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Interview: Scott Snyder Talks About New Series TALON

What can we expect from the news series debuting in September exploding from the pages of 'The Night of the Owls"?

Last week DC announced that September would be "Zero" month as well as the debut of some new titles in the "third wave" of the "New 52." One of the new titles, TALON, will be written by James Tynion IV and co-plotted by Scott Snyder.

While talking to Scott about BATMAN #10 and the big reveal, I also asked him one question about TALON. When I heard that a Talon had been trained in their ways and managed to escape, while being hunted by the Court of Owls, one thought came to mind. Turns out I was a little off. But here's what Scott had to tell us about TALON. I'm definitely more excited now after this.

Comic Vine: Is TALON going to sort of be like Jason Bourne? He has all this training but he's on the run?

Scott Snyder: I hadn't really thought of that movie or book that much until you said it now. Now that you say it, I can definitely see elements of that being part of the DNA of the series in some way. For us, what the series is really about is not about someone who doesn't know his past or what he's done. Our character is very much aware of what he did and that's part of what drives him. He was in the circus, back at Haly's when he was a child. He was an escape artist with a really troubled past. Being a master escape artist is what brings him to the attention of the Court. He can escape from any trap, you can imagine how valuable that be to an assassin. He could get into any house, pick any lock and so on.

What happens is he's just made of better and brighter stuff than they expect. He makes his greatest escape ever which is escaping from them. He's the only person to ever escape that fate. Obviously you know from BATMAN that Dick was supposed to be a Talon but they never actually got their claws on him. This is someone that went through the Court's full training. You'll also see things you haven't seen about the training that will surprise you.

This is a wonderful character that James [Tynion IV] created. I really want to point out firmly with this, this series is going to take you all over the DCU. It's going to show you big secrets about the Court. It's going to be fast paced and fun. And here's the truth guys, for everyone out there reading this article, DC approached me about doing a TALON book or spin off about the Court of Owls a few months ago…about six months ago. I wracked my brain and said, "No, I would be milking it for more than I have. I have some deep stuff about their history. I have stuff about their resources all over the DCU. But I don't have a story and I don't want to force one."

I went back and was writing BATMAN and I told James about this. I told him, "You know, I feel bad but I just don't want to cheapen the idea." He said, okay. A couple weeks later he asked if he could pitch me the idea because he had an idea in his head. He had an idea how to continue it but I have very skeptical.

He pitched it to me and I thought it was wonderful. I said, "If that's the kind of series I could write, I would write it. I just don't have the ability or the time." He said he'd love to try it so I mentioned it to Mike [Marts], Bob Harras and Dan [DiDio]. They had him draw up a pitch and they liked it from the beginning. I've been helping him figure out the first and second arc and plotting. What I'm so proud of is he has really come up with this on his own. This is something I fully stand by and support. I'm very judicious with what I put my name on and this is something I'm extremely proud to have my name on. James is just somkleone that deserves a really big chance and he has a great voice.

I would just say to everyone out there, as you'll see, Justin Jordan on TEAM SEVEN, he's another guy I'm very enthusiastic that DC pursued to get over here. One of the great things since the New 52 has been DC has really given some of us writers, like me, an open ear about guys we'd recommend and bring in. Some new guys, new blood. For me, there's nothing more gratifying in seeing someone get the same chance that I got. Someone with a voice that's really dynamic and great that has something to say.

What I would say with TALON, this is that book. This is not the book that I'm doing for an extra book, more material, for more money or anything like that. I swear on my kid's head. This is a book that I'm proud of because my former student and my colleague now came up with an idea that I thought was really brilliant and made a really fresh original series. I'm really super proud to support it. If you pick it up, just know that you're giving it a chance, you're giving a young writer a chance. When you say, "I wanna see new blood at DC or Marvel, then try out the books and give these guys a chance. Not that I'm a veteran, I've only been doing this a few years but it keeps us guys that have done this for a little while at this point, like me, excited to have guys like him in the room. You can see what they can bring that new and different. So please give it a chance. I hope you like it as much as I do.

TALON #0 is on sale September 26.

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Posted by KainScion

oh my god his costume is so lame

Posted by saoakden

I was thinking about picking up the book when it comes out and now I'm getting excited about the book. I read another interview on newsarama that Scott Synder had done with them that talked about this book. After reading it I got excited to read the Talon series. It maybe another addation to the many Batman books that are already out but this series should do well.

Posted by Zabilac

This is definitely one series I'm gonna be adding to my list.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Certainly seems like a good story to spin out of a larger event, like Ravagers following the Culling. I'll have to look into this.

Posted by VictorGrey

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

Posted by Novaar

I actually don't mind the costume so much. I'm finding it a bit hard to get excited about it, though, as the idea of a man trained as an assassin who goes his own path and has links to the Bat has been done before...Hello, Azrael! I'd have much preferred a New 52 take on the latter to Talon.

Posted by Rumble Man

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

That is the big complain about the DCnU in general , and I won't disagree sir

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Has there ever been a cool owl costume? Owls are cool, ergo there should have been at least one cool owl themed costume out there.

Posted by sethysquare

I do think he has a really cool costume though.

I was initially a little sceptical but yeah, its Snyder after all.

I'll add it to my pull

Posted by wessaari

to me as a person who wants to be a writer, this kind of stuff makes me so excited. because when i get enough schooling and write more stories, short stories, novels and short novels, hell one of my dreams is to work for DC, i want that chance. that chance to make people say wow, or love my idea. scott isnt only a great writer, i can tell he is a great person for giving someone he had somewhat brought up, a chance. ive been reading james's back up work on Batman and im loving it so far, so i think this will be joining my pull list

Posted by thebluedragon07

I wonder if this is the Owlman that is a part of the Outsiders?

Posted by zackattack529

i think this series will be cool, pointless, but cool.

but his costume already seems lame. i kinda like dick graysons grandfathers talon costume better.

forsure i will only read this series simply because snyder is a good writter and i wanna see what he could pull off with a new and pointless character in the DCnew52U

Posted by Emperormeister734

WOW there better be a lot flashbacks in this series

Posted by BoyWander

hmm that costume is ok... but I think the regular Talon costume was better. Oh well, can't change it.

Posted by longbowhunter

If Scott Snyder told me to castrate myself I'd probably do it. So yeah I'm gonna give this a shot.

Posted by Zabilac

@BoyWander: Talon costumes are meant to be scary and insert fear. I'm guessing that costume is supposed to to be one of the things that differentiate him from what a "normal" Talon should be.

Posted by LordRequiem

More Court of Owls? Has Batman not finished them off yet?

Posted by Adnan

I might give it a look now, since it's not gonna be another Gotham-centric story like I thought it would be. Who is doing the art?

Posted by tjx_penn

ive got mixed feelings on this one. i mean yea the talons are really cool and the story lines were all really well done, but i feel like dc is just trying to cash in on the night of the owls story line and this is just gonna be some half hearted attempt. i hope im wrong though

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

I initially was not excited for this book. I was thinking it would be just overkill, but this interview changed my mind. I am for sure picking it up now. As for the costume, it is just a promotional cover, so I am waiting to judge that.

Posted by Twentyfive

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

What ISN'T lame about this? Another character got shunned for a TALON to get it's own series. And who in DC doesn't have SOMETHING dating back to their 'past'? Why is 'their past coming back to haunt them'?

I'm just waiting for Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi to get their own series.

Posted by G-Man

@Adnan said:

I might give it a look now, since it's not gonna be another Gotham-centric story like I thought it would be. Who is doing the art?


Posted by Loki9876

looks cool

Posted by InnerVenom123

I really, really, really hate that costume.

Posted by fodigg

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

Posted by Adnan
@G-Man: Oh wow, looks like I probably will buy it now. Thanks for replying.
Posted by kennybaese

It'll be interesting to see how the structure of this book works out. It seems like a good idea for a mini series, but I think Snyder's original notion that it might be milking the Court of Owls concept a bit too much might be accurate after an arc or two.

Who knows, though, maybe it won't get stale. I'm definitely interested now that Snyder has put his personal support behind the writer. I'll have to check it out.

Oh, and I don't know how I feel about the Court's influence spreading beyond Gotham. They felt like a very Gothamian concept, at least with the way that Snyder has built Gotham up. Them being global seems a bit much.

Posted by htb106

Really looking forward to this!

I disagree with the people who hate his costume, I absoloutely love it!

Posted by The Stegman
Out of all the characters that could get a title...a Talon gets one?!  Seriously??
Posted by AskaniSon295

He looks like Hawk's Shadow from Shadowhawk in the 90's which is fine cause batwing looks like Shadowhawk. I'm sure Jim Valentino called up Jim Lee and said WTF. Interesting not Talon was also the name of a Marvel character Jim Valention Created for marvel in the 90's it's almost like DC is using familar words and "image"s (pun intended) to target the people who bought image comic books in the 90's. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Posted by laabitres

looks epic

Posted by BrianBush363

@Miss_Garrick: how about Night Owl from Watchmen

Posted by Wolverine0628

I'm definitely planning to pick this up.  It just sounds like such an amazing idea.
Edited by Webjaker

@KainScion: I agree, Firstly we DO NOT need another Bat-title, unless they dump dark knight and give us Red Robin... and that costume looks terrible. I get that he wouldn't want to wear the Talon costume (which is pretty awesome) but come on guys...

Other than that, Im very interested!

Posted by Bestostero

Not a fan of the costume design...

Posted by BlackArmor

Dang it CV!! you have to stop doing this, you know I was gonna buy it as soon as I saw the word Snyder, and you used that against me.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

I'm usually on board with Snyder stuff but since he isn't writing (only co-plotting), I can wait on this.

Posted by Bluefox170

I think the costume looks awesome and practical, especially for someone who is on the run.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@BrianBush363: nope.

Posted by Catman9

Talon looks like he's ready to perform in a Broadway musical.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

I will definitely check it out!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Well.... I'm sold

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

Speedball looks funny.

Posted by Ijan092

@LordRequiem: not really, read batman #10

Posted by Scrawnto

@Twentyfive said:

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

What ISN'T lame about this? Another character got shunned for a TALON to get it's own series. And who in DC doesn't have SOMETHING dating back to their 'past'? Why is 'their past coming back to haunt them'?

I'm just waiting for Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi to get their own series.

Who in any universe, including our own, doesn't have something dating back to their past? We don't spring fully formed into the world. Also, I'm not sure why 'their past coming back to haunt them' is in quotes there. It doesn't say that anywhere in the interview. And besides, if he didn't have something life-changing in his past, he wouldn't be a superhero. He'd still be an escape artist in the circus. There would be no story to tell.

Posted by HombreMan

@KainScion: Talon, Gambit called to ask for his swag back.

Posted by ReVamp

@VictorGrey said:

@KainScion said:

oh my god his costume is so lame

Posted by Twentyfive

@Scrawnto: Very true, but ever since the new continuity started, I personally feel as if DC's been milking it. Even Barbara had in the pages of her own book a character from her past who, might I add, was relatively unimportant. The only one of those three in that story who had any significance was the Joker. They are just milking that past cliche.

Posted by YMCMB

Costume is fuckin awful

Posted by CitizenJP


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