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Hybrid Bastards! (By Tom Pinchuk) 10 Page Preview

Get a look at the book you've probably heard about.

You might be familiar with a gentleman named Tom Pinchuk that has been writing for Comic Vine for the past few months. Not only is he a staff writer for us, he is also an actual comic book writer. His comic, Hybrid Bastards! had the first two issues released but long story short, the rest of the series wasn't released...until now. 
Archaia Entertainment is proud to announce that the Hybrid Bastards! hardcover is now here. You can watch an interview with Tom HERE from back in October where he discusses the book a little.
HYBRID BASTARDS! Collected Edition Hardcover
Retail Price: $17.95 U.S.
Page Count: 104 pages
Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color
ISBN: 978-1-932386-50-9
Release Date: comic shops – June 30, 2010; bookstores – July 13, 2010
Rating: Mature Readers (contains Graphic Violence and Adult Content)

Written by Tom Pinchuk 
Illustrated by Kate Glasheen 
Read on to discover what this book is about as well as a ten-page preview.
 == TEASER ==

Zeus is a god with a reputation for lechery, and it’s been driving his wife Hera nuts for years. Reaching her limit one night, she puts together an epic practical joke: She places a spell on Zeus that makes him fall in lust with every inanimate object in sight! It was a night Zeus doesn’t remember, but his godly seed took root nevertheless. Now, 18 years later, his unnatural hybrid bastards wander the world. And because Zeus has a reputation to protect, these embarrassing freaks have got to go! But this motley crew refuses to go quietly. Through schemes both ingenious and idiotic, Zeus’ bastard children—Cotton, a smarmy cloth patchwork; Carmine, a timid automobile; Corey, a self-loathing apple; Walter, a belligerent stack of bricks; and Panos, their gallant would-be leader—will force their negligent father to acknowledge them…that is, if their own squabbling doesn’t defeat them first! Collecting the mini-series that takes Greek mythology in a decidedly different direction, the HYBRID BASTARDS hardcover includes a bonus story and pin-up gallery.


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Posted by growup

Thats a wild idea for a story!

Posted by ninjadude853

this looks awesome

Posted by doordoor123

Not my favorite art but it fits well with the kind of story youre telling.
Looks pretty cool Tom.

Posted by SoftCoreDave


Posted by mimschkin

You had me at 'Corey, a self-loathing apple'. I'm sold.

Posted by Aspenite

Very indie-like...
I´m sorry but the artwork looks disgusting.

Posted by mavericksfan41
@Aspenite said:

" Very indie-like... I´m sorry but the artwork looks disgusting. "

i agree 100%
 i might have interest in it if it wasn't for the artwork
Posted by wallymonster

I love the art. Its different and so unexpected just like the story...its definitely not the safe cookie cutter monotony we get every week. I applaud any creator who takes a risk, plus I think it looks awesome.  You can see the influence of Egon Schiele and Gustav Kilmt among others. 

Posted by elevatorparty

i love the art work. Its like Dave McKean's stuff, so weird that it catches your attention. I dont think the Bastards themselves would look right if drawn in a more traditional style. Nice use of compression in the car scene to control the speed of the action.

Posted by darkxman123

not a big fan of the art but tom writing is quite good if it comes out in the uk i will pick it up

Posted by ComicMan24

It looks interesting.
Posted by Aquamariner

$17.95?!!  Blackest Night is $17.99!  
Just sayin'     


" @Aspenite said:

" Very indie-like... I´m sorry but the artwork looks disgusting. "

i agree 100%   i might have interest in it if it wasn't for the artwork "

Indeed. The art sucks. And this IS a comic book after all, so it SHOULD be somewhat visually appealing at the very least. Guess that's why it hadn't been published before. I like Pinchuk's articles here, but I can't say I'll be getting this, sorry.

Posted by G-Man
@Aquamariner: It's cheaper on Amazon. The first two issues were indeed published. The reason the rest weren't was the publisher went through some restructuring.
Posted by wallymonster

@aquamariner and others. What you think is ugly others might find interesting.  Don't be so quick to discount it. 
Its disturbing that so many comic readers are too closed minded to embrace anything different. When I hear creators complain about the "sameness" in comics it makes sense. I understand that its different strokes for different folks, but these sorts of criticisms are just unfortunate.  
The art is beautifully grotesque. Layouts are engaging and the stylizations play up the ideas behind the story. I wish other readers would spread their wings a bit and try to embrace different types of art in comics. You're holding the medium back by demanding the exact same stuff over and over again. 

Posted by jakob187

Man, I don't know who this "Tom Pinchuk" guy is, but he must be a twisted, perverted bastard.  >.>  <.<  O.O 
Given that my local shop got a copy of Tumor in stock WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING TO PERSONALLY ORDER IT (AND I BOUGHT IT), I'll hope they get this.  If not, it's going on the order list.

Edited by Red L.A.M.P.

I want one, and you're gonna sign the crap outta it Pinchuk.  

Kate's art is awesome.  

Posted by No_name_here
@Red_Justice:  As wild as that is, it's only just the beginning.
Posted by No_name_here
@ninjadude853: Thanks!
Posted by No_name_here
@mimschkin: Corey was definitely one of the most fun characters to write. Kate made him look so pathetic... I almost felt guilty for the kind horrible situations I put him through.
Posted by No_name_here
@doordoor123:  Thanks. I think you'll find there was no better fit for this kind of story.
Posted by No_name_here
@elevatorparty:  Yeah exactly. Surreal art for surreal characters. You know, people have brought up comparisons to Keith Giffen's TRENCH-era stuff before, but you're the first one to bring up Dave McKean. I can see it, actually. We definitely had fun with the station-wagon birth... building the suspense for it. Glad you picked up on it!
Posted by No_name_here
@darkxman123:  It should be out in the UK sometime. I know the first issues were available in Australia. If they don't have it, I can get you the Diamond Code and there's always Amazon, too.
Posted by No_name_here
@wallymonster:  Glad you dig it! Kate's from more of a fine arts background, so she brought in a lot of unusual influences to this, like you mentioned. What I'll say is that we tried hard to give readers an experience they aren't going to get anywhere else. It's definitely unusual, I'll admit, but I think it'll be really rewarding for anybody willing to step outside their comfort zone.
Posted by No_name_here
@jakob187: Twisted, perverted and them some. Yeah, if they had TUMOR, there's a good chance they'll have this. If you have any trouble finding, let me know and I'll get you the ordering code.
Posted by No_name_here
@Red L.A.M.P.:  I've got my special silver sharpie and it's just waiting to get signin'.
Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

@elevatorparty-- thank you, glad you dig the pacing! 
@wallymonster-- Thanks very much for your thoughtful and flattering critique.  My work certainly isn't for everyone, but regardless, people only do themselves and the market a disservice by having the default reaction set to "hate"..    
@Red L.A.M.P.--  thanks y'allz!! 

Posted by timtedtomtod

I can't believe people are hating the awesome artwork!  I'm honestly shocked that someone with interest in indie comics enough to pick up an issue would have that opinion.    

I'm guessing these are the same people that complain about characters like dust in x-men because they have to to use some imagination when they tug-off about it.   Aren't people sick yet of all the mail-order-educated illustrators and imitators working in the field. 
Do you have no appreciation for line quality?  I can't imagine any of the characters depicted in another style.  Have you actually looked at a physical copy of hybrid bastards or are you just judging from your screen? You can google the illustrator, kate glasheen, and find her website, her work is stellar. 
Please stop complaining and ruining it for the rest of us who salivate for comics like hybrid bastards with both original writting AND artwork!   Just go see Iron Man 2 again instead!