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Interview: Steve Niles Talks Relaunching ASH AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS

Picking up from the movie, find out why you should check this new series out.

Note: Robert Napton is the writer for several Dynamite Entertainment titles including WARLORD OF MARS: DEJAH THORIS.

You can't keep Ash down. Starting where the movie left off, Steve Niles and Dennis Calero are continuing the story to relaunch the franchise.

ROBERT NAPTON: Steve, "Ash and the Army of Darkness" is billed as a "new series and new start." Can you tell us about how this new series will relaunch the story?

STEVE NILES: Well, to this date most of the comics have taken off where (we think) the film ended, with Ash in the market, back on earth battling the Deadites. I wrote in a little twist that lands him right back where he was. Turns out somebody duped him. To me Army of Darkness IS the Dark Age setting so I wanted to spend some time there. I always loved the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court vibe.

RN: Fans will be pleased to know you are writing the book for at least a year, how does having a 12 issue run influence the canvas of your storytelling?

SN: I have spent the past 12 years writing almost nothing but 4 issue mini-series. This is a chance for me to do more, and take my time. I'm very excited about the project and I am so grateful Dynamite had faith in me. I already know (sorta) where this tale will wind up and the 1 issues gives me a chance to layer in all sorts of B & C storylines.

RN: Obviously this series of films and comics is known for its unique blend of horror and comedy. Do you enjoy that contrast?

SN: I love that contrast because Ash is the perfect character to play with in these situations. I can write a completely serious, even horrific scenario and the second Ash opens his mouth we have some comic relief. I've written a lot of comedy in my horror in the past. In fact, I've always considered CRIMINAL MACABRE more comedy then horror.

RN: Ash is such a iconic character. Why do you think he's become so enduring for so long?

SN: Because Ash is familiar to us. We all had a friend like him, the guy who would open his mouth and make everybody laugh. I think Ash makes us comfortable because "If that guy can survive, so can I". He's also very tragic and we relate to that. This guy has lost everything and still fights and still jokes. That's a hero.

RN: Ash is one of those characters that can't be completely victorious or resolved or the series would end. What kind of challenges does that present for the writer?

SN: Same as any comic character really. I wasn't allowed to kill Batman either. That's the biggest hurdle for any comic writer, how do you make people care when they know nothing really bad can happen to them. Well, with Ash there are plenty of things I can so because he is lost in time, away from friends and family (that aren't dead). There's also another trick I have up my sleeve but I'm keeping that a secret. :)

RN: Thanks, Steve. I'm sure everyone is excited to see what you have in store for Ash and the readers!

SN: Thank YOU! Happy Halloween! Sweet Dreams! Don't let the Deadites Bite!

ASH AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #1 is now on sale!

Robert Place Napton is a comic book writer who has worked for such publishers as Image, Top Cow, Random House, and of course, Dynamite. His numerous projects for Dynamite Entertainment include the monthly series Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Before that he wrote Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom, Warriors of Mars, Thun'da, Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King, and Battlestar Galactica Origins: Adama.

Posted by The Stegman

Whatever happened to the Hack/Slash vs Army of Darkness comic??

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Can't wait to pick this up!

Posted by Dark_Guyver

@the_stegman: it's still ongoing. #3 of 6 gets released next week.

Posted by tparks

Awesome. All of the old series were corny and campy in the best kind of way. It looks like this will be too.