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Image Teaser 5: INVINCIBLE #100 - The Death of...

Oh no, not him! Could this be who's dying?

Just as we assumed, there's another Image teaser for INVINCIBLE #100. Somebody is going to die. But as I've been saying all week, perhaps there will be more than one person dying.

It's hard to say who could possibly be dying. 100 issues is a lot and the perfect time to shake things up and head in a new direction. Here's today's teaser:

In case you missed any of the previous teasers, rather than give you a bunch of links and make you click back and forth, how about I just include them all below?

== TEASER ==

Who do you think it's going to be? All of them? None of them? Do you think there's anyone here Kirkman would NOT kill?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Probably someone that has not appeared on the previews is going to die.

Posted by Ms. Omega

I cant wait for this the wait is killing me!

Posted by Tmul501

My money is on Ultimate Spider-Man

Posted by thedanyrand

Im still most worried about Eve not making it. The teaser of her looks to be the skinny Eve too so not sure what to make of that.

Posted by ivolution2k1

its gonna be bulletproof lol

Posted by WizardofSmiles

Skinny Eve means she is using her powers.. She puts weight on if she is not using them.

Posted by NightFang

@DarkKnightDetective said:

Probably someone that has not appeared on the previews is going to die.

What if all the ones shown in the previews die?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@NightFang: then I guess It is going to be the final issue.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

its gonna be bulletproof lol

I hope not. He's one of my favorite characters in that book.
Posted by ARMIV2
Posted by x_29

SPOILER: No one actually dies.

Posted by NightFang

@DarkKnightDetective said:

@NightFang: then I guess It is going to be the final issue.

Unless another Invincible rises XD.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@NightFang: If they pull a Miles Morales Kirkman is dead to me!

Posted by NightFang

@DarkKnightDetective said:

@NightFang: If they pull a Miles Morales Kirkman is dead to me!

Lol, I thought people were coming around to Miles Morales?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@NightFang: I kind of did, he is not that bad, but after you read 160 comics of awesomeness it's hard to let go, oh and plus the annuals.

Posted by NightFang

@DarkKnightDetective: Understood.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@x_29 said:

SPOILER: No one actually dies.

If you think that then you don't read much Kirkman 
If ether Kid Omniman or Atom Eve dies then I'm out
Posted by SandMan_

Killing Oliver seems like a waste for me. I think he might be a villain someday.

Posted by Red Rum

Maybe no-one they are showing (or going to show) is the one who dies. Perhaps it's someone else and these are red herrings.

Posted by Funrush

Please not Oliver or Robot.

Posted by Mezmero

It will probably be Abraham Lincoln. Unless he died already in another issue. I still need to get caught up anyways.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

My guess is that they'll all die, then magically get resurrected or something.

But then again, this is Robert Kirkman. So anything goes in his books. I mean, just look at The Walking Dead.

Posted by Monarch_Chronicle

death of a team? my guess is its not a character death though...

Posted by Oedipus_Rex

I'm going to guess it's Invincible's Mom. There, I said it. You all know it's true. O_o

Posted by Wowlock

I am kinda curious on how these gambles gonna play out. Personally, previewing such events make me lose interest as '' Oh somebody gonna die ? thanks for the spoiler ! '' since you will probably focus on ''who'' rather than why and how..which is a bad way to do it really. It feels like ''death'' is the selling point and for me it sounds morbid and weird....

It is all good and well to tease about it but focusing on the issue so much will make the rest of the story kinda weak in my opinion. Kirkman has a thing for these 'deaths' just look at Walking Dead...but question is how long can he keep up with killing characters a portion of the readers like and then they turn around and say '' Well he is dead, no need to read it anymore'' ... Sure it is part of the setting in Walking Dead but still when you read 100 issues and you have grown to like a character..only for him/her to die ...well that would cause my interest to crumble down.

I guess I look on How AND Why when it is about 'Death' issues.

Ultimate Spiderman kinda worked since he did what he wanted to do, protect his family ...and accomplished it. It was a good way to go I think ( although I am still sad about it , especially with the late Spider-men issues .. ). If the story can deliver that purpose on '' this guy died to save millions ! '' or so , then go ahead but if it is like '' #100 issue ! Time to kill someone '' ...then I am sorry but that is a morbid use of ''death'' as an attraction which I find it quite ...weird.

Well hopefully , it will be a tasteful ( as tasteful as a death can be ) issue and won't be like any of my predictions. Maybe we can see the actual twist of '' just kidding, nobody dies ! '' now that is a twist I never saw in a long time since Death kinda lost it's shocking element in comics lately...Now surviving actually cause me more shock ! Ironic , huh ?

Posted by Telcalipoca

i wouldnt mind oliver dying. i think hes among the few who could die without me caring much.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Sure would be a twist if actually NOBODY died if you ask me.

Posted by secondfallen616

So we now know Kirkman's plan for any book he does......get to a hundred issues and then its DEATH TIME!!!!

Posted by Saren

I hope it's Eve, but it will probably be Cecil or something.

Posted by Asok

@secondfallen616 said:

So we now know Kirkman's plan for any book he does......get to a hundred issues and then its DEATH TIME!!!!

Well, with Walking Dead, it was pretty much ALWAYS death time.