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Interview with Phil Hester (and DD/Magdalena Preview)

  The new  Darkness ongoing series comes out next week, December 12th.  I recently interviewed writer Phil Hester:

G-Man: Let's start with The Darkness #1. We find Jackie in Central America in a place called Sierra Muñoz. Why the change of scenery? A way to get away from the events of First Born? Is this a way for Jackie to be "free" to be on his own?

Phil Hester: All of the above. Jackie's dual lives come to a head at the same time and it's clear to him that the events of First Born make for a natural breaking away moment. It's an interesting choice, because on the surface it looks like he's just running away from himself again, and maybe he is, but once you get a look at what he's up to in Sierra Munoz you might come away with the impression that he's actually starting to take his criminal ambitions and his supernatural powers more seriously.

G-Man: Interesting. How much time passes between First Born and #1? About six months.

Phil: How much time passes between First Born and #1? About six months.

G-Man: Will we see any crossovers with Sara Pezzini, Witchblade, the baby, or Angelus?

Phil: Someday, but the first arc (1-6) will be self-contained. I think our first guest star will actually be Aphrodite IX.

G-Man: How many issues (or story arcs) do you have planned out?

Phil: The first year and a half or so. The first arc is a hard six, and the next arc has a little more wiggle room as it's composed of one or two issue arcs that all tie together.

G-Man: Darkness Levels (mini-series) seemed to slightly change Jackie's origin. I think I read Marc Silvestri saying that both histories were true. Is that the case with you? Can we go with Levels as his origin or does that take place in an "alternate" universe for the video game?

Phil: I think The Darkness has actually been around long enough that his origin is almost Batman-like, meaning as long as you stay true to the core concepts of the character's origin you can tweak it here and there as the years pass and not really mess things up.

For the rest, either check out my blog or Phil's page:


On a somewhat related note, Phil is also writing and drawing the upcoming Daredevil/Magdalena crossover set for release in February!


                                                     Faiths Collide in Latest Top Cow/Marvel Crossover!

Top Cow is proud to announce their latest crossover one-shot with Marvel Comics in The Magdalena/Daredevil. The supernatural one-shot is scheduled for release in February 2008.

The Magdalena/Daredevil is possibly the most natural of the crossover events to date with these two characters both steeped in Catholicism crossing paths for the first time. Written and drawn by The Darkness scribe Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Superman Confidential) and Ande Parks (Green Arrow, Superman Confidential), the crossover issue brings together the Catholic Church's holy warrior and Daredevil, the Man Without Fear from Hell's Kitchen. When a demon seeks revenge on the Church's past transgressions only The Magdalena and Daredevil stand in his way.

"I can point to Frank Miller's run on Daredevil as one of the things that crystallized my decision to become a cartoonist. To follow in Frank's footsteps for even 22 pages is a thrill," said Phil Hester, "Magdalena is poised for a very bright and busy future, and hopefully this crossover will be a nice appetizer for her spotlight season in the Top Cow universe. A crossover between a soldier nun and a troubled Catholic boy who grew up to wear a devil suit and beat up bad guys is a no brainer. I won't say I've been saving myself for the right project to both write and draw, but when this one became available I knew I had to handle both chores."

The Magdalena/Daredevil will feature a painted cover by Hester and Stjepan Sejic (First Born, Witchblade) and carry an SRP of $3.99. Additional information regarding The Magdalena can be found at

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