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Important Message From The Galactic Senate

A warning has been issued.

It's not everyday that I get an e-mail from the Galactic Senate issuing a warning that could affect many across the universe.  It appears that something is going down on Geonosis.  With the holidays coming up, I know a lot of people make travel plans.  If any of those plans include a stop at Geonosis, you might want to reconsider, or at least take the necessary precautions.  Hopefully we'll get an update about what this mystery infection is.  Also, let's hope it's contained to the planet and doesn't make its way to other planets.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Yeah, I doubt most people could even name their galactic representative to begin with. It's a shame people are so uninvolved.
I think this might have already reached our side of the galaxy. When I read the symptoms. It reminds me of anyone who listens to Snoop Dogg's albums. Especially the strange dialect and irrational behavior.

Posted by G-Man

All I know is I'm canceling my Thanksgiving plans on visiting the place.  I thought the swine flu was bad but this sounds worse.

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I don't think we have to worry, this was a long time ago in a galaxy far away......

Posted by PrinceIMC

Who goes to Geonosis for holidays? I mean the gladiator games at the arena are fun and all but I'd much rather vacation on Alderaan.

Posted by G-Man
@PrinceIMC: Uhm...have you seen Alderaan lately?  Seriously, have you seen it?  Last time I tried swinging by, all I found was a bunch of asteroids.  Strangest thing...
Posted by The Darkness Master

Haracck kalzacar!!! I mean, it's cold in her- I mean, I DON'T HAVE IT,  OK!?

Posted by xerox_kitty

Note to self: next time I travel to Coruscant, don't drink the water & always use protection.  A lightsaber should be enough protection from all the scum & villainy that fled Tattooine ;)

Posted by RavagingHamster

good thing my ships broke :P
Posted by crazywolf

Uh oh time for my check up.

Posted by HaloKing343

I don't get it. Is this trying to promote something?

Posted by G-Man
@HaloKing343: No idea.  Like I said, it was an e-mail, literally from the Galactic Senate.  They must have some great internet connection to be able to reach this far.  I just felt I was obliged to inform everyone in case anyone had travel plans.
Posted by Grim

@HaloKing343:  it seems like this is about the game. Not much else going on with Star Wars except the TV show that we havent heard anything about since it was first talked about.

Posted by Quest

some  i know has the symptoms i guess i will have to burn them to be safe

Posted by The Psyentist

Geonosis? Not my preferred destination anyway. I tend to just stay secluded in the Degobah system. No one bothers me there. Except for alien monitor lizards.

Posted by drawme

I think my teacher is infected...good reason to stay away from class.

Posted by DeadPixel

This and this: It smells like Republic Commando 2

Posted by spacemonkeymafia

did governor schwarzenegger  take a vacation to genosha?