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Iron Man 2 Writer, Justin Theroux Comic Vine Interview

The writer calls to talk about the upcoming movie (as well as Tropic Thunder).

You may have heard that there's a movie called Iron Man 2 that is about to hit theaters. The movie features not only Iron Man but War Machine, Black Widow, Whiplash and Justin Hammer. It was written by Justin Theroux. Justin is a long time actor and has recently appeared on a few episodes of television's Parks and Recreation as Justin Anderson. Justin also was the co-writer for 2008's Tropic Thunder.
Last Friday I got the opportunity to talk to Justin on the phone about Iron Man 2 and what it was like being the writer and being on set with the cast and crew. Rather than transcribe the entire interview, I thought you might enjoy actually listening to the audio.
You can take a listen by clicking HERE
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Looking forward to the movie

Posted by growup

almost had that first comment...

Posted by FLStyle

I especially liked Tropic Thunder, should be good, I'll give it a listen.

Posted by hdorman1

his brother is also a fantastic interviewer 
always does interesting topics and meets so weird and horrible people

Posted by Riezner

What a cool dude! All those guys are probably swamped with press junket stuff right now. Very awesome of him to talk to CV.

Posted by The Human Stain

That's kind of funny that the guy that co-wrote Tropic Thunder is also writing Iron Man 2. I wonder if he was responsible for that one line in Tropic Thunder. You know which one I'm talking about.

Posted by SuperCoonce

i can't believe you guys scored this review.... great work duders -- keep it up :)

Posted by LauraX23
0_0 Justin is hot.
Posted by Casket

great interview!