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Iron Man: New Armor, Movie Fin Fang Foom & Noir

You can't get enough Iron Man news these days...or can you?

As Tony Stark is busy gearing up for the Heroic Age and Iron Man 2, there was a few pieces of news that came out today.

First off, Marvel has unveiled Adi Granov's new cover for the Extremis hardcover.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the Extremis storyline, only because I thought Tony looked silly in the yellow tech-jumpsuit he had to wear.  If you read the issues, you know we had some interesting stories written by Warren Ellis and some very nice art by Adi Granov.
The Granov version of the hardcover will be available exclusively at comic shops.  That means if you pick up your trades and hardcovers at the big chain bookstores, you won't be able to pick up this beauty.
In case you missed it, Marvel also showed off Iron Man's new armor a week and a half ago:

Sure it looks shiny but it doesn't really look all that new.  I am curious to see Tony return from the events in "Tony Stark: Disassembled."  I wonder how Tony will integrate the new suit and agree with Matt Fraction's desire to give Tony a sleeker, more modern look.
What about Fin Fang Foom?  Have you heard he'll be appearing in Iron Man 2?  Back in July, we saw footage a gigantic green screen that was used for Iron Man 2.  Some speculation was that it could be for Fin Fang Foom.  Adi Granov confirms that Fin Fang Foom will indeed be appearing in the movie.
See this image to the left?  Granov mentioned that this was his design for Jon Favreau's Viva Las Vegas book (no word on when we'll see issue #3).

This was my design for Fin Fang Foom for the Iron Man Viva Las Vegas book I was doing with Jon Favreau. But this image in particular was done for the IM movie and used as a billboard in one of the scenes where Iron Man flies past it. It's very quick, but Jon wanted to have a kind of a cool easter egg in there.

So Fin Fang Foom won't be appearing in the way we thought, which you have to admit, is for the best.
The final bit of news is Iron Man will be getting the NOIR treatment in April.  The four issue mini series will be written by Scott Snyder with art by Manuel Garcia.

"It's hard to imagine Tony Stark in armor in a noir setting," admits Snyder. "People have been kidding with me about if he's going to be in a fedora and an iron pin-stripe suit. So, one of the things that I thought would be fun is to take a slightly different tack and think a little bit more about pulp and 30's adventure stories than strict noir and hardboiled fiction, although, he certainly has his dark notes between his alcoholism and father issues."

Snyder describes Stark as more of a Doc Savage or Allan Quartermain type character and that makes perfect sense.  I didn't think we'd see Iron Man get the Noir treatment.  It will be interesting to see how a character with an iron suit will work in this time period.  We can look forward to seeing Noir versions of Baron Zemo, Count Nefaria and Madame Masque.
 There's a round up of Iron Man news.  I'm sure as the movie approaches we'll be hearing more and more.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

I dont know why, but before I actually read comics and simply looked at the pictures I was fascinated by Fing Fang Foom. I didnt have any idea about his origin or abilities. He was just someone I saw in one of those "Marvel Universe" comics that listed characters from A to Z. Never thought such an obscure character would make it to the big screen before Wonder Woman though.

Posted by sora_thekey

Fin Fang Foom might just be a statue.... On the tease there's a scene where Iron Man and War Machine are at it against other Iron Men , the background has a sort of Asian look to it...
So that's cool news!
I think Adi Granov does amazing art.... but it kind of bothers me that when he draws legs they are smooth (all right on girls but on guys not so much!) You can't really see muscle!

Posted by vicsrealms

Is that third picture of a Tau Fire warrior?  Kind of looks like one.  Hmm, maybe a pathfinder.  ~shrugs~

Posted by pentagram

i actually like the suit.

Posted by Icon

Extremis suffered from a bunch of delays (due to the amount of time it takes for Granov to complete his work) when those issues were first being released, but it reads really well as a trade.  
I'm digging Tony's new duds. The sleeker and more aerodynamic design works for me. 

Edited by Dane

do not want.

Posted by Caligula

i'd of rather had Foom, than Whiplash, but mabye not if he was going to look like that piece of crap.
Posted by ArtJoker

The Iron man noir looks pretty cool

Posted by FoxxFireArt

The new armor does look a bit more sleek then the previous one. Not sure I completely like it though. It makes him look more like a cyborg and less like a suit of armor. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

i think the armor looks better when its by other people or in different pictures.
thats more or less the design mock-up to give everyone the idea of what theyre looking at. 

Edited by geraldthesloth
@Gambler: Whiplash is more obscure than Fin Fang Foom, atleast Foom has a broader enemy range.
Posted by ComicCrazy

I love the fact that marvel puts a lot of interesting easter eggs into their movies and I really enjoy seeing them. Oh yeah and Iron Man rules!!!!!!
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@geraldthesloth said:
" @Gambler: Backlash is more obscure than Fin Fang Foom, atleast Foom has a broader enemy range. "
I thought his name was Whiplash?
Posted by geraldthesloth
@Gambler said:
" @geraldthesloth said:
" @Gambler: Backlash is more obscure than Fin Fang Foom, atleast Foom has a broader enemy range. "
I thought his name was Whiplash? "
Damn I feel stupid right now.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@geraldthesloth: It only further proves how obscure he is ;)
Posted by geraldthesloth
@Gambler: To be fair I was just reading WildC.A.T.S but you don't have to believe me :P
Whiplash fights Iron Man
I can remember FFF fighting Iron Man,Nextwave,and the Hulk
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@geraldthesloth: I wasn't really debating which of the obscure characters was "more" obscure. But to be fair Whiplash has fought more people then just Iron Man. Gambit and Spiderman come to mind, and I believe he was even in one of the JLA/Avengers crossovers which means he got himself some cross company exposure.
Posted by geraldthesloth
@Gambler said:
" @geraldthesloth: I wasn't really debating which of the obscure characters was "more" obscure. But to be fair Whiplash has fought more people then just Iron Man. Gambit and Spiderman come to mind, and I believe he was even in one of the JLA/Avengers crossovers which means he got himself some cross company exposure. "
I've read most of the DC/Marvel Crossovers...besides the main one.
I was just speaking my opinion, heck Fing Fang Foom even got himself in Marvel Ultimate Alliance :p
Posted by robbiesol

I like the costume design for the new Ironman suit.   
Fing Fang Foom in Iron Man 2.....interesting, I was wondering who the real bad guy was going to be.  For some reason Whiplash didn't seem like a big enough threat.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@geraldthesloth said:
" heck Fing Fang Foom even got himself in Marvel Ultimate Alliance :p "
Oh yeah, well Whiplash got himself Micky Rourke :P
Posted by Meteorite

I think having Fin Fang Foom in a cameo like that works. He wouldn't really fit into the way the Iron Man movies are done.

Posted by Decept-O

Fing Fang Foom.  In Iron Man 2.  Hhmm.  Guess Marvel's been dragging their tail in providing anyone with that tidbit of news.  Pun intended.  Not sure what to make of it.  Sounds like they'll change the character quite a bit, which like you say doesn't sound like a bad idea compared to the comic book version.  Wonder how the character will be portrayed in the movie.   
Regarding the Iron Man Noir suit, I rather like it and like the idea.  Too bad it doesn't appear a bit more Steampunk, now that would be sweet.  Still rather neat, like the idea.   
I DO like the new sleek Iron Man armor, even if its just a slight modification.   I am digging it, except I'm used to the chest repulsor beam housing being more pronounced and noticeable.  Everything is recessed on this version but it looks kick-a$$. 
Posted by xerox_kitty

I wish Fin Fan Foom really was appearing, but I guess that would turn it into a Godzilla movie more of an Iron Man movie.  It would just look daft compared to the first film... but I'd still love to see FFF :) 
The Noir suit looks like a cross between the original Iron Man suit and Klaatu from the Day the Earth Stood Still.  So it kinda fits the Noir feel of 1950's pulp sci-fi.  I wonder what Noir Madam Masque will look like.
Posted by Bandito

Dear Marvel, 
Iron Man  +  Noir  =  No 
All The Best

Posted by InnerVenom123

Too slim of a suit. I prefer the bulkier ones like Hulkbuster or War Machine or his first armor. 
lol @ all the people on the forum thinking Fin Fang Foom's actually gonna be in it as a villian, read the article people.
Edited by DH69

why didnt they finish viva las vegas, i was pissed about  that. still not a fan of the new armor i wish it had bigger shoulder pauldrens (is that the right word?) it just looks to empty there the rest of the suit isnt to bad but the area between his elbow and his collar bone just looks to empty

Posted by Illuminarch
@vicsrealms said:
" Is that third picture of a Tau Fire warrior?  Kind of looks like one.  Hmm, maybe a pathfinder.  ~shrugs~ "
There is certainly a resemblance, isn't there? For my part, I thought it was Wraith from GI Joe.
Posted by Obsurity

The armor won't last they seem to update his armor every year or so. I like its simplicity
Posted by dementedtheclown

Modular Armor Is Iron Man

Posted by -Eclipse-

Hehe, I love the people who don't read everything the article says, and think Fing Fang Foom actually has a major role in the movie, LOL

Posted by The Hottness

Posted by crazed_h3ro

I'm actually liking this armor more then the others. This armor looks like it is meant for speed and usage of repulser rays

Posted by createmold

this man, is he suppose to be a robo cop that soars. Seems they drew him that way. Only thing he needs is the gun. How can someone even move it that armor, ugly design by the way. Remember its Iron Man not robotman. Just because hollywood uses that design doesn't mean its a good design. Hollywood is known for only using famouse characters to make crappy movies unrelated to character, original story. Take dragonballz, final fantasy. Marvel seems to be the only character recently that were sucessful.
Posted by fACEmelter88

I really dig the new armor, i'll probably appreciate it more when more pics of it are released. Yea putting a big giant dragon in Iron Man 2 would be interesting but TERRIBLE, the 1st was praised for its "realism" (among other things) and dragons no matter how long they've been in the comics wouldn't go well with what has been established so far. Yea i've read some of the Noir stuff but Iron Man Noir...i dunno, for Iron Man Noir I picture some guy wearing a make shift armor of cast iron, or random metal sheets or even pots and pans lol.

Posted by Thor'sHammer

The new Iron Man armor is Kirby-tastic!  Did you notice all the glowing Kirby dots added into the armor?  Very cool maybe now he can kind of radiate light or energy when he fights. That would look amazing!  More Kirby dots! Dots for all!

Posted by Media_Master

The suit looks sweet!!!!

Posted by Walker696

For the Armor
-I like the sleek design but it seems more like the future IM suit then anything else. It looks fast but it doesn't look very powerful. It looks paper thin and doesn't seem to look very durable either. I can see it being damaged repeatedly. 
Fing Fang Foom
-I really wish he was in the movie because Whiplash can't carry a movie by himself. At best he was a high level grunt and I can't see him doing anything to really bring IM down unless they sup up his character a bit. I have mixed emotions as to who I would like the villain to be in the movie simply because War Machine will be in there too. So you will need somebody that's both powerful, well known, and intelligent. Neither FFF or Whiplash has all of these.
Noir Armor
-I have mixed emotions about this armor, yea it does put you in the mind of a Tau Fire Warrior but hopefully when it is showed off it will be pretty nice. I like the look simply because it's something new and a style we've never had for Stark. I encourage new ideas and I feel the reason why we get stuck with all these similar storylines and copy cat heroes is because if something new is introduced it gets shot down by fans fairly quick. It may be time for us as readers to be open to change in new characters.