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Interview: Mikel Janin Talks Trinity War and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

It's not just the Justice League and Justice League of America getting into the fight. Find out how Constantine and this League gets involved.

With Trinity War beginning next week in JUSTICE LEAGUE #22, we've been talking to the artist that will be bringing us the action. You can check out what Ivan Reis has to say about JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 and what Doug Mahnke said about JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #6.

The third chapter takes place in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22. We talked to Mikel Janin to find out what's going down in the issue.

Comic Vine: How does the Justice League Dark fit into the story?

Mikel Janin: One of their members is right there in the middle of the conflict, and when the others start to investigate, they get quickly involved in the event, and forced to take sides.

CV: Will issue #22 mark their first appearance in the story or will we see any members in JL or JLA?

MJ: One of the Dark Leaguers has a major role since first issue, in JL #22, and the rest appear in JLA #6, but is in JLD #22 when they all join the party.

CV: Will members of JLD take sides or remain fighting for themselves?

MJ: John Constantine fighting for himself? Really? All I can say is... You will see! But be prepared for unexpected alliances!

CV: Is it weird knowing some of the dark secrets of this story? Do you know the ending?

MJ: Yes it is weird! It's really exciting, there are many surprises and twists and I'm so happy being part of this! And no! I still don't know the ending! I haven't read the last chapter (and I'm not sure I will be allowed to do so until it goes out) so I'm pretty much as intrigued as everyone will be. I can't wait to see how this ends... if it ends! Looks like this story is going to have a big impact on the DC Universe, remember that this is NEW 52, and NEW things are happening all the time!

CV: Was there any non-JLD members you really got a kick out of drawing?

MJ: Of course! Pretty much every character I've ever dreamed drawing is in the book, so it has been so fun and exciting having the opportunity of handling them. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Aquaman... I think readers will notice how much I love these characters, I hope it shows a bit in the art.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22 is on July 24 and is written by Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes. You won't want to miss it.

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Edited by UltimateSMfan

Doug Mahnke,Ivan Reis and Mikel Janin, one thing is for sure,Trinity War is gonna look Incredible!! Can't Wait!!!

Edited by 1darrowsmith

SUPER HYPEDfor trinity war!

Posted by batmannflash

yahhh! i'm excited!

Edited by Nahuel

His versions of Wonder Woman and Batman are gorgeous!

I'm definitely in for this event!

Edited by The Stegman

God, Batman looks badass. And I love how in many of the titles involving him, he has stubble due to him still coping with Damian's death.

Edited by dondave

Doug Mahnke,Ivan Reis and Mikel Janin, one thing is for sure,Trinity War is gonna look Incredible!! Can't Wait!!!

Edited by LordRequiem

That team would get wooped walking into that lot! Aquaman, Shazam, Flash and a Green Lantern, ha.

Posted by ManofIron11

Why is WW against Batman and such. I hope it doesn't get too messy.

Posted by aquahawk

So, so excited!!! I needed another push to keep buying Justice League Dark (Funny, since I had no reason to stop buying it).

Posted by fables87

WW and Constantine? Never thought I see them in the same comic book.

Posted by TommytheHitman

YEAH TRINITY WAR! Let's hope it's better then a certain Marvel event that ended recently. Who am I kidding it's got Batman in it!

Posted by Mucklefluga

Wow this guy can really draw!! From these pages it looks like the Trinity War could be Batman Vs Wonder Woman Vs Superman ??

Edited by saoakden

Still excited, need to check out JLD.

Posted by MuyJingo

Flash is so fast he got color first.

Posted by lifeboy

Zatanna is in a new stume. Is dc even listeni g to me?

Posted by regrivett

Batman has underwear on.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Soooo can't wait for this! This event is really going to be awesome! ^_^

Posted by TheFirstLantern

@muyjingo said:

Flash is so fast he got color first.


God the art for this event is so amazing.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Nerdgasm a GO

Posted by DocFishstick

i really liked this interview. it made me want to read this story now. can't wait.

Posted by bigboi100000

Batman has underwear on.

oooooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Posted by TAneT62


Looks as if Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman will battle it out.

Excited for this!