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'Iron Man 3' Teaser Trailer Scene Breakdown and Analysis

The first trailer is here and things are looking pretty grim for Tony Stark.

The full Iron Man 3 teaser trailer is finally here. As we begin to watch it over and over throughout the day, let's take a close look at what is going on. It definitely has a darker feel to it and none of the typical Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr humor is present.

The first scene shows a beat up Iron Man. The armor is banged up. The power is flickering.

As he rolls over, we hear Tony say, "I've got a lot of apologies to make." Right away we're left wondering why. What does he have to apologize for? Tony Stark, in the past movies, doesn't seem like the type to apologize. The answer to what may be stemming from the fact that he publicly revealed his identity and put those closest to him at risk. We can make this assumption based off the rest of the trailer.

As Tony is greeted by the press, we hear another voice over say, "Nothing has been the same since New York."

The first impression could be he's referring to the battle in The Avengers in New York. Since he's walking with his head down, this doesn't exactly look like a hero's welcome. If this was after their victory, he'd be all over the press, bathing in their attention. It's not clear how much time has passed between The Avengers and this movie but something else must have happened since.

We see Tony working on a new armor. As he stands across the room, he's able to call a gauntlet over to him. We don't see any of the devices present that could cause the armor to come to him (such as the bracelets he put on in The Avengers). Looks like he's able to call forth the armor with his mind which means the Extremis serum may be in him at this point.

Tony Stark can't sleep. When he does, he has nightmares. The scen flashes to two figures walking by a makeshift memorial. We can see three silhouettes on the wall which makes you wonder if they were blasted by an intense force. This is similar to the blast silhouettes from a nuclear blast in Hiroshima. Something must have blasted the three people. The blast was big enough to hit the bodies and still have a wide enough force to damage the wall as well. This happens when the blast comes from far away. Is Tony somehow responsible for this?

"Honestly, there's a hundred people that want to kill me."

A couple choppers are making their way someplace and we get a glimpse at Guy Pearce who is playing Aldrich Killian. In the comics, Killian is the one that gave the Extremis serum to a terrorist organization. Does he have a reason to want to kill Tony Stark?

Tony is now realizing that revealing his identity may not have been the wisest decision. He tells Pepper that he hopes he can protect the one thing he can't live without, referring to her. As he acquires more and more enemies, it puts a bigger target on Pepper.

The scene cuts to Pepper and Tony in bed. Pepper gets a rude awakening as she comes face to face with someone wearing a different armor. Who could be inside? It's doubtful Rhodey would so rudely invade their privacy and cause such terror on Pepper's face.

The suits are getting destroyed. At first I thought maybe Tony was doing it. Could something like the Extremis serum have corrupted his suits and the only way to deal with it is to destroy all his armor?

Most likely this is the action of an enemy. Because their bedroom was invaded right before, someone has managed to infiltrate Tony's mansion and while the scene in the bedroom may be taking place, someone has decided to destroy the armors. If Tony were to destroy them, he would have a more efficient and less destructive (to the surroundings) approach.

We get our first glimpse at Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. As he takes off his hood, you'll notice a tattoo on the back of his neck. Is that a Captain America shield with an "A" in the center? What does he have against the Avengers?

Next we see the Iron Patriot armor make a flashy entrance. Word is that Rhodey will be wearing this armor. That makes sense since he's still in the military. It does seem odd that the government would want such a flashy colored suit and why would he be given the red carpet treatment?

The Mandarin strikes. We hear him making a speach, "Some people consider me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher." The war against Tony Stark has begun.

This these scenes of destruction cut to a shot of the Mandarin's rings.

During all this, there is one scene with Tony about to get a procedure done.

Coud this be when he gets the Extremis armor? Perhaps he has no other choice once all his regular suits have been destroyed.

The Mandarin gives his first lesson.

The voiceover of the Mandarin says, "Heroes, there is no such thing." He has taken his fight against Tony to a personal level. Tony's home is utterly destroyed. As the mansion falls, you can even see more missiles hitting the pieces as they head towards the water below. Tony is able to put on an armor but what about Pepper?

As Tony lands underwater in the wreckage, he struggles to get through the debris but ends up getting pulled under. What's left of his mansion crash down upon him.

The 'Iron Man 3' logo appears and flickers out. The final image shows Tony in the snow, dragging what's left of his armor. Most likely he needs to find a place to make repairs. The logo appears again and flickers on.

May 2013 can't get here soon enough.

Here's the trailer if you haven't already watched it several times.

Head on over to the Apple Trailers site to watch the trailer in HD.

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Posted by Chaos Burn

excited, I like the direction this film is taking, looks so much better than Iron Man 2.

and wtf is going on with Mandarins neck? Is he a Cap fan?

Posted by ThePRez

for some reason the 3rd part in superheroes sequels (TDKR and this) is about rising up

Posted by Baron_Emo

I'm kind of getting excited about this. I hope it's better than Iron Man 2.

Posted by RedQueen

Looks awesome :D Any chance Pepper may become Rescue in this...? Seems unlikely. Though it's hard to think of a way she would survive that blast.

Posted by htb106

When thisshowed up on the internet I watched the trailer 15 times in a row.

I'm thinking the thing he apoligises for could be like what happened in the Civil War arc.

Posted by CRTrobinson

Woohoo, great job, I love these break downs. Looks like the 3rd installment will make up for the somewhat disappointing second film.

Posted by rockwellfontana


Posted by G-Man

@RedQueen: Maybe that's the only way she can survive the blast. Somehow Tony managed to get a suit on.

@CRTrobinson: I feel like I haven't done a breakdown in a while. It was a great way to start off the morning while it was still dark out. A great way to get ya pumped up.

Posted by pulseangel666

Can't wait for this movie, it look really good!

Posted by Crash_Recovery

Looks like a load of fun. Looking forward to seeing it next summer.

Posted by G-Man

@rockwellfontana: Looks like a giant bunny.

Posted by Loki9876

@rockwellfontana: I also noticed this WHAT IS IT,

but an a serious tone the trailer looks awesome, it's a darker (not too dark) and I think the story will really develop his character.

Posted by G-Man

@Loki9876 said:

@rockwellfontana: I also noticed this WHAT IS IT,

I'm thinking it has something to do with SHIELD.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

@G-Man: Very good observation there...Frankly speaking, I'm surprised how you even noticed the Cap.America tattoo on his neck, did you watch it once then you can found it?I do know 1 thing that is the New Ironman appears on bed with Potts, it's Tony Nightmares...He think himself being ironman has make Potts a target...

And 1 more thing is bugging me right now, Why The Ironman Armor get destroyed so easily? isn't it supposed to be able to withstand bomb?

Posted by GValo
Posted by rym

I think the Armour rudely awakening Pepper is not being worn by anyone, since we see that Tony can control his Armour with his mind, pieces of it fly towards him, so my guess as he is having the nightmare the armour attacks pepper or something

Posted by CRTrobinson

@GodDamnIronMan: I think they are blown up from the inside which would make more sense as they would be weaker internally than they would be externally.

Posted by Bastionpayne

Exactly, it's no different than Luke cage being susceptible to attack from inside his body, as it is weak, plus some of the integrity of the suit comes from when it's powered, obviously their power is not on. I'm extremely excited for the movie, looks like it will be loads of fun, but we all knew it probably would. I'm more interested on what they are doing with the other movies, as they have a lot of room to improve.

Posted by saoakden

I'm excited for this movie. should be freaking awesome!

Posted by Zeeguy91

So...more big explosions?? Good to know that they're focusing on the characters...

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

@CRTrobinson said:

@GodDamnIronMan: I think they are blown up from the inside which would make more sense as they would be weaker internally than they would be externally.


That it means Tony detonate it right? I think he has to stop it from being fal into the wrong hands...probably those terrorist is coming into his house to take his armor in the 1st place

Posted by guttridgeb

This looks awesome. I really cannot wait.

Edited by The Stegman

Mandarin: "When your armor is in ashes....then you will have my permission to die."

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I peed a little in happiness and excitement....

Im not ASHAMED!!!

Posted by pspin

This movie looks great. I wonder if Pepper gets a suit here, that would be pretty awesome. Either way Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis! Extremis!

Posted by cyberchop979

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw. This movie looks AMAZING!!!!! Can't wait till May.

Posted by JamDamage

this looks like the route of Dark Knight. Going darker. No problem with that what so ever. SOOOOO HAPPY to see the ten rings of bling. They look a little rusty but who the hell cares. Hope he uses them. This trailer looks amazing. So hoping the movie is as well. It's kind of like getting a new illustrator on a book. The preview looks good, let's hope the story holds up as well.

Posted by Lvenger

Looks like Mandarin is going to mess Tony up. Ben Kingsley looks set to give a stunning performence as the Mandarin. I wonder if his rings will have any power like in the comics?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am going to do an analysis video for the trailer later today

Posted by Trodorne

Im thinking its Detroit Steel in this movie

Posted by Sammo21

Badass movie trailer is badass. Marvel looks to keep the streak going, 7 for 7! Can't wait to see where everything adds up.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Man.... This is Iron Man Rises!

Posted by VampireSelektor

That isn't the Iron Patriot, it's War Machine.

Posted by G-Man

@VampireSelektor: It says "Iron Patriot armor" up above. It's long been rumored that Rhodey would be wearing it. No one is saying Iron Patriot is actually in the movie.

Posted by SavageDragon

Looks good. Cant wait to see Iron Man actually go at it with a real villain like Mandarin.

Posted by Ramier

im surprise you didn't put the part where it looks like happy dying. i think the armor grabbing pepper can be one of his bad dreams

Posted by GBrutality

this looks pretty damn good. the second was a train wreck so it's nice to see that they're at least looking like they're trying again, and realizing they can't solely rely on downey jr's charm and humor. i'm glad they chose ben kingsley to play the mandarin, i think he's a really great choice. he may be apologizing because his weapons are probably being used to do things such as what that memorial is for?

Posted by JMLG

i assume negativity towards him from public and press in the trailer could come because he been driving Iron Man armor while drunk!?

Posted by nicholai441

one of my theories about the scenes where tony is seen with the armor (not in the armor): it looks like he'll be able to call/control the armor mentally (as seen with the gauntlet). so that scene where it wakes up pepper might be the armor reacting to tony's thoughts. same with the scene where the armor is over him. which may be how he puts the armor on when his mansion is being destroyed.

just my thought.

although here's a question: who's holding the damaged helmet? the scene looks like it takes place after the mansions destruction and the hands look like a woman's hands from the shirt it might be the woman who backs tony against the wall.

here's another: the hand to tony's new armor seems to be what rips the plane open. why? seems that who ever was using the new armor (be it tony or someone who ends up stealing it) attacks the plane and then saves... someone.

Posted by Crackdown

Mandarin's voice sounds very odd. Not threatening, but kind of... monotone.

I'm a bit disappointed that I can't fullscreen the trailer.

Posted by spanishforeagle

speech* not "speach"


Posted by Smurfboy

Yay!!!!!!!!! Hurry up, May!!! Hurry!!!!!

Seriously, the trailer looks awesome. I watched couple of times already and never gets bored. Next year will going to be a great year for DC/Marvel fans (Superman, The wolverine, Iron Man 3, etc).

Posted by nicholai441

@Crackdown said:

Mandarin's voice sounds very odd. Not threatening, but kind of... monotone.

made me think: isn't the mandarin chinese? his voice sounds too english. it doesn't sound like he has that chinese accent, you know the same accent you hear in jet li and jackie chan's voice when they talk.

Posted by EvanTheMexiJew

This looks so frakkin' epic!!! Even though it looks a lot like the trailer for the Dark Knight Rises

Posted by Fantasgasmic

What about the crazy Cap shield tattoo on the back of Mandarin's neck?

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Wow, when I went to youtube to find the teaser trailer I really didn't find the right one. It didn't even show half of what this showed. It does look like Iron man will be pushed to his limits. Why does Mandarin have a Captain America shield on the back of his neck? Is he the guy in the Red White and Blue Iron Armor?

Posted by jason44143

@ nicholai441: made me think: isn't the mandarin chinese? his voice sounds too english. it doesn't sound like he has that chinese accent, you know the same accent you hear in jet li and jackie chan's voice when they talk.

Actually i may be totally wrong on this because i really only have just a small amount of knowledge on ironman from random comics through out the years, but i think the mandarin is vietnamese.

Though i think Kingsley may give a nice performance, i really dont understand why they werent able to get an asian mandarin. i cant tell if theyre trying to make him look more middle eastern since in ironman 1 he was associated with the middle eastern terrorist group. but if that is the case the name wouldnt make a lot of sense. I dont know maybe im looking at it too narrow mindedly.

The movie looks really good though, im thankful to see that it looks like it may be able to erase the mess ironman 2 was.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

f***kin awesome !

Posted by Uncanny_Doom

Looks awesome. I'm gonna be wondering about that neck tattoo for a long time.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

So here are some theories I just thought up. The Extremis armor responds to his thoughts, so maybe that scene that is meant to look like Pepper getting attacked in bed is actually Stark using the armor to wake Pepper up because there is danger. Maybe its cut to look like she is getting attacked. Or maybe in his sleep he accidentally attacks, sort of his dark side. Or maybe the armor becomes sentient like in that one story arc where the armor becomes sentient and attacks Stark. Maybe its meant to be Rhodes in the armor but someone else is wearing it.

Maybe the Iron Patriot armor going rogue has something to do with the Mandarin having a Captain America tattoo on his neck. Maybe he ends up in the armor, or helped build it, or something. Or maybe the tattoo is a visual way to show that he implanted his own Extremis tech into himself and is now in control of the Iron Patriot armor.

Yeah, he probably injects himself with Extremis and uses the Iron Patriot armor to attack Stark and kidnap Pepper and turn Tony's life upside down. Although looking at the picture it looks less like Iron Patriot and more like Stark's new armor. So I think its probably just Stark waking Pepper up because of coming danger. Like the house is under attack from the army. I still think the Captain America tattoo is showing that Mandarin is in control of the Iron Patriot armor though. Maybe Mandarin takes control of Stark's armor and not the Patriot's and this image is Mandarin kidnapping Pepper. And Rhodey is just the Iron Patriot. Or perhaps its the sentient armor like I suggested earlier. There is a short scene in the trailer where the new Iron Man armor is sitting on Stark who is struggling to get up and the armor leans in as if to say something evil to him. So that makes me think its the sentient armor even more. That or Mandarin controlling it. Just some thoughts.

I'm also guessing the scene where he is dragging his armor comes after his entire home and armory was destroyed and he has nothing left but that armor. But then how did he get to the snow? I don't know. Maybe its much later.