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Interview: Arvid Nelson Talks About Warlord Of Mars

Now you can be ready to read the upcoming John Carter comic from Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite Entertainment is launching Warlord Of Mars in October (with the first issue priced at a dollar). I had heard of John Carter before but I have to admit, I don't know much about the Edgar Rice Burroughs character. I had the chance to ask writer Arvid Nelson a few questions about this new series. 
Comic Vine: How would you briefly describe the direction of this series? 
Arvid Nelson:
  We’re staying as true to the originals as possible, starting with the first novel, A Princess of Mars, and moving on from there. Hopefully there’ll be room for us to go off on tangents, but the most important thing is doing Burroughs’s story the right way.
Comic Vine:  How did you get involved with writing it?
Arvid Nelson: It was one of those happy phone calls -- Dynamite just up and asked me. I think it was because of my work on other series, on Kull and Red Sonja, that they took the chance. 
CV:  You've written a variety of different comic genres (Rex Mundi, Zero Killer, JSA, Red Sonja, etc), do you take a different approach when writing for each one?
AN: Superficially, there are differences -- you expect different things from a Rex Mundi story than from an issue of John Carter of Mars. Of course. But underneath it all, good storytelling is good storytelling.
  == TEASER ==  
CV:  Were you a big John Carter fan before?
AN: Honestly, I’d never read the material before. I was worried it might be stale or dated, but I was really wrong. I literally couldn’t put the books down. I’m a devoted fan now. 
CV:  Who is this book for? Can fans of “superhero” comics easily get into it?
AN: Not only can superhero fans get into it, it was written for them! I believe John Carter, the main character, was the primary inspiration for Superman. I’d go so far as to say Carter is the first superhero, ever.
CV:  Will there be a balance between stories for long time John Carter fans and those that never heard of him before?
AN: The original novels are very episodic, so readers will be able to jump on at any point. Of course, the larger story has to keep stream rolling on, but every issue is going to open with a summary of what’s happened before.
CV:  How far do you have the series mapped out?
AN: My focus is on the first book. After that, who knows? But that’s a long ways off. 
CV:  What does the craziest scene you've written so far contain? 
AN: Ah, there are so many great ones. I can say that with modesty because it’s all Edgar Rice Burroughs. I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to Carter’s first encounter with the white apes, and the scene in which the red Martians are introduced.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Both covers are so awesome. Especially the first one. Alex Ross never disappoints. Will check it for sure.

Posted by Devilnight

the two covers look awesome, i cant wait to check out this, i have never read any the original, and i love this kind of stuff, its going to be interesnting, Dynamite are sure bring out some very cool comics,
Posted by N7_Normandy

Coverart looks amazing

Posted by CaptHowdy

Ahhh.... can't wait to see more  Dejah Thoris art!  Who's John Carter?  :)
Really looking forward to this.

Posted by G-Man
He has a page here.
Posted by Renchamp

I never thought I'd buy a Dynamite comic.  Count me in.  Each book is great and I'm glad we can finally get some illustration (besides the great Frank Frazetta's stuff).