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Image Announces RED CITY by Daniel Corey and Mark Dos Santos

Femme Fatales and rival alien mobs collide in this new series.

Press Release

Brimming with political conspiracy and raging with rival alien mobs, nothing is ever as it seems on the streets of RED CITY. Writer Daniel Corey (MORIARTY) and artist Mark Dos Santos bring you a whole new take on American crime noir, coming this June to Image Comics.

In the wake of a system-wide civil war, hard-nosed interplanetary investigator Cal Talmage is given a simple mission to find a missing ambassador’s daughter in Mars Central City. It all seems routine at first, but an experienced vet like Cal knows when trouble is brewing.

Coming off a run on the acclaimed series MORIARTY, also published by Image Comics, writer Daniel Corey brings you a new mystery that combines femme fatales and hard-boiled heroics with classic science fiction. Federal Security Officer Talmage just wants to be left alone, but with a girl in danger, a corrupt mayor in power and the lives of an entire race at stake, he’s got some tough choices ahead, because no one comes out clean in this town.

“You might say RED CITY is like L.A. Confidential on Mars,” said Corey. “Ellroy and Chandler shaking hands with Bradbury. We’ve got a likable-but-troubled cop who tackles a complex case in the midst of a vast criminal conspiracy, and it happens to take place on Mars. The really exciting thing is that we’re building an entire world, and the art of Mark Dos Santos brings a retro-futuristic vibe that will make RED CITY the most dangerous place in the New Solar System.”

The first of four issues of RED CITY arrives in stores 6/11, and can be pre-ordered using Diamond code APR140490.

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Posted by Grey56

Hmm, looks interesting enough. But hasn't Elephantmen been doing this longer for the same publisher?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Could be cool depending how seriously they take it. If this is a spoof on noir I'm not interested.

Posted by Grey56

Could be cool depending how seriously they take it. If this is a spoof on noir I'm not interested.

Yeah, by and large I agree sir.

Posted by MannEffest

“You might say RED CITY is likeL.A. Confidential on Mars,”?!?!?!?!

I love that movie, sign me up! :D