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'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Season Pass Announced

What will you get for shelling out extra cash? Come find out!

The game isn't even out yet and we already have DLC confirmed! Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced the season pass for the upcoming fighting game. Why buy it, you ask? First and foremost, it'll give you a Flashpoint skin pack for Aquaman (which we've previously seen), Deathstroke and Wonder Woman. Additionally, you'll receive the game's first four DLC characters.

It'll cost $14.99 through PSN or 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA and is available when the game launches on April 16. Viners, who do you think the downloadable characters are? My fingers are crossed for Martian Manhunter! Are you going to get the season pass or do you think it isn't worth it? Speak your mind below.

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Posted by Mild_Karl

@The Mighty Monarch said:

This is the problem with the idea of DLC. It SHOULD be in play for content that doesn't get a chance to make it in to the initial release, or is simply conceived later. NOT for withholding content released at the same time just to squeeze extra money from us, and replace the satisfaction of the challenge based unlockables.

Here's the thing that people don't really understand about the video game industry.

Usually when DLC is conceived (characters, maps, & what have you), it's conceived at a point where the game is finished, is being sent around for printing, distribution, final ESRB rating stuff, etc. It seems like it's intentionally pulled from the main game, but it's in fact usually being conceived & created when the main game has already been completed.

Yes, some folks do DLC wrong (just look at Capcom) but for the most part, if DLC didn't exist, those new maps/characters/etc just couldn't exist, period. They wouldn't bother, because why would they wait another 6 months to a year to add another map or character or whatever to the main game when they have deadlines to meet, licensing agreements to live up to, and everything else that hinders game development in some way?

Basically, either gamers will get DLC, they won't get any updates at all, or they'll be shelling out $40 for Super Injustice: Gods Among Us: Gold Edition EX in 12 months which isn't backwards compatible with the original game. I'd take the former, personally speaking.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
my bud will take care of it.

@slade_wilson said:

Who's up for a riot if we don't get J'onn?
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

hopefully Martian Manhunter is already in game as an unlockable or simply unannounced. dlc should be for characters who didnt deserve to be on disc already.

i'll be getting this depending on the price

Posted by doordoor123

I have a feeling the "new fighters" will have similar fight-styles with the ones already in the game. Martian Mahunter, Tim Drake, Another GL, etc.

Edited by Teerack

Game companies still announce these? I just thought there were expected at this point.

I like how you can totally tell one of the silhouettes is Sinestro.

Posted by NightFang

Martian Manhunter damn it!

Posted by evilvegeta74

@Teerack said:

Game companies still announce these? I just thought there were expected at this point.

I like how you can totally tell one of the silhouettes is Sinestro.

He's already in the game

Posted by CitizenJP

@KRYPTON : It was meant to be.

Posted by MSzekeresh

Never done DLC or a season pass. Is there any reason I should be rushing to sign up for this right away versus waiting for the characters to be announced?

Posted by bunkerbuster05

@MSzekeresh said:

Never done DLC or a season pass. Is there any reason I should be rushing to sign up for this right away versus waiting for the characters to be announced?

Basically you're getting a small discount if you buy the pass instead of buying everything separately.

Posted by jaytiz27

Swampthing would be cool

Posted by mcbean

Going to play the game first before I do anything.

Posted by JLDoom

I hope those four are some really awesome characters (Blue Beetle?), but I'll be getting this anyway

Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt

@Teerack said:

Game companies still announce these? I just thought there were expected at this point.

I like how you can totally tell one of the silhouettes is Sinestro.

we already have Sinestro on disc.

Posted by Black_Claw

Please let those four be Static, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, and Lobo!

Posted by Red Rum

What of the WiiU Version?

Posted by Uncommon

Please don't tell me the only alternate costume based DLC they're releasing is based off of Flaspoint. WTF you guys?

Posted by Vincie_Pooh

@Spidermac17 said:

Here's hoping for Tim Drake!!

I am with you there!

Posted by Vincie_Pooh

I hope for... Aqualad, Bestboy ( I wanna see how he can turn out in a figthing game) Bluebeetle & I want Big Barda too.

Posted by Purgatory

The more I hear about this game, the less I like it. Pre-order now, and you'll get this exclusive Blackest Night DLC where all we did was make the characters' costumes black and gave them white eyes. Yay, money!

Enough. I was going to get this Day 1 way back in October when I didn't hear about all of this ridiculous DLC crap. Now I'll wait until it's 20 bucks New or Used.

Posted by darkwolverine

I say Red Hood and Lobo

Posted by fullmetaladam

@darkwolverine: If the silhouettes are to be trusted it can't be Red Hood as one wouldn't have ears, rules out Swamp thing too sadly. I hope one of them is Lobo as he's be perfect for this sort of game. My other picks would be Poison Ivy,Constantine and Starfire.

Posted by Nefilim927

I'm down with the all the skins (minus the Blackest Night ones) and the DLC characters. The last Mortal Kombat game was done well in regards to skins and extra characters so I'm sure it'll be worth it. Hoping for;

-Swamp Thing

-Blue Beetle


-Martian Manhunter

Posted by AngeTheDude

$14.99 isn't bad for a season pass!

Posted by TheGraySon

Definitely getting it.

I would want:

Beast Boy OR Animal Man

Swamp Thing

Starfire (if theyre gonna do BB might as well have all the cartoon titans)

Black Canary? We need a few more girls

Posted by SwampPing


Posted by iragulasuperbia

I'm probably going to buy this. And I'm hoping that the extra four characters are as follows:

  • Martian Manhunter: I feel he'd be similar in play to Superman, but he'd have several capabilities that make him cool in a way that the Man of Steel lacks.
  • Beast Boy: The mechanics for his character and powers would be really cool to see in a fighting game. A super move - is that what they're called? - involving him shifting into a whole zoo of different animals to attack his foe would be awesome.
  • Terra: I'm kind of on the fence about this one. It's mostly the idea of seeing her attack with the earth that makes me hopeful. And also, as everybody's already pointed out, this game is kind of drowning in testosterone at this point.
  • Katana: My first instinct was Batwoman - I'm enjoying her comic in the New 52 - but we have more than enough Batman characters and while Katana may have initially been tied to the Dark Knight that has been largely dissolved in the New 52. And, honestly, the only reason I didn't put down Black Canary is that I wanted to say something different than everybody else.
Posted by KRYPTON

@CitizenJP said:

@KRYPTON : It was meant to be.


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Mind blown most definitely!

Posted by Mezmero

Buying this as soon as the game launches. It's not a rational thing to buy but neither was the season pass for MK9 but I bought it just the same. Hopefully they've learned their lesson on integrating DLC in multiplayer.

Posted by CODYSF

Jaime Reyes make it happen

Posted by FalconPuuunch

Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle! Make it happen!

Posted by Bogey
  • Amazo
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Etrigan
  • Swamp Thing

Please no Static Shock or any Bat character.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

@TommytheHitman said:

Wildcat, Martian Manhunter and Dr Fate! Just cause I'm writing all of them! Also I hope theirs more Flashpoint skins then just those 3.

probably not. all of the costume packs have been in threes so far.

Posted by DarkShadows
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Lobo
  • Doctor Fate
  • Black Canary
Posted by sethysquare

omg. so exciting. downloadable characters.

Posted by NinjaTard

For $15.00 I will totally buy this even though those sillouttes don't indicate that we'll be getting Black Canary (BOO!). This is actually my most anticipated game of the Pre-Fall release season, more than Bioshock actually which is really saying a lot because I'm STOKED for that.

I'm thinking Martian Manhunter is a safe bet. Darkseid or Zod seem semi believable given the movie drops later this year. Maybe another villain like Brainiac? If they go crazy like with Mortal Kombat putting Freddy in would it be impossible to put Watchmen in there? Rorschach would be a really amazing fan service I think.

I'm really not sure who else we can see that would add variety to what we've got. If they want characters that are already represented but different we might get Superboy, Red Hood, another Lantern, or Reverse Flash...I'm not sure I'd want that at all though.

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