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Interview: Victor Gischler Talks Miss Fury, Shadow and Black Sparrow in NOIR

Find out more about this series and get an extended first look.

There's no shortage of pulp and noir characters at Dynamite Entertainment. One of the great things is the way the different writers deliver different and fascinating stories. Seeing interactions between them is a treat as well. That's what we'll be getting in the upcoming new series, NOIR, by Victor Gischler and Andrea Mutti.

In NOIR, Black Sparrow, the Shadow's former flame gets in a bit of a mess. Despite the two trying to kill each other when they last met, she tries to get his help while Miss Fury also comes into the picture.

We had the chance to ask Victor some questions to find out more about this series.

Comic Vine: With so many pulp and noir characters at Dynamite, where did the decision come from to use Miss Fury and Black Sparrow as well as the Shadow?

Victor Gischler: Something I tossed around with pretty casually with Joe Rybandt but then we ended up getting serious about it and it came together. Both these ladies are sexy and dangerous and it seemed like fun to get them together. When the idea came up, Miss Fury was just making a splash in her new book, and I'd enjoyed the character on my Shadow run and wanted to revisit her again.

CV: The solicit for the first issue deals with thieves stealing and stealing from thieves. How will this relate to the overall direction of the series?

VG: Well, the book is called "Noir." It's not really a story with a "hero" in the traditional sense. The idea was always that we were dealing with characters that could turn on you. Only the Shadow -- a "guest star" in the first issue -- is really a hero type.

CV: What will be the Shadow's motivation in helping his former flame?

VG: Ah ... but is he helping her? Yes and no. Only the Shadow knows! Seriously, the Shadow always has his own motivations.

CV: Could we end up seeing Black Sparrow and Miss Fury working together against a common foe?

VG: More like they join together to achieve a common goal ... although some foes do come along to get in their way. Orlando and Minerva are an especially interesting pair of villains.

CV: Did knowing you'd be working with Andrea Mutti change anything in your plot or tone?

VG: No, the story had pretty much already been set ... although Mutti turned out to be a good pick.

CV: Would the story change much if you had to set it in modern times?

VG: Hmmm. I think it would lose something. Imagine Indiana Jones set in 2013. Just not the same. Plus my own personal enthusiasm is for the 1930s and 1940s. I love writing period pulp. I spend a LOT of time Googling cars and clothes and guns from the 1930s-40s. Loads of fun.

NOIR #1 is on sale November 13. Let your comic shop know you're interested in getting a copy. Here's you extended first look at the issue.

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Is this one of those silent books? Only people who opened their mouths are the ones who got shot. :)

Edited by jsphsmth

I'm a little disappointed by the time-travel storyline in the Miss Fury ongoing, so this period piece is very welcome. Nice to see Gischler resurrect Black Sparrow. Her "death" in The Shadow ongoing was a waste of an interesting new character.

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gosh, Dynamite is killing it on masked avenger pulp era characters. Another masterpiece...'nuff said!

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