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Interview: Jeff Parker Rolls Out the Bifs, Bams and Pows for BATMAN 66

The new series begins THIS WEEK! Find out more about it.

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-etc, etc. Get ready for a return to a different era of BATMAN. DC Entertainment, Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case are ready to bring back the Adam West/Burt Ward version of Batman you all know and love (with the groovy Mike Allred doing covers). Jeff spoke with us at WonderCon but we had to find out more as the first issue is being released this week, July 3, as part of DC's 'Digital First' series of comics.

Comic Vine: What made you decide to go with Riddler and Catwoman in the first issue?

Jeff Parker: Riddler led off the TV show and really set the tone for it all, so I thought it was fitting that he also do that with our series. And by Riddler I specifically mean Frank Gorshin Riddler. Gorshin really threw himself into that part, he was hysterical and menacing in equal doses.

Catwoman, I have to admit I was impatient to get to Julie Newmar Catwoman so I went ahead and wrote her in the first one too. She appears in part two of the three chapter story. Jonathan Case absolutely delivered on the art with her scenes, the way she slinks around and commands attention.

CV: How was it decided which "Catwoman" would be used? Was it because of the general 'timing' these stories take place?

JP: We actually have likeness rights to go with any of the Catwomen actresses. I led with Julie because she's really a cornerstone of the show, but you'll also be seeing Eartha Kitt's version too.

CV: Besides watching old episodes of the TV show, did you do any other prep or research to get into the feel of the time period?

JP: No (I mean I definitely watch the show) because I want the book to feel classic and somewhat timeless. Everything looks of the era aesthetically, but we don't refer to history of the time or things that would make you hyperaware of the 1960s. I want kids to be able to read it and not think of it as period fiction.

CV: We spoke back in March and you mentioned the possibility of Killer Croc or other characters that weren't seen in the show. From the solicits it looks like the Killer Croc story got pushed back?

JP: Yeah, I think they just want to establish the world of 66 more with TV villains first. That will just help to define how to do a show-version of comics criminals like Two-Face, so it's a good move.

CV: Will we see Aunt Harriet and Alfred? Find out what they do when the Dynamic Duo isn't around?

JP: Yes. So far I don't have lots of Harriet, but she's there. Alfred gets all involved though, like he did in the show. I always liked that no one though it was weird that Batman would have the Wayne butler tagging along. Or that the same voice would answer for Wayne Manor that answers for the Batcave when calling on the red phone.

When at home, Alfred keeps things running tip-top, so everything is ready to go.

CV: Is there an established quota of how many BIFF, BAM, POWS, etc you're allowed to use?

JP: I believe the rule is the more the merrier!

CV: Do you find yourself humming or singing the theme song when writing?

JP: Mainly when writing the fights, it always kicks in then. And if we've done it right, you'll hear it in your head as you read them.

CV: Will there be the big cliffhangers at the end of each issue/episode like on the show? Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel?

JP: Not in the same way, we actually are supposed to avoid being too close to the structure of the show in that way. Which works fine because formula gets repetitive in a way that you don't get the surprises you need. So we have most of the elements you remember, just not ordered in the same way all the time. You could come in on a death trap to kick off a story, for example.

Make sure you check out the first issue this Wednesday on the DC app and comiXology. A printed version will be available in July.

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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

Looks like fun. I kind of wish Mike Allred was doing interior art though. His style was perfect in Batman A-Go-Go.

Posted by The Stegman

Holy blast from the past Batman!

Edited by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Can't wait

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude

Holy 60's Batman!!!!!

Posted by Mucklefluga

Can't wait for this!!!

Posted by Smurfboy

I'm on the fence whether to buy this new series or not. Thing is I like the series that'll keep going for more than 100 issues and, at the same time, offers a lot of new things that haven't seen/shown on TV. This is something I want to see like that. That and the price is bit pushing me away. Should be $2.99 instead of $3.99 in my humble opinion. Oh well.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Holy camoly.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Love the art and the covers!

Posted by Ultra_beleco

Look interesting.

Any chance of Batgirl returning?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'll hear the Batman show theme in my head by reading this book he says?! Duuuuuude...I need this book in my NOW!

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg


Posted by Miss_Garrick

well, I hope this comic will remember the reason that the show was awesome was because it took itself seriously. I don't want to read this and find out it's just spoofing and saying "look how goofy we are". Trying to be funny on purpose and calling attention to it is a HUGE FAIL no matter what the medium!

Posted by butters911

Looks like fun. I kind of wish Mike Allred was doing interior art though. His style was perfect in Batman A-Go-Go.

I wish Allred could do interiors too, but not if it meant losing him on FF

Posted by DadaHyena

As excited as I would be to see the Burgess Meredith Penguin again, the idea of doing villains who weren't on the show is pretty damned intriguing.

I always felt that they wasted Vincent Price on a crappy villain like Egg-Head; he might have been more fitting as Two-Face or the Scarecrow.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

@v_scarlotte_rose said:

Looks like fun. I kind of wish Mike Allred was doing interior art though. His style was perfect in Batman A-Go-Go.

I wish Allred could do interiors too, but not if it meant losing him on FF

Good point. If he had time for both it would be perfect. :)

Posted by KnightRise

I was hoping for Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

Posted by sinestro_GL

Frank Gorshin = WIN

Posted by RustyRoy

This should be fun and the art looks great, I'll probably buy the TPB later.

Posted by jonny126

Wow. Hadn't heard about this until now. This seems like it'll be a really fun comic. West era Batman is the stuff that got me into Batman (along with the Animated series), so this is something I'm definitely into.