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Interview: Warren Ellis and Mike Allred on THE SPIRIT OF BACARDÍ Graphic Novel

Find out what's it's about, how it happened, and where you can read it.

Last month we reported on Warren Ellis and Mike Allred collaborating on The Spirit of BACARDÍ graphic novel. It sounds like a strange idea but, hey, why not? This is the first time the two have worked together and there's no way we would miss it.

We asked both Ellis and Allred a few questions to find out more about this.

COMIC VINE: How did you guys get attached to this project?

WARREN ELLIS: They approached me, and then hooked me – I’m a longtime history reader – with material from the Bacardi Archive. I started reading, and found that one story I wanted to tell…

MIKE ALLRED: Bacardi approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing a historical project with Warren Ellis.

I told 'em, "Heck yeah!"

CV: How familiar were you with the history of Bacardi before coming on board?

WE: Utterly unfamiliar. I knew nothing of their history, and not a whole lot about Cuban history, so that aspect was a lot of fun for me.

CV: How much research did you have to do to capture the late nineteenth Century feel?

MA: I had done a lot of research of the 1800s thinking about adapting my Great Great Grandfather's journals as he pioneered heading west across America from New York.

So, I had a bit of a head start. Bacardi also then gave me access to their amazing archives.

CV: How long is this story/graphic novel?

WE: Twenty pages in total.

CV: What about Emilio Bacardi appeals to you?

WE: What interested me was that this was a man who gambled power, privilege and personal safety to fulfil what was a strongly held sense of obligation to his people.

CV: Did you approach this project any differently than past projects?

MA: Not really. I always set out to tell the best story I can with the information I have. In this case, Warren Ellis' script.

CV: Were there any moments in the script that were out of the ordinary for you to draw?

MA: All of it was fresh and new to me. I was completely unaware of Emilio Bacardi's story. Attempting to capture the events in the life of a real historical figure was completely out of the ordinary for me.

CV: Do you have a favorite moment that was a blast to draw?

MA: I had fun making an iconic comparison between Emilio Bacardi and George Washington. It was a blast to see everybody wanted that image to be used for the cover.

CV: What's your drink of choice with Bacardi?

WE: A Cuba Libre, like most people.

Where can you read this comic? You can read it at Bacardi's website:

You can even download a PDF version if you want to check it out later.

Posted by butters911

I love the writer/artist combo, but feel their talents could have been better used elsewhere