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In Depth Look: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Video Game

We got to check out the game and get some updates on how this one will differ from the previous ones.

Last week during GDC, we got the chance to check out the upcoming video game for The Amazing Spider-Man from Activision and Beenox. The developers gave us the run-down of what we can expect in this game and what new features will be included as we got to see the early build of the game in action.

Since this isn't Beenox's first time with Spider-Man, they decided they wanted to come at the character from a slightly different approach. The plan is change up elements such as web-swinging, combat and even the visuals. To do this, they had to rework several aspects of their technology. Apparently the team that worked on Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has been working on this game for nearly two years now. This has now become the biggest game they've worked on in terms of budget, time frame and resources.

The game will be based on four key pillars. The first is the story. Set in the upcoming movie's universe, the game will begin right where the movie ends off. What's good about this is they are not limited by any constraints from the movie. Characters such as Gwen Stacy and Curt Connors are said to play key roles in the game. Rhino has already been announced but because it's set in a different universe, they are able to explore his origin in a different fashion.

The second pillar of the game is the notion of being Spider-Man. When starting this game, their goal was in figuring out how to deliver the fantasy of being Spider-Man. The first task was dealing with the camera. This time around, the camera is much closer to your character and you sometimes get the feeling you're looking right over Spidey's shoulders. The character build appears much larger on your screen rather than having the pulled back view of a tiny Spider-Man swinging around. And when you are swinging around, the impression is given that you're the one doing it.

As you swing through the city, you'll make little comments about what's going on around and when you swoop down at street level, you'll hear cheers and awe from the public. It turns out they actually built the camera mechanics before incorporating Spider-Man to make sure they really captured the web-swinging feel.

The third pillar is the new game mechanic called the “Web Rush.” This mode will give you an incredible amount of control over the character during the game. You will be able to perform acrobatics and change direction in mid-air in determining where you want the character to go.

At any time in the game, you can press the Web Rush button. This will slow down time and you'll be presented with a variety of situational choices of where to go with Spider-Man. You'll see a bunch of yellow silhouettes of Spidey that give you options of where you can go. You are not locked into these choices and always have to option of going wherever you want. When you release the button, the game's mechanics will calculate the path and generate a nifty sequence of parkour-style animations in getting you there. Again, at anytime, in any sequence, you can take back the controls. You can swing in another direction or hit the Web Rush button once again and do a 180 in mid-sequence. This will be handy during fight scenarios. As you become more comfortable with the Web Rush mode, you'll be able to use it quicker by just tapping the button rather than holding it down and making your decisions.

The fourth pillar is bringing Manhattan back. The last time we had the full city was in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, four years ago. An enormous amount of detail has been put into the building of Manhattan. Standing on top of buildings you can see far off and get a scope of how big our playground can be.

As you move about the city, you'll come across different crimes situations you can jump into if you choose. There will be times you can help the police and even get involved in car chases (with you jumping on top of the car, of course). You won't feel forced to follow the set storyline since you have the freedom to move about but clearly you will have to complete main objectives to progress further in the game.

Spider-Man wears (obviously) the suit from the movie and, as you'd expect, there is a great amount of detail put into every aspect of it. The suit will get damaged over time (as in some other games we've recently seen). The suit will not magically heal over time. You will see Peter Parker's flesh underneath and possibly even his blood or scars if you continue to take a beating.

Besides the car chase mini-missions, there will be other things to do aside from the main story. There will be extreme races. Peter will get his camera back and have photo missions to accomplish. He'll also have an apartment in the city where he can go and do stuff. There is the overall story but you can go about Manhattan and do as you please, picking up the main objectives when you are ready. There will be a in-game map telling you were the different problems are.

The entire game won't take place outdoors in Manhattan. There will also be indoor levels. We got to see a level at an Oscorp secret facility. Connors research equipment has been stored here and for an “undisclosed reason,” Spider-Man needs to access them. The indoor game mechanics and swinging will be a little different than the outdoor ones to compensate for the change in environment, unlike in Shattered Dimensions.

The designer mentioned that they've taken notes from past games. There were many players that enjoyed the Spider-Man Noir parts in Shattered Dimensions. In response, they've brought back the stealth aspects, should you choose to use them. When entering a room full of guards, you can either jump right in and fight them or use stealth to take them down one at a time. There will also be a variety of stealth moves to mix things up.

The combat mechanics are varied with the style you take down the enemies. You always have the option of using the Web Rush feature in reverse. If the action gets too intense, you can always web yourself to a safe corner, on inside levels or outside ones.

The mechanical web shooters are back. There will be opportunities to upgrade your shooters throughout the games. At first you can simply hit thugs with webbing. Later it becomes more powerful and you can web parts of them to walls, etc. You won't have to worry about running out of web cartridges. In your belt, you'll have extra ones and there's a little animation showing you quickly reloading when necessary. The decision was made to have you contain the extra cartridges and not have to walk around and randomly discover ones lying around the environment. That always pulls you out of the game and just never makes sense.

A tiny glimpse of Rhino was given, showing how the Web Rush feature plays during the middle of a big battle.

Night and day will also play into the story of the game. For example, if you have a fight with Gwen, going outside will give you a dark feeling to enhance the mood of the game. There will also be a fake Twitter feed letting you know what the people of Manhattan are saying about your performance.

A final note, I tried getting at least a ballpark figure of how many villains we could expect but they couldn't even hint at a number. Voice actors couldn't be commented on either. We'll have to wait for future announcements.

On a side note, the mention and screenshots of a new villain, Iguana, has been released this morning.

Overall, the game is shaping up nicely. The improvements do make the game look better than previous attempts. For an early build, it looks good. The real test will be when we're able to actually get our hands on the game for ourselves. The main story missions and side ones will have to be varied enough to keep it all interesting and fresh. Also the choice of other villains should make sense in the context of the game and not just give us random Spidey villains thrown in just for the sake of giving us more villains. Iguana is an interesting choice and fits in with the apparent theme of the story but he's not exactly one that gets me excited. We'll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

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Posted by deadpool25mm

Looks good.

Posted by Rowen545

Great review Tony,

Will definitely have to see the movie first

Posted by GothamRed

looking good, but we'll see when it comes out

Posted by redhood21

both scarlet spider costumes pleeeeease.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

I just wonder if the collision detection will be on par with games like Arkham City, where other Spider-Man games failed to deliver. It's needless in a way but it adds points.

Posted by G-Man

@sesquipedalophobe: The game developers did bring that up. The game will compensate without you realizing it.

Posted by deskp

sounds just like spider man 2 and 3 games.... we'll see if its any better when its released.

I really prefer that costume without that silly belt they added in the game.

Posted by TenEyedMen

@redhood21 Beenox is pretty good at putting costumes in, as Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time show.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Game is looking spectacular, I'm really excited for this.

Posted by redhood21

@TenEyedMen said:

@redhood21 Beenox is pretty good at putting costumes in, as Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time show.

very true. ill prob end up buying it

Posted by KidSupreme

The graphics are sick!

Posted by NightFang

could be a good game.

Posted by azza04

This is sounding awesome, can't wait. I'm really hoping the movie and video game will get me interested in Spider-Man again.

Posted by Professorreid

I'm so excited for this now!

Posted by Greenflashlight

I will try it, it looks good, I hope that it is good

Posted by Lvenger

From the sounds of it, this game looks to mix up aspects of Spider-man 2 with Arkham City as well as adding new things such as Web Rush mode and the emphasis on stealth brought from Shattered Dimensions. This could be a movie tie in game that is actually good like Spider-Man 2, one of my all time favourite games! Definitely interested in this now.

Posted by yteez

sounds like it'll be a great game, but one thing still bugs me. As in the new movie the suit's boots clearly have thick soles that are even stylized t look like the bottom of running shoes. How do they explain spidey standing upside down on ceilings or sticking to walls with his feet with those boots?

Posted by Deusx

Looks very interesting. I just hope they are able to go back to the great gameplay of the 2002 spiderman game.

Posted by JoeEddie

We need Rocksteady studios to do a Spider-Man video game.

Posted by Jorgevy

arkham city with spiderman??? SIGN ME IN!!!

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Iguana really? They should of just left it the name as Lizard.

Posted by Inverno

@JoeEddie said:

We need Rocksteady studios to do a Spider-Man video game.

Not just Spider-Man but any superhero video game too. Only they can do it right.

Posted by TenEyedMen

@CombatSpoon86 said:

Iguana really? They should of just left it the name as Lizard.

This takes place after the movie. It would ruin the story of the movie if they had Lizard.

Posted by MagicBass

I'm glad to see free roam return! I personally haven't played a Spider-Man game since Spider-Man's been a while. Hopefully this can live up to previous titles! I mean, I personally liked Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3. They beat the movies, anyways.

Posted by Meteorite

This looks really good, I hope we get a PC port!

Speaking of Web of Shadows, I consider that to pretty much be the benchmark for Spider-Man games, since I consider it to be the best-made so far. Hopefully this shapes up to it!

Iguana seems like an odd choice, but it's brilliant when you think about it: it allows you to fight the Lizard (more or less), but since this is a sequel it makes sense continuity-wise.

Posted by Triumphant

Sounds good so far.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I guess we now definitely know Gwen won't die in the movie now and i guess we can say the same for Peter, unleeeeessss he does die and in the game it is actually Miles Morales!!! Ya never know haha

What would be cool is if you get to walk around as Peter and you can be able to run into alleys and rip off your clothes and work for the Daily Bugle and do jobs for them :D

Posted by Aiden Cross

i'll get it just for the free roam webslinging ^_^

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, Lizard looks like an iguana, I like it! Nice little review.

Posted by The Impersonator

Amazing Fantasy!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

This all SOUNDS good. It sounds like they're giving a nod back to Spiderman 2 (the movie game) but still making it current, which is all I've personally wanted since... well since I stopped playing Spiderman 2 (the movie game).

That said, this is the same team that made Edge of Time. And that is too worrying to ignore. I hope I'm just being cynical and this game turns out to be fantastic. It'd be nice to mention a new Spiderman game and NOT have to roll my eyes in frustration.

Saddest thing of all though, they made a perfect web-swinging mechanic is Spiderman 2 (the movie game) and then never used it again. It had 2 modes, one for people who didn't care about it, and one for people who really wanted to use it. Learning to use that system is still one of my best gaming memories. It wasn't always easy, but it was always rewarding. Combining the Web Dash, multiple swinging options, clinging to poles to do quick flips to gain momentum, parkour style running against buildings to keep the pace going. It was as close to perfect as a video game can get to making you feel like Spidey. Then they never used it again. It was "streamlined" or some nonsense. I never understood why the makers of those games couldn't incorporate the dual options ever again. I mean I get that it had to be a lot of work or whatever, but the same team made more Spidey games in the same basic engine. The dual setup just seems to cater to so many interested parties I can't understood why it never returned in subsequent games.

Anyway, this is exciting news. I hope this one turns out to be decent. It doesn't even have to be a great game really. Nail the web-swinging and I'm on board. Even if everything else sucks.

Posted by JoeEddie


We can only hope I guess. I wonder if Rocksteady is exclusively signed to DC comics or if they can make any superhero game they want.

Edited by Death Certificate

@RedheadedAtrocitus:That's because it is a Iguana.

Posted by Om4zd

This looks cool. Beenox knows what they're doing with this hopefully.

Posted by BigTPotts


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

So fricken exited for this game

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Theoretically, this sounds like it could be a very good game.

But as we all know, that doesn't mean it'll necessarily be the case. At least it looks like they're trying to make a good Spider-Man game, and that alone is nice to see.

Edited by SpidermanWins

This actually looks like it could be very fun. This new trailer was good.

Looks like they are still taking a more biological approach to the game's villains so I'm calling Kraven as the next to be revealed. I could really see him in this game. Except for he'd be a shadowy figure hunting down the animalistic characters/villains and such. That could make for a powerful moral story about hunting and what makes a person a person (almost like in The Most Dangerous Game).... I'd take the initiative to make that kind of story with him anyway. I'd like to see something like: Kraven kills most villains in the game after Spidey beats them. Spidey wonders who is killing them and why, as well as why he doesn't kill him. Toward the end he does some detective work from over the course of the game and when he finds him he discovers that he is the last target (kind of like Deadshot in Arkham City but more involved in the plot)

I'd also keep a look out for Scorpion and Vulture to make an appearance, even though they tend to be overused video game Spider-Villains, as well as seldom used villains for Spidey video games such as Tarantula, Man-Wolf, Jackal, or even Morbius. I mean, the put in Iguana, they really should add some if not all of the mentioned, especially with the theme they are following.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Even though this is a video game based on a movie. I am still very excited for this game to come out

Posted by notquitevarsity

This looks pretty solid actually. However most games based on movies are awful, so we'll see. It really bugs me that superhero games are usually sub par.

Posted by RedOwl_1

This "Web Rush" thing sounds incredibly awesome, I have never played a Spidey game so this can be the time I have waited for

Posted by Nefarious

Reminds me of the Spider-Man 2 videogame,

Posted by Imagine_Man15

Sounds a lot like the Spiderman 2 game. When I was younger, that was my favorite game of all time, and I played it every day. I still go back to it now and then when I'm feeling nostalgic, and I still find myself thoroughly enjoying it. I'll probably wind up buying this, I'm certainly interested.

Posted by Video_Martian

Iguana looks badass! :D

Posted by benny12344

this game looks very good, .. I like the graphics, they're pretty nice.

Posted by RisingBean

Just hoping you can use the comic suit as an extra.

Posted by thephantomstranger

@Mucklefluga said:

I guess we now definitely know Gwen won't die in the movie now and i guess we can say the same for Peter, unleeeeessss he does die and in the game it is actually Miles Morales!!! Ya never know haha

What would be cool is if you get to walk around as Peter and you can be able to run into alleys and rip off your clothes and work for the Daily Bugle and do jobs for them :D

Well now i guess I'm going dark on anything related to spider-man till the movie comes out...

Posted by Zauberin

Of course, I'd have to see the movie first. Then I'll wait for one of my nerd friends to buy it. Of course, I'm a sucker for visible damage. That's the main reason I liked Wolverine Uncaged and Batman so much(Though Batman was more story-based, but whatever).

Edited by Teerack

I'm excited about seeing everyone together in a big meeting. A big meeting like this where everyone wasn't fighting ten seconds after showing up hasn't happened sense the beginning of the civil war.

Edited by avidwriter

See, that's how the lizard needed to look in the movie. Not the way he does now.

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