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Interview: Loren Bouchard Discusses BOB'S BURGERS

Show creator, Loren Bouchard, talks about the upcoming ongoing series from Dynamite.

Dynamite is launching quite a few new series in upcoming months and one of those series is BOB'S BURGERS, based off the Fox animated series of the same name. Creator Loren Bouchard talked to us about this upcoming new comic book series which features a family who runs a hamburger restaurant.

COMIC VINE: How did the creative team of the television show get involved with Dynamite for this new comic series?

LOREN BOUCHARD: We’re a young show with very little merchandising or ancillary anything out in the world besides the show itself. When the possibility of a comic book came up there was no doubt in our mind that we would want and expect to be involved - Bob’s Burgers isn’t established enough to be outsourced or franchised. We’re still figuring it out!

CV: Will the comic follow the same format of the show or are you guys doing something different?

LB: We’re doing something different with the format - we’re giving each character a section of each issue of the comic. It should feel like peering inside their heads - like the fantasy sequences that we do on the show.

CV: What is the process for all of you as a team to write this book, since there are many people involved?

LB: You think this is a lot of people? You should see how many people are involved in making an animated television show. This feels like an intimate group to us. And the process is familiar in that we spread out the work across the team, but then it bring in front of a few key people who provide oversight and hopefully knit the thing together.

CV: Were there any challenges or obstacles transitioning from television to comics?

LB: We were worried about doing Bob’s without sound, but we got over this fear when we realized that the sound was still there - it was just inside the reader’s mind and it was our job to evoke it. That was the biggest leap. The rest was figuring out what kind of storytelling we could do alongside production of the show.

CV: Is this book something a person who has never seen the show can feel comfortable reading?

LB: We hope that the comic book can stand on its own. We try and approach episodes of the TV show in the same way - see the work as if it were the first of its kind. There’s always something that a committed fan brings to the material but try to make that a bonus rather than a prerequisite.

CV: Can you give us a little info on what stories you'll be working on in upcoming issues?

LB: We’re telling stories across five different categories - Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities, Gene’s Musicals, Linda’s Letters, pages from Bob’s Burger Notebook, and Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction. The first five issues take us from the back alley behind the restaurant (Linda’s fascination with raccoons continues) to outer space (Battleship GalacTina) to a musical about a mythical beast turned birthday party entertainer called Chupacabracadabra.

CV: Why should folks check out this new series?

LB: If you’ve ever said out loud “I wish there was something like Bob’s Burgers meets Mad Magazine meets the diary of an unhinged child” then this comic book is for you.

Many thanks to Loren for answering a few of our questions and make sure to check out BOB'S BURGERS from Dynamite when it hits stores on August 27th.

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Posted by VoodooPenguin

Bob's Burgers is one of my favorite shows! Very excited to see that they're doing erotic friend fiction.

Posted by jwalser3

This isn't going to work...