catwoman (like Two-Face in Dark Knight).

Posted by dondasch

I'll admit that I am pleased to see Nolan having Bane in the movie as I have been calling and clamoring about that for months.  However, I'm not so sure about Tom Hardy as Bane.  That is going to require some serious workout program to even remotely pull that off.  Intelligence wise, sure, he may be able to do quite well.  I have high hopes for this and pray it doesn't blow up in my face.
Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle ?  Sorry, but I'm not seeing it.  I've seen others post about perhaps Charlize Theron being Catwoman, and that seems better to me.
Please Mr. Nolan, don't $%$% up Bane like Schumacher did in Batman and Robin.  Accomplish that, and I am completely happy.

Posted by mpgeist

Cant wait for the same whining that happened over Ledger being cast.  My only hope is that cut her hair short bwahah.

Posted by xkoenig

Yes - trust Nolan. Anne Hathaway can easily pull off acting Selina/Catwoman. If he writes her more like Batman Returns/Michelle Pfeiffer style Catwoman she could definitely play slinky and sexy, but I bet if she's more true the comics character she could do that too. Give her a chance. She has quite an impressive range, unless you've only ever watched Princess Diaries....

Posted by dadarkknight36310
@ComicMan24: I bet you said the same thing about Ledger lol
Posted by entropy_aegis

Bane made it , i can die a happy man now.
Posted by movieartman

ok seriously WHAT THE HELLS up with the hate for Anna  
i seriously want evreyone who thanks shes not a good choice to expalin why and give me who u would pic instead  
my arguments for in her favor is
anna is absolutly a fantastic actress and without question she is sexy, sultry and beautful enough for the role
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Nolan, you Genious! 
You always know what I like Best! 
Anne Hathaway is cool.
Posted by Darkmount1

Why do I get the feeling they're pulling in elements of "Knightfall"?

Posted by Digifiend

Re: title - It's Anne Hathaway, not Anna. 
And I always just see her as the girl from The Princess Diaries. Catwoman is like the total opposite, not exactly her usual sort of role.

Posted by ComicMan24
@dadarkknight36310: No, not really.
Edited by movieartman
WHY she is a fantastic actress and she so sexy  
do u not like her casting choice or do u just not like that catwoman will be on film
Posted by Yumulu

Yay! Go Bane ! Break that Bat!

Edited by johnny_spam
@digifiend:@digifiend said:

" Re: title - It's Anne Hathaway, not Anna.  And I always just see her as the girl from The Princess Diaries. Catwoman is like the total opposite, not exactly her usual sort of role. "

In stuff like Havoc she is as far from that role as possible. And it goes without saying the same reaction happened with Ledger a heartthrob became the actor who gave an iconic take on the Joker.
Posted by movieartman
cus its badass and plus if your gonna do bane as a badass and not just a meaningless hired mussle than you must go with a least to a certian extent knightfall
Posted by IrishX

I can't stand Hathaway. Terrible choice.

Posted by dondasch
@Darkmount1 said:
" Why do I get the feeling they're pulling in elements of "Knightfall"? "
This.   If they do this, my joy will be increased tenfold.
Posted by RalfvdH

I'm not sure about hathaway... Sure she's sexy and young and blabla... but in her own way... I just cant figure her as Catwoman. Just don't see her that way
Love the fact that Catwoman is in the movie, though. 
But hey...maybe she can surprise us...