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Interview: Charismagic #0 Sells Out Prior to Release!

Vince Hernandez chats with us about the big news and gives us a peek into issue 1!

Everybody is happy when a comic sells out- but when it sells out prior to it's release date, that's even more awesome. This Wednesday, February 9th, Charismagic #0 will be hitting store shelves- but if you didn't pre-order the first issue to this all new series then there's a good chance you might have to wait for its second printing in March. The issue, which hasn't even been released, has already sold out at the Diamond distributor level. However, if you are really looking forward to this all-new series, you can still order your copy of Charismagic #1 through Diamond and your local comic shop!  
We caught up with the writer of Charismagic, Vince Hernandez, to ask him about the great news. Being the nice folks that they are, Aspen also sent us two pages of Charismagic #1 for you to check out!  
Comic Vine: Is it true that Charismagic #0 has already sold out prior to its release this Wednesday?
Vince Hernandez: Yes, as of today, the first printing copies have sold out at the Diamond level. Which means the issues will still be released in stores this Wednesday, but the copies that will be out there on the stands will be it for the first printing. Basically, first come first serve on this first printing. But we have gone back to press for a 2nd printing cover. So you can still order a copy.
 == TEASER ==
CV: How does that make you feel? Are you excited? Do you feel more pressure and or nervousness?
VH: It’s a great feeling. It’s always a guessing game with anticipating fan and retailer demand for any given title. So to sell through our original estimate of what we printed is very satisfying, I won’t lie. As far as pressure, I don’t really HAVE any more than usual. Anyone who knows me will tell you I definitely get nervous in regards to the reader enjoyment aspect of the book. At the end of the day, I just want the reader to have enjoyed the story we’ve put together and feel as though we’ve entertained them in the process. The sales aspect is great, and important, but ultimately it’s the product you put out that will stand the test of time.

CV: After looking at the first few issues upon their completion, what would you say you are most proud of when it comes to Charismagic?
VH: Without a doubt, I’m most proud of the work Khary and Emilio have put into each and every page. They have a love for what we’re trying to create with this property and their vision is what has driven the story and the direction it’s taken. Once I saw what they were capable of, it became a matter of letting them run wild on the page.

CV: Can you tell us anything about issue #1?
VH: Absolutely, whereas in the zero issue prologue, we see the introduction of the magical entities in our world including the heroine Sudana, in Charismagic #1 we dive into the human side of things. Hank, the magician introduced at the tail end of the prologue takes center stage in the story, and from there things start to really get rolling. Some of the more cataclysmic events foreshadowed in the zero issue come to fruition. And, even more questions will pop up after reading the first issue, because that’s just plain fun! 

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Posted by Raven0207

I'm glad that I did reserve this book awhile back. I'm also glad that out of the new titles coming out from Aspen MLT they are hitting 1.000 ! 2 new books both Sold Out First Printing . I don't see Marvel or DC doing that.

Posted by Mumbles

they're also not printing anywhere near what Marvel or DC does

Posted by tonis

tis true, it's better to be small and become big than the other way around. 
Really happy for Aspen, not too surprised on this one, it looks killer.

Posted by Raven0207
Yes it does look killer. I'm glad Babs is a Aspen fan so i get to see these awesome previews before they come out