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Interview: Kyle Higgins Talks BATMAN BEYOND 2.0, Man-Bat, and What's Next for Terry McGinnis

The second arc is approaching its ending. Find out what you can expect and check out our exclusive preview for Chapter Fifteen.

Kyle Higgins has been working on the continuing adventures of Terry McGinnis in BATMAN BEYOND 2.0. Taking place a year after the core stories, we've seen Terry and Bruce have a falling out. This lead to Terry having a new "mentor" with Dick Grayson. Currently we've seen Kirk Langstrom, Man-Bat, tell his sad tale as he prepares a final attack against Neo-Gotham.

With the arc set to conclude this week, we talked to Kyle to find out more about the story and what's coming next.

COMIC VINE: What made you go with Man-Bat as the main villain for your second arc?

KYLE HIGGINS: You know, he was the one character from Batman: The Animated Series that I really wanted to bring into the Beyond universe. On Leather Wings and Terror in the Sky are two episodes I've always loved, and I felt like there was a really cool opportunity to explore what happened to Kirk after Francine. The fact that he's one of the original Bat-acquaintances also lent for Bruce's involvement. I wanted to do something where Bruce and Terry were forced to work together again, for the good of Gotham. The Cult of the Bat and the ideas of second chances plays really well with Bruce and Terry's story.

CV: Is it tricky to use existing characters and figuring out where they would be in Terry McGinnis' time?

KH: A little, yeah. I don't want to just bring in old character for the sake of it. I want to make sure I have a story and a larger reason behind it. I mean, one of the great things about the Beyond cartoon is that it wasn't just "where are they now?"

CV: When this series started, there were some unanswered questions as to what went down between Terry and Bruce as well as Terry and Dana. How long are you going to keep us in suspense?

KH: We'll be getting into the big answers right after our Justice Lords crossover. And trust me-- the answers are well worth the wait. It's going to be pretty huge.

CV: There's a great dynamic between Terry and Dick. Can Dick stay in the mentor role or will he find himself jumping into the action again?

KH: He's like, sixty years old (laughs). I mean, sixty is the new forty... but no. I don't see him really suiting up to fight crime again any time soon. But... never say never?

CV: Do you plan to keep Terry close to home or will he venture out into other places?

KH: We'll be keeping him in Gotham. Although, our next arc features a very different version of Gotham...

CV: Can you give us any hints or teases about the next arc?

KH: It's all about T! And, you know, the Justice Lords.

BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 15 is on sale this Saturday, March 1. You'll be able to find it HERE or through ComiXology and the DC app on your smart phone or tablet. Here's the rest of the preview for Chapter 15.

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Posted by Wardishy


Posted by Mrgreenlantern

After Langstom heard what bruce had to say I was shocked he still went though with his plan

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

I always really liked Man Bat, more so than the other beast villains like Croc and the Lizard.

Posted by frozenedge

Justice Lords crossover? Terry is definitely gonna need help from some meta-human heroes if he's gonna be fighting them.

Posted by mak13131313
Edited by cobra88king8

@frozenedge: I think the next JL Beyond arc is featuring them too, this may be the first digital only, crossover event we've had

Posted by Doctor_Malekith

I'm so excited for the Justice Lords Beyond arc! Between adding this, the new Doctor Who series, and maybe a few other things (such as GotG), I may be dropping my New 52 Batbooks.

Posted by Romthelegionaire

Did anybody else catch how Kyle Higgins said "sixty is the new forty" similar to how Old Static said "sixty-five is the new thirty" in the Justice League Unlimited episode the Once and Future Thing Part 2

Posted by havok85h
Posted by Akindoodle

Did anybody else catch how Kyle Higgins said "sixty is the new forty" similar to how Old Static said "sixty-five is the new thirty" in the Justice League Unlimited episode the Once and Future Thing Part 2

Oh my gosh; you're so right! Now that you say it, I wonder how I missed it. And I love that episode