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Ian Churchill covers Jack Staff

Jack Staff #21

Fan favorite artist Ian Churchill draws cover to October's JACK STAFF #21!

This October Britian's number one superhero, JACK STAFF, gets covered by fellow Englishman and artist of DC Comics' TITANS, Ian Churchill.

"It's a bit worrying when you let someone else play with your toys," said series creator Paul Grist. "But Ian nailed it . Certainly get's my vote for best Jack Staff cover of 2008!"

The award-winning superhero series centers around Castletown, the epicenter for all superhuman activity in the United Kingdom and its greatest hero, the titular JACK STAFF. Churchill's cover reveals his unique interepetations of our hero and two of his fellow combatants, Becky Burdock and Alfred Chinard. In addition, Churchill's team up with Grist marks a special two-part story as JACK STAFF and company take on the murderous menace of the Muddy Man.

JACK STAFF #21, a 32-page page comic book for $3.50, will be in stores October 8th.