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Image Teaser 3: INVINCIBLE #100 - The Death of...

Maybe it's this guy...

It's day 3 of the Image teasers for INVINCIBLE #100. On Monday, we saw the first teaser for a death in the issue. Yesterday we saw a second teaser. As expected, today brings us a third.

Are these all meant to throw us off or could we be seeing multiple deaths? We'll have to wait and see. Chances are tomorrow we'll see another teaser.

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Posted by Spideycap


Posted by Ms. Omega

Man I hope not.

Posted by KRYPTON

Another teaser, Robot might end up dying. I think he will die, but then again.

Posted by JohnnyWalker

@Spideycap: dude get the F out with this child mentallity this is NOT YOUTUBE!

Edited by Dark_Vengeance_

Death of a civilian that has never been shown and has no meaning to the story!

Robert Kirkman is going to troll all of us just wait and see.

Edited by Spideycap

@JohnnyWalker: sorry bro

Posted by ltbrd

@JohnnyWalker: grow up, its just a post.

Posted by Mandrewgora

I stopped reading around issue 40 or so, I hear its still good.

Posted by Drduckuck

I think bulletproof is going to die

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not Robot, pleeeeeeease not robot! :(

Posted by Om1kron

@Mandrewgora said:

I stopped reading around issue 40 or so, I hear its still good.

I actually just buy the hardcover since it has like 10 or so issues in each of them oversized with 0 ad's hell I'd buy all of my comics this way if I could. I wish Eric Larsen could find all of the original plots for savage dragon so I could re-read all of the back issues in color.

Anyway the book is still good, probably one of the few american comic books besides all of the manga I read that make me literally laugh. Robert Kirkman is a brilliant writer and add's just enough comedy in this series to break up the seriousness while still having a pretty solid story and Ryan Otley's art just is super consistent. I've seen a few lazy panels here and there but the guy never misses an issue and quality is always a 9 minimal.

This is a title that has spoiled me with the hardcover editions so it's hard for me to even fathom picking up the TPB's or the monthly title because I want to have my invincible in a nice 3 hour reading session than a whole bunch of careless flipping through pages and missing things like the monthly titles I do read.

I'm interested to see where the book leads after his team up with REX since that's where 7 leaves off.

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

I don't read invincible but I might pick this up

Posted by fACEmelter88

@Arkhamc1tizen said:

I don't read invincible but I might pick this up

NNNNOOOOO YOU HAVE TO READ IT FROM #1....IT'S SO GOOD! I read issues 1-79 in like 5.5 days trust me read from #1. Find back issues or get the trades...and the Rex and Atom Eve minis.

Posted by Vitality

It's the death of Thragg. These are the results of the brutal fight...but they survive.