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Interview: Joshua Williamson Talks CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, Project Black Sky, and Building a Comic Universe

Get a load of what's coming up in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT and in the Dark Horse comics.

Big things are headed Captain Midnight's way. There's been some rumblings over Project Black Sky for the past few months. As Dark Horse prepares for their upcoming crossover between CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT BRAIN BOY and others in their new superhero universe, things are escalating for Captain Midnight himself. Originally from the WWII era, he suddenly found himself in the present. Beginning with next week's issue #9, Captain Midnight is about to find out the truth to some questions he might not be ready for.

We spoke with Joshua Williamson to find out more about CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT and Project Black Sky.

COMIC VINE: We’ve seen mention of Project Black Sky and know it’s building up towards the crossover in the Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day issue. What can you tell us about Project Black Sky so far?

JOSHUA WILLIAMSON: Project Black Sky was a small task force set up in the late 30’s to study and research alien technology that was being found at crash sites and other parts of the world. At first it was just a few nerdy science Feds, who were given a job that no one wanted. But as time went on they discovered that stumbled onto something powerful and dangerous.

Black Sky went to genius Jim Albright and Albright Industries, long before Albright was Captain Midnight and asked him to help investigate their findings. Specifically an alien crash site. Albright worked with Black Sky because of two reasons, 1) Cap is a thinker and tinker, the idea of aliens intrigued him and couldn’t help but want to look into one of man’s greatest mysteries “Are we alone?” AND then there was 2) Cap so it as an opportunity to develop new technology. It was a playground to him. This is where and how Albright started to create the Captain Midnight suit.

BUT, as revealed in Captain Midnight #3, then Cap disappeared… pulled by the aliens to present day through the Bermuda Triangle. And now Black Sky is a rogue government operation running a shadow war against… well that’s too soon to talk about.

Captain Midnight has only just started to put the pieces together of what Black Sky has been up to, but in our first year of stories he was too busy dealing with Fury Shark and the people used his technology. As we head into the FCBD issue, he is confronted by more truths about Black Sky.

CV: In the beginning, CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT had an isolated feel. Now we’ve seen brief crossovers with Skyman and Brain Boy. Is the fleshing out of a shared universe going to continue throughout the series?

JW: The connections between the books and the shared universe is one of my favorite things. I’m always going to be a nerdy kid at heart who loves crossovers. But at the same time it’s important to me that we get to tell a larger story with Captain Midnight that is enriched by the crossovers and dependant on them.

In year two, we’re going to really focus on Captain Midnight and his hunt for answers. BUT after what happens in issues 9 through Eleven. The “Better Tomorrow” arc, Cap is going to be a broken man, and it’s going to take a while to get back on his feet.

CV: How’s it feel building towards a fresh new comic universe?

JW: Amazing. It’s a dream come true for that side of me that has been reading comics for as along as I can remember.

But also the challenge as a writer is really exciting and interesting. Making all the pieces work, but still telling my main story. Hitting all the beats I want to hit. Captain Midnight is very important to me.

CV: Will we see any repercussion from the fact that some of Captain Midnight’s suit tech is alien?

JW: Yes and no. His suit isn’t alien. It was developed by Midnight as he was experimenting and adapting the alien tech that Black Sky gave him.

But that kind of power and technology has to come with a price and eventually we’ll show how it affects Captain Midnight. But that’s more part of the year three plan.

CV: Cap’s been upset at Albright Industries or the government using his tech for their own purposes. Isn’t that what he’s also doing with the alien tech he adapted?

JW: Good point, but in Midnight’s eyes he sees it differently. Because he was using it for good. He thought that he was taken that tech and going to make the world a better place. But then in his absence it was used for evil purposes. It’s all a matter of perspective.

CV: Will we ever find out more about the alien ship that crashed?

JW: There is a plan, yeah. Much bigger plan that was built long before I was even brought into write Captain Midnight. Mike Richardson has been developing this story for years and has a very cool idea on how to do an new kind of alien story mixed with super heroes.

CV: What else can you tell us as the series heads towards its “Season 1 finale”?

JW: “Hold onto your butts!”

“Better Tomorrow” is really important to me and to the future of Captain Midnight and the Project Black Sky universe. Not everyone makes it out alive.

CV: Do you have any plans for Alien Abduction Day? [That's today, March 20]

JW: Just sitting at home… WASHING MY TIGHTS!

No really, I’m going to be working that day. ECCC is in a week, and I’m a busy man. So sitting at my computer tying to pour my heart and slow into my keyboard in a reasonable amount of time is the plan.

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #9 is on sale March 26, 2014. Check out these preview pages and the cover to issue #11:


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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Finally! Some more Project Black Sky stuff.

Posted by redwingx

I miss the real Red Robin:(

Posted by mak13131313

I'm definitely excited for this! I have been enjoying Captain Midnight and Skyman. I can't wait to see how they all tie into the other books.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Sovereign91001

I'm hoping for something like 2 past Midnight part two.

Posted by BraveKnight99

I'm hoping for something like 2 past Midnight part two.

So was I, bummer.

Posted by MaccyD

Can't wait to see what crossover they have planned for Midnight.