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Interview: David Marquez on Taking Over ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

Find out what the new artist thinks of Miles Morales, Bendis and new character designs.

We've been treated to some pretty great art in Miles Morales' ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. We've seen Sara Pichelli and Chris Samnee take on the art duties. Now there's another name to add to the list, David Marquez.

If you caught last week's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #9 (or the recent FANTASTIC FOUR: SEASON ONE OGN), you have an idea what he's capable of. We decided to ask him a few questions about stepping into the spider-booties and working with Brian Michael Bendis.

Comic Vine: What was your reaction when you were offered art duties on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN?

David Marquez: Complete surprise. So much so I had to reread the email a few times to be sure I wasn't just seeing things. I'd been reading the book on and off since the early 2000s, and had been caught hook, line and sinker with the Death of Spider-Man and the launch of the All-New UCSM featuring Miles as the new Spider-Man. I felt incredibly honored to be offered such a high-profile project relatively early in my career, and the fact that it is one of my favorite comics just puts me over the moon.

CV: How long are you signed up for?

DM: I'm not sure that I can give an exact issue count, but I'm on for a fairly substantial story arc - focusing largely on the education of Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man - and then I believe Sara and I will be rotating story arcs after that.

== TEASER ==

CV: What was your approach in drawing Ultimate Prowler? Did you have your own idea for the design or was a description given?

DM: For Prowler I'm sticking closely to the design that Sara came up with for him in the earlier issues. Naturally Aaron, and his Prowler alter ego, will look a little different under my hand than when either she or Chris Samnee is drawing, but it's definitely the same character.

CV: Do you prefer panel-by-panel scripts or an overview of what should happen on each page?

DM: I've only ever really worked off of a full script - where each page is broken down into individual panel descriptions. I think it'd be really interesting to try Marvel style at some point - where the writer basically gives an overview like you said, leaving it up to the artist to break down the story beats into panels. But especially when you're working with a writer for the first time, and on a tight monthly schedule like we have on UCSM, it's nice to be able to dive right into the script, knowing that much of the work has already been done. Working with a writer as accomplished as Brian, I know that the foundation is strong and I can focus on making it sing visually.

CV: Have you started any other new redesigns for characters?

DM: I did a little bit of design work in issue 9, but it was mostly for little easter eggs like the armored costumes in the Tinkerer's warehouse. The vulture wings are another example from that same issue. Moving forward, I understand that we'll be ultimizing (that's a word, right?) some new characters, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into those designs.

CV: Do you have a different mindset when drawing Spider-Man scenes versus Miles Morales scenes? Does your intensity or excitement amp up when drawing Spidey in action?

DM: There's definitely a difference. At the most basic level, this deals with the nature of the scenes and how that relates to how I want to apply appropriate storytelling techniques. I come from a place artistically where I really like to stick to the "grid" - just basic rectangles for panel shapes. It's simple and it's incredibly effective in conveying story beats when used properly. But rules like these can be broken to really interesting effect.

When Miles puts on his costume and becomes Spider-Man, you want to see action and I really try to pump up the intensity for these scenes. I break away from the basic grid and start playing with more creative panel shapes - angled panels, jagged edges, having characters pop out of the panel. I also am playing a bunch with texture, speed lines and halftone/Zipatone patterns.

CV: What's the one thing you'd want to be remembered for on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN?

DM: I suppose what I take the most pride in regarding my art is trying to balance really exciting action with a strong sense of characterization and "acting." I put a ton of work into these seemingly disparate, but fundamentally related, aspects of comic art, and hopefully readers enjoy it.

CV: Who does Mile's laundry? Will he be able to keep his costume clean and free from stinking? (It's not like he can get his mom to wash it).

DM: Haha. judging from his age, I bet his mom does his laundry mostly but makes him help at least half the time (and probably gets Jefferson to kick in as well) - so he knows not to bleach the colors. But now that he has the costume to deal with, I bet he hand washes that himself. Tough as the costume may seem, one of kind suits like that can't come cheap and heaven knows there's no room for shrinkage! Or, he's just a regular 13 year old boy and has never washed it. I bet it's getting REALLY stinky right about now.

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #9 is on sale now. Issue #10 is on sale May 2.

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Posted by The Average Bear

Miles dialogue in the first picture is annoying. He says "uh" three times.

Posted by noj

Why can't Peter Parker just come back already?

Edited by kingjoeg

Love David Marquez's art on the last issue of USM. Glad he's rotating with Sara.

Posted by disposablepal

@The Average Bear: yeah, but he's a 13 year old kid who's probably never been in trouble with the cops. I said "uh" all the time whenever i got in trouble as a kid.

As for the book itself, i really enjoyed Marquez's art. much more than Samnee's turn with USM. I think Marquez's style is close enough to Pichelli's that it wont upset too many readers, i look forward to them swapping pencil duties.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

David Marquez's work in the recent issue was amazing. He's got a somewhat similar style to Pichelli.

Posted by The Lobster

Prowler looks like Deadpool's Uncanny X-force uniform......this makes me want to see Ultimate Deadpool even MORE now.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

@Duo_forbidden: I agree. I think he may do a great job with Ultimate Spider-man

Posted by Owie

I thought his style was close to Sara's as well, which is nice in terms of quality and also if they rotate arcs. He did a nice job on the faces and body language.

Posted by Lvenger

My opinion on Morales has not changed at all after reading this. To me he is a bland replacement of Peter Parker. He's not an endearing character, he has no distinct personality, his supporting cast isn't nearly as interesting as the previous Ultimate Spider-Man supporting cast and so far I couldn't care less about Ultimate Spider-Man.

Posted by The Jeff



Posted by zombietag

such a fun book. thats really all i can say, super fun. not the most amazing story or characters, but i always have fun reading it

Posted by feargalr

@disposablepal said:

@The Average Bear: yeah, but he's a 13 year old kid who's probably never been in trouble with the cops. I said "uh" all the time whenever i got in trouble as a kid.

As for the book itself, i really enjoyed Marquez's art. much more than Samnee's turn with USM. I think Marquez's style is close enough to Pichelli's that it wont upset too many readers, i look forward to them swapping pencil duties.

This is true

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by BigPromise

personally as a hispanic it was great to see one of my own take a major role but i love peter and want him back i mean theres so many spider charecters miles can take the mantel of but to me there is one spidey and thats peter I am look foward to the cross over though

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Well solid interview and good insight into the work being done here. Haven't read any of Ultimate Spider Man thus far with Miles at the helm but I think I just might sometime.

Posted by sora_thekey

Fantastic Four: Season One is amazing... I'm sure he'll do an excellent job on my favorite comic book series!

Posted by Eyz

Great interview!^^

Has a TPB of the first Miles Spider-man issues been released already?

Posted by GundamHeavyarms
Posted by InnerVenom123

Is it just me or did the asian friend gain a hundred pounds in that pic compared to earlier appearances?

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

This is my first spiderman series i'm following.... I'm loving it!!!! Miles Morales' character is very deep but sometimes his dialogue can get annoying.... and Ganke is Asian???? lol either way it's awesome

Posted by KidSupreme

I miss Peter too :(

Edited by mrkareemruiz

miles is better then peter