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Interview: Peter Milligan on TERMINAL HERO

Writer Peter Milligan discusses his new creator-driven book at Dynamite, TERMINAL HERO.

On August 6th, Dynamite is releasing a new series written by Peter Milligan (X-STATIX, HELLBLAZER). The series deals a man with a terminal disease who is given a mysterious treatment to save his life. Milligan answered a few of our questions about the upcoming Dynamite series.

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COMIC VINE: What can readers expect from TERMINAL HERO?

PETER MILLIGAN: Terminal Hero is a dark, edgy and sometimes surreal thriller about a man who'll do anything to stay alive.

CV: Where did the idea for Terminal Hero come from?

PM: A friend developed a brain tumor, seeing him and seeing him deal with the side-effects of his treatment, got me thinking about the nature of life and death, and how our perceptions of who we are might be torn apart.

CV: What's different about Rory Fletcher compared to other characters you've written?

PM: He's nicer than my usual characters. When we meet him he's a really good guy. He wants to help people. He's just the kind of person who doesn't deserve to get a terminal brain tumor.

CV: Fletcher is cured with Treatment Q, but it comes at a cost, what are some of the side effects of this treatment?

PM: The most harrowing episodes concern his sister, who died when Rory was a kid. This pure relationship is turned into something lewd and horrible. Are these side effects? Or is Rory simply seeing himself for what he really is?

CV: What does Piotr Kowalski add to this book?

PM: Piotr's great with character and emotion, and they're such important elements of the book.

CV: What do you enjoy most about this book, so far?

PM: There is a kind of guilty sick pleasure if watching this decent guy go through a kind of modern, comic book, weird version of the Book of Job.

CV: Anything else you'd like to tell us about the series?

PM: Terminal Hero is a dark, nightmarish, and sometimes brutally sexual. It's really not afraid to go to some very harrowing places.

Make sure to check out TERMINAL HERO on August 6th and take a look at some of these interiors!

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Jae Lee has easily become one of my favorite comic book illustrators.

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A rather short interview.


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I need to read this.

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I need to read this.

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