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It's a Mutant Make-Out Session in Uncanny X-Force #12

These frisky mutants just can't keep their hands to themselves.

We've seen the cover to Uncanny X-Force #11 for some time now. Fantomex and Psylocke are making out. This was surprising to all because Psylocke is (or has been) in a committed relationship with Angel.

Of course that hasn't stopped Fantomex from putting the moves on her since issue #1. Based on the cover, something between the two is going to change. Covers are not always completely accurate. There has been plenty of times we've been mislead by what has been depicted on the cover and what is contained in the actual comic.

If you've been reading Uncanny X-Force lately (which you should be because it's awesome), you know that the relationship between Psylocke and Angel has been a little...strained lately. The fact that he is possessed and is fighting the evil Archangel persona makes it a little difficult for them to have quality alone time. Psylocke has been working hard to help him fight his...demon but with his recent bouts of killing, it hasn't been too easy. The team also made a trip to the Age of Apocalypse universe in order to try to find a cure for Angel.

And that brings us to issue #11. Besides Fantomex and Psylocke locking lips, we can see that they won't be the only ones involved in extracurricular activities. Now that Wolverine has come face to face with the Jean Grey from this world, it won't be too surprising what happens next.

== TEASER ==

Uncanny X-Force #12 is part two of The Dark Angel Saga. It's written by Rick Remender with pencils by Mark Brooks and colors by Dean White. The cover is by Esad Ribic with Adam Kubert providing a variant cover. The issue is on sale July 27, 2011.

Is there any chance that AoA Jean Grey will return to the 616 universe with Wolverine as I suggested before?

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Posted by danhimself
@Mutant God:  I'll have to read the rest of the Anniversary mini but in the first issue of it he's alive
Posted by Mutant God
Posted by ddaann1985
@danhimself: you are absolutely right! he seemed to have died! :S
Posted by IcePrince_X

This is not consistent at all to the AoA storyline.
The Jean Grey here also known now as Mutant Alpha - is way too fact, saving the entire universe with her powers. Where is her costume? Hmmm... 

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme


Posted by shackle

The X Books--the Twilight of comicdom.

Posted by foxglove

I always love revisiting AoA. It wins serious nostalgia points with me.  

As a side note, I miss the days when Logan was actually depicted as shorter than everyone else!

Posted by danhimself
@Mutant God:  you're right...he was taken into Cloak's cloak and they do have a gravestone at the end...but there have been some changes since that series apparently since they say that Logan is dead there and he was still alive at the end of the mini maybe they got Gambit out somehow
there are some other questions I have as well like how did Sabretooth get back?  the last we saw him he was still a member of the Exiles
Posted by The_Lunatic

Giant Samurai Sentinel: "OH, WOW! Sorry guys, um, didn't mean to uh, interrupt on your little fling..." 

Posted by CrisTocK

And Melita???  where Logan left Melita? She is by far the best girfriend he had (she figth demons for him, found out his real birth day, they work together in cases ...) so yes this jean is indeed in love with Logan and logan loves her but i dont like the makeout of them . and logan is faithfull (or so they say) to his girlfriends so chances say she kiss him 
and the cover is a mislead (I hope xD )
and kirika will come to 616.
 why?? because she wants to be with his father

Edited by crazed_h3ro

I am really liking this arc. It's great there bringing back the AoA gang. Make out sessions galore!!

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Oh man this looks great, One of my favorite books in Marvel right now. And a Red Samurai Sentinel, Sweet 

Posted by treysome

uncanny x-force has been awesome so far kudos to Remender 

Posted by Band Lone

Whoever have been with Wolverine has to be incredibly desperate O_o

Posted by Eyz
@Band Lone said:
Whoever have been with Wolverine has to be incredibly desperate O_o
The man's got some moves!
Plus let's not forget he's the best at what he does...even if it ain't pretty.
Posted by Seraph_Darkholme

@labarith said:

I saw the "sort of", but I wanted to make it clear. If I mean to say "you're wrong", I'll say it.

I don't know if I could've made it any clearer, and if I want your help clarifying my posts, I'll say it.

Edited by FadeToBlackBolt

Oh yay, Jean Grey and the Age of Apocalypse, two of the most boring things in X-Men history. Wonderful -__-
@shackle said:

Ugh.  The X Books--the Twilight of comicdom.

So true.
Posted by gui22
@Amegashita said:
  Was that Rachel?  And also, WTH Logan?  
Thats AoA Jean Grey.
Posted by Amegashita
@gui22:  Once again, late much?
Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I don`t know O.o I miss the original Jean :(

Posted by coslopis

AoA Jean reminds me of  Ultimate Jean


I think this issue will somewhat solidify Uncanny X-Force's overall quality stamp, being it will either be the prime rib or the ham.
To me it seemed cheesy right out of the gate, but the last issue was handled rather well, better than Anniversary I might say,
but we'll see.

Posted by FortressoftheMoon

I'm sorry mate, Gambit doesn't make it out. Nightcrawler wasn't able to save him out of the Cloak's darkforce. 
But you do raise a good question. How is Sabretooth there I know he's taken a break from the Exiles but he really shouldnt be there nor should Sunfire?
Posted by fodigg

AoA characters have crossed into 616 enough already. Unless they're an all-new character, why bother? With Hope and Rachel, we don't need another knockoff-Jean.

Posted by Vertigo1981

I've found over the past several months that Marvel has been very misleading with their covers. They give off an extremely false conception of what the following story really is. It's always been somewhat of an issue with them, but I can't think of a time when it was this much more prevelant. I can't give examples right now because I'm at work, but I don't think this is something to get our tits in a wringer over. Just another ploy to sell more issues of Uncanny X-Force (which shouldn't really be a problem, this book has been fabulous since issue #1).
Posted by Mucklefluga
@Obi Wan Kenobi! said:
A Psylocke/Fantomex relationship...even a make out session...makes no sense at all.  Psylocke hates the guy and has shown no interest whatsoever.  I think it's more likely that Fantomex uses one of his misdirections to get at her.  Or maybe it's actually AoA Psylocke that Fantomex gets with?
Good Shout.
Posted by BlackRoseTessa

well its got me intrested lol
Posted by SpidermanWins

Fantomex is a lucky basterd

Posted by huser
@danhimself said:
also what's the M.O.D.O.K. thing in the last pic?
Yeah, it's pretty strange, yet awesome. If he's just there in the background with no explanation I'd love it.
Posted by Out_of_Space

I didn't read this but it looks a little interesting.

Posted by NXH

Can't wait until I get this on trade.

Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

The release schedule on this series is driving me crazy. I thought I'd missed an issue (which would suck because this arc is awesome), but it's just a 8 week gap between issues and it had been coming out every 2 weeks.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I have no idea what's going on and who most of their characters are in those panels. I feel pretty bad about that.

Posted by mikeclark1982

i see nightcrawler in the kubert variant... now wouldnt it be odd to see him return after such a valiant death in "second coming"!?!!?!?

Posted by JonesDeini
@umbrafeline said:
whos the pretty gal in the green mandarin dress?
Logan's daughter in AOA
Posted by madrid_san
@Mutant God
Looks like Gambit. Cool! ;)
Posted by Kairan1979
that's not Rachel, that's AoA Jean, with short hair.
And she was a widow for ten years, so she is NOT cheating.
Posted by Amegashita
@Kairan1979:  One, you're pretty late on that.  At least 3 people said the same thing you did pages before you.  Second, Jean may not be cheating, but Logan is.  
Posted by Kairan1979
I never liked Melita, so I don't care.
Posted by spikevalentine
@umbrafeline: AoA's X-23, daughter of Weapon X and Mariko Yashida .
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