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Interview: James Asmus Talks GAMBIT #1, Shower Scenes & Crossovers

The Ragin' Cajun is back and has plenty of action planned for the Marvel Universe.

Back in April, Marvel announced James Asmus and Clay Mann would be the creative team for a new GAMBIT series. We had the chance to ask James a few questions back then. With the issue due on comic shop shelves tomorrow, August 8, 2012, we figured this was the perfect time to ask James some more (we've also read the comic and it's good).

Comic Vine: Whose idea was the shower scene on the first page?

James Asmus: I originally had Gambit freshly out from the shower and deciding against wearing his pink costume. But Clay had the good sense of fan-service to start things a step earlier and actually show us the real sex appeal. Consider it our karmic balance to last year's CATWOMAN #1.

== TEASER ==

CV: Will this series take Gambit to new corners of the Marvel Universe?

JA: It will, indeed! The first few issues alone will take Gambit across the globe, and even out of our world - all in the name of sexy, cool, thievery.

CV: Gambit is up to his "old habits." Is that going to be a focus of the series or will he get involved in X-Men related shenanigans?

JA: While a few mutants will find there way into the series - it'll all be in service of Gambit's story. We're telling the story of a man with bad impulses trying to figure out a life he can feel good about. We want to make the book easy for fans of the character to jump onto without making them pick up a dozen other books or a huge stack of old arcs. So it's all about building his story forward, and finding new ways to play off the most interesting parts of his character.

CV: Will there be any reoccurring characters show up or will the focus remain solely on Gambit?

JA: It's Gambit's book for sure. In the first issue, Gambit's going to meet two people who'll figure prominently into this first year of the book. But the series will rotate guest and supporting characters.

CV: What about a crossover/team up with Hawkeye now that he has his own stand alone series as well? Would they be able to get along?

JA: I couldn't help but think about that when I saw Hawkeye throw a playing card in his first issue! We haven't talked about it, but I do think both guys have great swagger and unpredictability. My guess is that they'd keep trying to one-up each other in a way that would be enjoyable for us, at least. I've never written a cross-over, but I do think it'll be fun if we can find the right story and book to try it with.

CV: What happens when the other X-Men find out he's dabbling in his old ways?

JA: I think there are worse people who could find out than the X-Men, don't you? They already know Gambit's tendency to compromise himself. I'm excited to delve into what happens when the larger hero and villain communities find out! That'll be a big part of this first year, and it starts with our second arc. And it starts with some over-seas heroes I'm really excited to write...

GAMBIT #1 is on sale Wednesday, August 8, 2012. Be sure to pick it up at your local comic shop.

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Posted by SolthesunGod

Why should gay people be expected to tolerant of anti gay views? Why respect people who think it's okay to discriminate against you? That's utterly stupid.

I would imagine that the gay percentage of posters on comicvine is quite high. Nearly every gay guy I know read comics at one point. Barely any straight guys I know have read comics. X-Men and Batman in particular have an established and massive gay following. I just stopped frequenting DC board because of the constant religious and anti gay views. I'd hate for comicvine to go down that route. Hate shouldn't be tolerated just because someone claims it's a part of their mainstream religion. It's just wrong.

As for Mann's art of course Gambit looks hot. Everyone in a Clay Mann book looks hot and actually healthy. Nothing is too exagerrated. Gambit was flirty(sleazy) in the tv series so people would have same associations with him as people would have with Catwoman. It makes sense to go this route.

Posted by Metron144

@Botiste said:

@Metron@Metron144: You have a fair point, and I feel the same way about some characters. But you can not compare Wolverine who is an in every X-title, who is in every Avenger title, who has his own team and teams up with nearly every Marvel character, to Gambit who barely seen and poorly written in one book. To each his own, but written correctly he draws a pretty fair audience. The problem is he hasn't been written correctly since the Claremont days.

Agreed. Back during the jim lee claremont days, Gambit was among my favorite characters, then for some reason he just became "meh"




Posted by stumpy49er

@psychoknights: Listen more is a great motto. So is lurk more! (same concept) I don't want to read any liberal or conservative arguments on here. All I want to read about here is peoples opinion on Gambit#1. Which I loved by the way. Gambit is my favorite character. Wish there was more of the cajun accent though.