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Interview: Mike Allred On "I, Zombie"

Find out more about the book you should pick up this week.

It's no secret that I really dig Mike Allred and everything he does. Madman has always been my favorite character. Allred's art (along with Laura Allred's colors) brings a unique mix of visuals and atmosphere that make the images jump off the pages. Last summer we saw the final issue of Madman Atomic Comics and at the same time it was announced that Allred and Chris Roberson would be doing I, Zombie at Vertigo.
I, Zombie will center around Gwendolyn "Gwen" Dylan. She has to eat a human brain once a week to keep from losing her memories. Once she does, she gets the memories and personality of the dead person. Gwen can then try to solve any wrongful deeds that occurred to the deceased person. You can read the "prequel" that appeared in The House Of Mystery Halloween Annual last October here. Check out what Mike had to say about the series. 
Comic Vine: How did you get involved with I, Zombie?
Mike Allred: Shelly Bond was the first editor I ever had and she's been after me to do an ongoing new title with her at Vertigo.  She hooked me up with Chris Roberson, who, coincidentally, is married to Robert Rodriguez's personal assistant who we got to know well when down in Austin for Spy Kids. He had some great proposals for a Monster book. We hit it off and have been monster mash-in' ever since.

CV: What was it about the idea that sold you, made you want to come on board?
A catch-all monster title that takes place in my back yard? Hold me back!
CV: Last time I spoke to you about this, you mentioned you already had a few issues complete, how far along are you? How much of the overall story is planned so far?
We have at least the first 25 to 30 issues locked in. I'm drawing #5 right now.
CV: How do you and Chris Roberson work on the book? How much collaboration is there?
Initially we, along with Shelly, just brainstormed and entertained ourselves working out the first several outlines, from there it's all Chris. I love his scripts! They've really inspired me to step up my game on the art.
== TEASER ==
CV: Having written and drawn your own books for so long, what are the pros and cons of drawing someone else's scripts?
It's a nice break from my fevered brain. It allows me to concentrate on stretching and it gives me a growing hunger for my own humble comic book universe. It's a pattern that has worked quite well for me, playing in both worlds. But I don't anticipate leaving this gig for a very long time. I'm in monster heaven!
CV: We've seen the seven page prequel story in The House of Mystery Halloween Annual, will issue one show Gwen's origin or will it pick up from the prequel story?
It picks up from the prequel. Gwen's origin will be a wait.
CV: Is it just a coincidence that you've drawn so many characters that have returned from the dead ( Madman, Dead Girl and now Gwen)?
Not at all. Questions of death, and life, drive me.  
CV: What will be the overall tone of the book? Dark, serious, fun?
All of the above.  
CV: Since the prequel appeared in House of Mystery, will we ever see any crossovers with characters from that "universe"?
Not anytime soon. But never say never.
CV: Will we see more of the bad dude from the prequel?
Fer sure. 
CV: You put in a nod to Madman in the prequel, can we expect any more Easter Egg type appearances?
CV: Will Madman ever stop by?
CV: Now that you are ahead, have you thought about dabbling in any Madman stuff? Us Madman fans' hearts are aching for more Frank.
A giant-sized special is in the works. Christmas maybe. 
CV: In one sentence, why should everyone pick up issue #1 of I, Zombie?
Dead sexy. 
CV: Sounds good to me. Everyone should sure they pick up the first issue of I, Zombie this Wednesday, May 5.
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Mike Allred and Zombie girls, I was already there

Posted by dayna

Preordered as soon as I heard about this. Can't wait!

Posted by Bobby X

I feel like I have been waiting for this long have we been talking about this here and since we got the preview?? LOL I can't wait though, def picking this up. 
Posted by Jeffmoocow

I heard about this comic awhile back but I had no idea Allred had anything to do with it.  I really hope my comic shop gets this in because I'll totally pick it up.

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I am so EXCITED! 
25 to 30 issues also makes me feel confident that they know what they're doing with the series and I like that

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Looks amazing. Will be getting this.
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I cannot wait for this!

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The concept itself jumps with originality and potential. Add in the Allreds and this is a no-brainer...hehehe
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I absolutely love this series and will read it till the very end i believe!