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Is Jeremey Renner Really Going to Play Hawkeye, Now?

Looks like it's happening, after all.

Maybe more like this?
First he was in, then he was out, then there was the chance he might cameo in Thor (which is what all casting rumors lead to, right?) Now, it’s looking like Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye in the AVENGERS movie is very, very, very close to happening. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s in final negotiations with Marvel, right now. What’s maybe more surprising is that THR is acting like Joss Whedon is directing AVENGERS for sure, now. That hadn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel, last I checked. You think there would’ve been some big announcement or press release, right?

I haven’t seen THE HURT LOCKER or really anything else Renner’s been in. Was he in 28 WEEKS LATER? I only saw that in the theaters and it’s been a while since that came out. I suppose it'd be hard for Marvel to do better than an actor who just starred in 2009’s Oscar winner, though. == TEASER ==

The thing I’m curious about is how much Hawkeye’s going to be worked-over for the movie. Seeing as how Black Widow is going to be in it, as well, I’m sure they’re going to take some pages from ULTIMATES and have her and him serve as the Avenger’s recon/black ops team. That would kind-of have to be the only option since Hawkeye doesn’t have any powers and I don’t know if using a bow & arrow is enough of a gimmick to wow general audiences when put next to a thunder god and a super soldier. And I definitely agree with G-Man that they’re going to need to use Hitch’s re-design from Ultimates, because a purple bird just won’t work on screen no matter how practical the fabric is.

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Posted by REX84

Hell yeah this is looking like another very promising casting choice!

Posted by brendon277

I haven't seen any of the movies in which the guy played in and i don't know who he is so i guess this could be goos maybe?

Edited by Aheld92

i want him and ScarJo in a scene kicking ass together as HE&BW <3