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Interview: Gerry Duggan Talks HAWKEYE VS DEADPOOL

Find out what this crazy mini-series will be about. Well, besides these two fighting each other.

We've seen heroes fight other heroes before. When we first heard about the upcoming HAWKEYE VS DEADPOOL miniseries, we knew this would be something different. With Gerry Duggan writing and Matteo Lolli handling the art, it's guaranteed to be something you won't want to miss.

Both Hawkeye and Deadpool try to be heroes in their own way but don't always succeed. We can barely imagine what will happen in this series so we decided to ask Gerry some questions to see what we could find out.

COMIC VINE: This sounds like a crazy and brilliant idea. How did this come about and who okay’d it?

GERRY DUGGAN: It is an idea so crazy that it can only work. Blame Sana [Amanat] and the other fine editors at Marvel.

CV: Hawkeye’s sort of turned into this down-on-his-luck guy who still kicks butt but manages to keep it real. Will he and Deadpool immediately get along?

GD: Quite the opposite. Neither respects or understands the other, it's like Lethal Weapon with two Riggs. Two characters in search of a Murtaugh. If a portion of the fun we're having makes it onto the page, then we'll have a fun book.

CV: Can we assume Hawkeye might “accidentally” shoot Deadpool once or twice?

GD: That would be a good bet, but then again so would deliberate acts of violence. The "versus" is a theme I hope to carry through the mini-series.

CV: Who has the bigger ego?

GD: The Living Planet does.

CV: What’s the main plot of the story?

GD: A corpse on the front stoop of Barton's building leads to some missing information and the uncovering of a criminal conspiracy. Barton feels this one heavy, and the mystery that is revealed will give Deadpool a personal stake in a successful resolution.

CV: This is a five issue series. Why start with zero?

GD: Because 0 comes before 1.

CV: Will this series fit in nicely with DEADPOOL and…Hawkeye’s other adventures?

GD: It will look great next to your Deadpool books, your Hawkeye books, or on the back of your commode. Fans of either will have fun, and fans of both will have twice the amount of fun. It's science!

CV: Will we find out who the bigger screw up is?

GD: It will be a matter for discussions on message boards and at back-issue bins across the country. Both sides will receive plenty of evidence to support their cause.

CV: What about dogs? Both have had dogs before. Any bonding over dogs or using a pooper scooper?

GD: So far there is a cat. Beyond that, I cannot say.

Pick up the book if you like Hawkeye, Deadpool, surprise Spider-villains, or Halloween in Bed-Stuy.

Thanks again! See you at Halloween.

Look for HAWKEYE VS DEADPOOL this October.

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Posted by G_leno

Awesome! keep these Deadpool mini-series' coming!

Edited by deadpool25mm

HAHA Im for sure gonna get this lol

Posted by RedLantern23

Not really a fan of these Deadpool Vs.... Series but I might have to pick this one up

Edited by ftw201

Aw yiss! Keep the mini series coming!


"Why start with issue 0?"

"Because zero comes before one."


Posted by longbowhunter

I love that cover. This sounds like a lot if fun.

Edited by k4tzm4n

Hawkeye AND Deadpool?

Written by Duggan?

money animated GIF

"Neither respects or understands the other, it's like Lethal Weapon with two Riggs."


Moderator Online
Posted by chayden13

I wonder if Matt Fraction will have any input whatsoever on this mini-series.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Deadpool's been getting a lot of "vs" miniseries lately.

Posted by baddog1994

Seems like a nice idea. God, why is Cullen Bunn or Matt Fraction not writing it. It certainly seems like I am the only person in the world who does not like Duggan's Deadpool.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Deadpool's been getting a lot of "vs" miniseries lately.

and I love them all

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This sounds fun to me

Edited by Urliq

Definitely enjoyed these goofy Deadpool VS miniseries, big Hawkeye fan as well so this is an easy pickup.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

The cover alone sells this for me

Edited by KingSolomon

remember when it was bullseye...

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Why couldn't of this just been in Deadpools current series.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Why couldn't of this just been in Deadpools current series.

Yeah, this would've made for a nice arc in his actual series. I would've actually picked it up in that case.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

@maddpanda531: I'll probably get this in trade since I love his take on Deadpool.

Posted by Rainja

I hate series based around dead pool. I mean, I can tolerate him in a book as a part of a team but when it comes to something with him as the star of the book i usually tend to hate it. I mean, I have been following Deadpool vs carnage and i must say besides it being very action packed i think its crap. I read Deadpool kills the marvel universe and i thought that was abosulte crap again. I just cant focus on him as a lead character he is just corney to me. Just saying, My two cents.

Posted by KidChipotle

I've gotten every Deadpool Vs series since he killed the entire MU and I will continue to get them. Love these stories.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Diplomatic immunity!

Posted by BlazingNova

I've been looking into picking something up with Deadpool in it, and this fits in perfectly since it will have Hawkeye in it. I can just imagine the quips they will be having with one another.

Posted by Teerack

Deadpool sure had become the CoD of comics. Same old crap and everyone still keeps buying it.