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Is X-Men: First Class A Time-Travel Movie?

There's a lot of evidence supporting this theory.

If my theories are correct, could that poster become the "facebook" of this first class?

The latest batch of spy photos from the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS set seem to reveal that… *GASP* …the X-Men might be flying the Blackbird in the movie! Which I suppose is a spoiler on level with revealing that they’ll be hanging around in a mansion, too. In other words, it was pretty much a given, wasn't it? I’ve never quite understood the mystique the jet has had, but some curiosities have nevertheless been aroused over whether such a high tech jet would be anachronistic in the 60s. Considering that the ship debuted in the 70s (in X-MEN #104 natch!) I don’t think its inclusion should spur any time-keepers to blow their whistles. Still, the discussion does bring up the subject that this reboot's plot might actually concern time-travel...

I keep thinking about the statements Matthew Vaughn made early in the year wherein he said this flick would be a lot like the latest STAR TREK movie. The comparison easily could’ve been drawn on the basis of both being reboots but, if that were the case, it’d seem more appropriate to use BATMAN BEGINS as an example, wouldn't it? But time-travel? It's obviously a huge part of the former. It let the new Spock to meet the old Spock! And it let both continuities kept existing simultaneously. My mind was already on this track when I was reading this further statement Vaughn had about the script… == TEASER ==

"The story that Bryan Singer came up with is very, very smart… It's very clever when you see how he has integrated the characters into the time period where the film is set. I'll put it that way. I just don't want to give it away. ... It's a very clever way of getting these characters involved in recent history, in recent world events."

 Here's a pretty wide selection of X-Men.  How many of them HAVEN'T traveled through time?

So we’re definitely talking about the past meeting the present. Whether it's metaphorically or literally remains to be seen. If it's the latter,then it might actually might long due because, if you think about it, time-travel’s a significant part of the X-Mythos (maybe even as integral as it is to Inferiorego’s beloved DR. WHO.) Bishop, Cable and Rachel & Hope Summers are all major mutants and they’re all time-travelers. Recent storylines (SECOND COMING, MESSIAH WAR) and classic ones (DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, LEGION QUEST) all revolve around time-travel. The fan who’s in too deep probably won’t notice - - he'll probably chalk all of that up as breaks from the norm - - but the outside observer would look at these comics and notice that many of them have to do with somebody going from the future to the past, or vice versa.

The mutant movies so far have addressed most of the major pillars of the X-Mythos. You got evil mutants and racial allegories in X-MEN, human anti-mutant efforts and sub-culture allegories in X2, negated mutations and the Phoenix force in THE LAST STAND and then mutant history and Weapon X in WOLVERINE. The only major parts left to address are the Sentinels, the Shi’Ar… and time travel. 

 Bastian IS already a man in black...

I always figured that the X-Men hauling it to farthest-flung principalities of Majestrix Lillandra would be way, way, way too outlandish to jibe with the kind of grounded verisimilitude Singer insisted on for the series. However, remember that other comment Vaughn had about about superhero movies probably being on the way out? The attitude might be that if millions of mainstream viewers have been steadily acclimated to believing in mutants over the past decade, then maybe they’re ready for the really crazy stuff in this last hurrah. You’ve already got a sign of that in the movie’s setting.  A period piece superhero movie? That definitely wouldn’t have flown in 2000.

If my borderline-conspiracy theory were true, it would explain a lot of things you maniacs have been confused about it with the casting. Latter-day mutants like AngeI Il, Havok, Banshee, Darwin and Azazel being around for the first iteration of the X-Men isn’t as perplexing if the rivers of time are flowing together. Oliver Platt’s mysterious, non-mutant “Man in Black” character could very well be one of the many time-traveling nemeses in the rogue’s gallery like Nimrod, Bastion, Fitzroy, Stryfe or even a heavily-reworked version of Apocalypse.

Do any of any you maniacs see what I'm seeing here? Or am I way off the mark? Have I been starring into the abyss for too long (not the Horseman of Apocalypse one) that the abyss is finally starring back at me? Even if I'm wrong about this, I've still got a strong hunch that these guys have more up their sleeves for this movie than just a brawl with the Hellfire Club.

Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of  HYBRID BASTARDS!  &  UNIMAGINABLE . Order them on Amazon   here  &   here .  Follow him on Twitter:  @tompinchuk

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Posted by Pinhead230280

I can't wait to see the new X-Men Movie. I think there will be no time travelling. Instead of that the movie will be intelligient patched to the other X-Men Movies.

Posted by Cthulhudrew

I always loved the Blackbird.

Posted by Baron_Emo

With this spin on it, Tom, you have actually got me intrigued about this movie. We have been fearing that this film we be yet another retooled/revamped origin with little to do with the source material or the previous films. But if this film is trying to tie in a modern team of X-Men with their origins in the 60's through time travel, I could enjoy this. 

Posted by xerox_kitty

I can't believed I missed this article over the weekend.  Still, I would like to see a Sentinal/Nimrod based story.  They're a classic X-Men foe, and even the original animated series managed to throw Nimrod into the mix (with Bishop tossed in there for good measure too!).


Is this definitely set in the 60's and not the 70's??

Posted by Baron_Emo
@xerox-kitty said:
"Is this definitely set in the 60's and not the 70's??"
I don't know that anyone knows for sure, or if we are just judging from the images leaked.
Edited by Baconator

Time traveling. Seriously? I'll let them get away with it if the movie is as kick-ass as the last Star Trek was. With every leaked image and news my faith in this project fades a little bit. I'm usually (unreasonably) optimistic about any comic-to-silver-screen-project but I have a bad feeling about this one.

Posted by Jake Fury

I'll go see this no matter what.
Posted by bingbangboom

I have no idea what is going on with this movie at all. Cast looks good but it is so confusing on what exactly they are doing and Bryan Singer ain't exactly bulletproof and neither is Matthew Vaughn. Either it is going to be awesome or a complete mess, which most of the X-Men movies have been recently (X3 & Wolverine). Even the next Wolverine movie, "The Wolverine" won't really acknowledge the first movie. This franchise begs for a reboot under Marvel Studios :/

Posted by golvellius

Well it seems interesting enough.  However if the Hellfire club is involved then what appears to be time travel could well be a mental construct of the time period from Mastermind.
Posted by Baron_Emo
@golvellius said:
" However if the Hellfire club is involved then what appears to be time travel could well be a mental construct of the time period from Mastermind. "
I like that idea too. 
Posted by Danial79

Sentinels did get a very brief cameo in one of the films... as a danger room scenario.

Edited by Mainline
I guess the main issue is that the SR-71 Blackbird first flew in 1964. 
It, along with Cerebro and the Danger Room, have always put the X-Men on the forefront of contemporary or near-future technology (and it's not a stretch to think someone with the money and mental manipulative powers of Xavier could somehow get his hands on something similar to a Blackbird in the 60s). 
Regarding the quote... since it refers to real-world phenomena, I assume it has to do with something actually happening... but not so garish as relate to 9/11, etc.  I don't really know, but I think a plausible guess would be the sudden perceived interest in superheroes (the size of Comic Con, Dark Knight Oscar and billion dollar take, Marvel proliferation, etc). 
This would tie in with Astonishing and it's call-back to the classic costumes after the leather-jacket era... and provide a similar motivation in the film for why 60s-era people are running around in costume.  Their goal is to astonish, amaze the world, and be perceived as superheroes instead of minority freaks.  They come out with an over-the-top public image in order to reshape public perceptions... think of Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, etc. 
Another real-world phenomena is of the privatization of government functions- particularly with respect to the military or covert operations.  So if you combine the interest in changing their public image with a legitimate government sanctioned super-target (and, perhaps, government sponsored super-plane) the pieces all sort of start to fit.  Xavier's been assembling his team of heroes, training them, and now the government has given them a debut mission... something to attack in garish costumes and amaze the world... in a very James Bond-like fashion (and, like Bond, which gives them a certain level of plausible deniability if things go awry).  If "James Bond" is part of the theme... "First Class" takes a very different meaning than what readers have come to associate it with... this isn't the first- as in earliest- class... this is the top-notch, the upper echelon, the best superhero operatives for Xavier's mission of changing world perception. 
Of course, now I'm venturing into speculation. ;-) 
Posted by tbpinkfloyd

If it's like Star Trek, they'll pay homage to Singer but in the end reinvigorate the franchise into something new.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

time traveling wasn't that popular till the 80s, where it was set. This is the 60s were everything extremely simple.

Posted by thecheckeredman

More, Meh.  I'm not looking forward to this flick at all.  I'm open to being pleasantly surprised though, I'm just not anticipating this will be any good. 

Posted by SuperXAsh

Well if there's ANY time travelling, hopefully it's to give the series a soft reboot or something, because X3 and Origins were craptastic.

Posted by ComicMan24

I will see this movie when it's released. But I can't say I'm excited with the whole time-travel thing, if it's true of course.

Posted by karrob
@Baron_Emo said:
" With this spin on it, Tom, you have actually got me intrigued about this movie. We have been fearing that this film we be yet another retooled/revamped origin with little to do with the source material or the previous films. But if this film is trying to tie in a modern team of X-Men with their origins in the 60's through time travel, I could enjoy this.  "
Same here
Posted by Video_Martian

I STILL could care less about this f***ing movie...

Posted by The Hobgoblin

I still don't have a strong desire to rush out and see this when it first hits. Maybe at the cheap $3 theatre...
Posted by joshmightbe

I have a feeling this movie is going to do its level best to kill the super hero movie genre

Posted by Shadow_Thief

I can't say that Vaughn has inspired a lot of confidence in me with what he's been saying about this film. Altering the film because of Inception and making remarks about comic book films "being on their way out" sound to me like the actions of someone unsure of his own product.

Posted by slvrwolfang

I still want to see this movie, even though they broke my heart with the last 4...... I still have hope
but I'm not seeing it in theaters, that wastes too much money

Posted by Renchamp

My thoughts mimic most of everyone else.  I've had to view each movie as if it was part of some alternate time-line.  A Marvel-2000s, if you will.  I'll see the movie, but I'm not hoping too hard for anything true to the books.

Posted by SupremoMaximo

I appreciate the fact you didn't crap and are giving it an actual chance than say 97% of the population are not.

Posted by the_fallen11

I refuse to see an "X" film called First Class and it not be about the original five.

Posted by SlightConfuse

The only thing i know is that it takes place in the 60's and present day. Though i will probabl see

Posted by sora_thekey

If Tom is right then this movie just became really interesting.

Posted by goldenkey

I have no idea what to think of this movie.  None.

Posted by golvellius

don't get to excited with a reeboot. i think it won't be time travelling at all. i think we will get a glimpse of the hows and when the leaders of mutant kind formed and the events that gave them their distinct points of view. it might involve flashbacks or deep mind probes. the way i see it xavier might be missing along with magneto and emma and it fall upon the x men to solve a puzzle from the past of all thise leaders toshared past to rescue them.

Posted by JonesDeini

Eh...don't trust the studio to get anything X-Men right, so I'll be watching this from home. No matter what the plot may be. And I've never liked time travel stories...

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

I see...
Posted by savri

I think what these people do not take into consideration is the fact that the film industry does not have the budget to make X men movies the way comic people want them to. If they were able to do that, we would be stuck in a theater for at least SIX HOURS !!! Now, I enjoyed the movies, and I have been an Uncanny X Men collector since 1981, but people need to understand that a movie script is 130 pages, ( I know because I write them) and forone comic book script is 40 pages, again (I know because I write them), so, what comic number is Uncanny X Men on today? How many wonderful writers has X Men had?   (40 pages X 500 books) = 20,000

It can not be done, so give the producers a hats off and an applause, because I bet most of you own the movies you are bad talking about, anyways.

Thanks for the art. 
Posted by White Mage

.....................................I WANT to be excited about this movie.  But the cast......................................the cast
Posted by theundead

seeing blackbird is great!!!!1

Posted by difficlus
@sora_thekey said:
" If Tom is right then this movie just became really interesting. "
Posted by Girth
@the_fallen11 said:
" I refuse to see an "X" film called First Class and it not be about the original five. "
Exactly, first the casting and now this. I think I'll pass.
Posted by oldgum

Will they features Balesco and two Magiks?

Posted by MSBoyd23

I just want the Hellfire Club. I'm over Magneto vs. Xavier, I'm tired of finding a cure for mutants, just give me Sebastian Shaw. 

Posted by coolbeans

son of a b****

Posted by Bestostero

that would've been awesome if they made a movie based on Days of Future still uncertain of what to think of this movie, but i wont keep my expectations high.

Posted by JonesDeini
Tabernacle, preach
Posted by HexThis

The franchise is a bit too messy, I'm sorry but they have really got to get everything in line and just make an X-men movie that follows the cannon. 
What the hell did all these writers, artists, and editors work for in the past 60 decades? To have everything just turned on it's head to suit the last couple years? Bryan Singer did a good job with the X-men but he was working within the constraints of a budget which hindered a lot of the things we would've liked. Now that we have millions upon millions going into the effects alone would it kill someone to actually throw some of that money at a screenplay writer with some actual talent and knowledge of the franchise?

Posted by Eyz

Time travel...
My fears for this disaster have now been multiplied by a 100!!

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.


Posted by White Mage
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Posted by No_Name_
Posted by White Mage

I want to see a picture of how they are going to do Mystique in this movie. 
Posted by tamerafox

Still have no plans to see this movie. It isn't First Class without Scott Summers or Jean Grey.

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