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Interview: Aaron Kuder Talks SUPERBOY, the Certain Return of Characters, and More

How many Superboys are there? We try to find out how many there will be.

There's a lot going on in the pages of SUPERBOY these days. You're probably aware that Kon El, the Superboy we first saw at the beginning of this series in the New 52 has been replaced by Jon Kent. But then who is calling out to Jon and what's this about an "army of Superboys"?

We talked to Aaron Kuder about the latest issue and the big things coming up.

COMIC VINE: How many people are aware that this Superboy is Jon Lane Kent and not Kon El?

AARON KUDER: For a second I thought you were asking how many readers knew Superboy is Jon Lane Kent right now... Ha. Characters that know SB is JLK... Hmmm.. I would say 6 at least. The five folks from Star Labs and the mysterious figure from the beginning of issue 31. Though, to be honest, keeping his identity a secret is not the biggest priority for Jon in this arc... Actually, I'll just say, he really doesn't care anymore if people know he's not Kon El.

CV: If Kon was at a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. lab, any chance of anyone else popping up from there?

AK: That's a big "if"... Who said Kon was at a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. lab at all? I never did.. Someone is though . We will see some of the NOWHERE crew soon. Rose Wilson for one.

CV: Will we see both Superboys in the series?

AK: Oh brother... We'll see many more than that!

CV: Will it be settled as to who gets to be the Superboy?

AK: Is anything ever settled in comics? Thou there will be ONE Superboy left standing.

CV: According to the solicits, there’s going to be an ‘army’ of Superboys from across the Multiverse. Are you making each one different from the others?

AK: Yep... If for no other reason than we can.

CV: If Kon does come back, will there be a place for Jon’s current supporting cast?

AK: If they survive! I certainly hope so! I'm going to take a break from writing for a while, but I do hope someone else picks them up and uses them.. They are fun characters to play around with.

SUPERBOY #32 is now on sale! Pick it up to see who shows up and what's going down!

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Posted by longbowhunter

I haven't picked up a single issue of Superboy since Lemire's run. I really enjoyed Kuder's Parasite one shot last September. Glad to see him writing something else.

Posted by Rubear

"What the hell" - (c)

Posted by i_dont_like_comics

'How many Superboys are there?' after lobdell? 2, lobdell and his artist.

Posted by ClawFist

Not very long winded. is he. lol No but I really liked the last issue. I enjoyed the inclusion of the Ravagers, but I was really hoping for Warblade to come back. Come on, all two of us Warblade fans know getting his head decapitated can't kill him. Bring us back some Warblade >:D

Posted by hyperman

i am very confused now, But i like the fact they're bringing back one of the old outfits, that was one of my favs.

Posted by _ANDY_CAN

Orion, Martian manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, New genesis, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Booster Gold, Doom patrol, the question, Outsiders, Challengers of the unknown, cyborg, Shade the changing man, JSA, Legion of superheroes, Stormwatch, Wildstormverse, plastic man, Lobo, Red tornado, the spectre, Global guardians, firestorm, charlton characters etc. are all abandoned by Dc comic writers only characters related to Superman or Batman have spinoff series and more public advertising.

Posted by Bsaa

@_andy_can: yeah, that totally makes sense considering that Grifter and Booster Gold are showing up in Future's End, Firestorm was in Trinity War and Forever Evil, Spectre is in Phantom Stranger, Justice League United has (Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, and Lobo), and Cyborg is still getting a pretty big (and undeserved) push.

Edited by micah

@_andy_can: Sad but true. On the rare occasion an unknown does get his own series. We'll be lucky if it makes it past ten issues.

Posted by _ANDY_CAN

@bsaa: I mean solo titles. Am not saying those are bad but I wish all the heroes/heroines could have the same level of popularity.

Posted by CorruptedOwl



Normally I am against this kind of thing. But why cant Jon-El just be in the Batman Beyond comics so that Kon can be in the present day comics? Or even put Kon in the Beyond era?

I just hope one of these multi-verse alt Superboys is Mon-El. If I were rebooting anything in the Super-verse, I'd have had Mon-El be Superboy, found the Teen Titans with Dick, Donna, Roy, Garth, Wally, & then when Dick graduates into Nightwing, have Donna create & use the Fury costume, have Lar Gand, not Mon-El, after being Superboy, in the shadow of the Man of Steel for years, decides to call himself Valor instead of Champion, & as he's about to start his own solo heroing, he gets lead posioning & is put into the Zone for a thousand years.

I'd also like for one of them, maybe the Earth-2 version to be Halk-Kar. Just because he was the first.