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Huntress Returns to 'Arrow'

And the episode is called "Birds of Prey." GASP!

Arrow fans, our sister site, TV Guide, has landed a pretty neat exclusive. Jessica de Gouw is going to reprise her role as Huntress, but what's particularly exciting is the episode is called "Birds of Prey." Basically, Huntress is still seeking revenge and this brings her back to Starling City. Helena Bertinelli wants to take down her father, Frank Bertinelli, but two things are standing in her way: Arrow and Canary!

"Birds of Prey" will air March 26. As always, it'll be on the CW at 8/7c. Are you going to tune in, Viners?

Source: TV Guide

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Posted by Fhiz

And this season was doing so well, too.

Posted by ajshadowhawk

I'm super excited about this. I thought De Gouw as The Huntress was one of the best things in Season 1. I love her acting, I love the character. This is totally a win-win for me.

Posted by SupBatz

That's pretty exciting. I wasn't the biggest fan of Huntress in the first season. Here's hoping that they improve the character when they bring her back.

...And more importantly, Sara is coming back to Starling! Excellent news!

Posted by daredevil21134

I wish it was the comics

Posted by laabitres

i am about this

Posted by Doctor_Malekith

Ugh. Huntress was terrible in season one.

Edited by Oscars94

I liked her.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

I like where this is going, but hopefully the Huntress character will be improved a bit more.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by dreamfall31

Only watched the first season, but she was by far the worst thing about this series thus far. Terrible actress and poorly written and realized. Hopefull they will improve her character, but I kinda just want her to die/dissapear.

Posted by KidChipotle


Edited by Commander_Kane

I'm all for it, right now I feel like they can do no wrong.

*Knocks on wood*

Edited by Vitalius

Birds of Prey was my Gasp. Let hope Huntress had some changes like Oliver and now is trying to be a better character.

Posted by JonSmith

Only two ways this can go: Make her better or kill her off. I'm good either way.

Edited by Falconer

The only thing objectively worse than her in the first season was Laurel, but I think that's only because there was more of her. Not looking forward to this. Here's hoping Sarah kicks her ass.

Posted by SlamAdams

Know what would be awesome? Huntress kills Laurel, so Canary kills Huntress. And Arrow never needs to talk about them again.

Posted by Pokeysteve

Birds of Prey you say......go onnnnnnn...

Edited by Falconer

@slamadams: GENIUS! No, seriously, I am way behind this idea.

Posted by Dslboy

*looks at picture*

Is it a plank? is it a tree? No, it's Arrow...

Really, I understand this show is popular among people who don't necessarily read comics... but comic(green arrow) fans should despise this thrash, as they rape every character with bad actors/writing

Edited by SlamAdams

@dslboy: The second season is much better than the first. The first was absolutely abysmal in almost every way (Felicity, Diggle, and Slade being the bright spots), and the second season, while not necessarily great or deep or an entirely accurate depiction of the comics like many adaptations, is at the very least fun.

Posted by Xwraith

@slamadams: I actually think the second season of Arrow was better than all of 2013's comic book movies (not that it was really hard to do that).

Posted by The_Deathstroker

Well I was totally hating this idea at first but.... "Birds of Prey" uh huh, I'm listening.

Oh and this would be an awesome opportunity to introduce the Question into the show

Posted by The_Deathstroker

Oh and I'm hoping we get to see some SS (Sarah/Slade) interaction too.... That would be awesome, especially if they describe how they got away from each other.

Edited by Ando123

Great :D

Posted by lifeboy

Uh.... YEAH! Thank You! Finally a window to launch a new Birds of Prey series! :D

Edited by viin

Not a big fan of the Huntress in this show but I will watch.

Posted by SlamAdams

@xwraith: I liked Wolverine and Thor 2, but I wouldn't argue about the others

Edited by joshmightbe

Here's hoping that chick got some acting lessons.

Edited by The_Comebacks
@deathstrokergeist said:

Oh and this would be an awesome opportunity to introduce the Question into the show

^ This 1000x times yes.

The huntress episodes were the weakest of the series thus far. Maybe they need a more athletic actress who has a little more dynamic range. Even though they didn't recast huntress-I would like to see a better performance or actress. If delivered well this could be a great episode. Sarah as Canary I thought was excellent this season (Plz don't make Laurel-Canary. just keep sarah.)

Posted by PhantomArtist

the actress has a weird habit of being super hot to looking weird back and forth

Posted by MrMazz

if they didn't have Jessica de Gouw use her terrible American accent, her acting would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I actually like the character just the acting is soooo bad.

Posted by SynCig

I hated the Huntress episodes and I really hope this one isn't as bad. Jessica de Gouw was unconvincing and bland as an actress in those episodes. Maybe having Black Canary there will distract me from Huntress but Idk. I also think their portrayal of Huntress has been incredibly one dimensional. She is a character I thought had a lot of potential within the Arrow-verse but they really didn't deliver.

Posted by nappystr8

Huntress is the worst thing about Arrow. The blame is not on the actress, it's on the inept writing. Even if they try to fix her character now, there is no undoing the damage done in season one. They should have left her in limbo where she belongs.

And the saddest part about that is that Huntress is actually an awesome character in pretty much any other version.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I hate her!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! de Gouw was fucking awful in the first season


NO! How can you stand her?

Edited by Black_Claw

Birds of Prey?

Edited by Timotheus316

I won't be watching it. UNTIL 2nd half of Season 2 is over with then I will binge watch it and enjoy every minute of it like I did last season.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

I actually just starting watching Arrow this weekend with my wife (it came highly recommended from some peers here). I must admit we really liked it. Havent gotten to any of season 2 yet, hoping its good as I am a fan of Black Canary.

Edited by johnny_spam

She was so terrible, there was no reason to bring her back.

Posted by Vitalius
Posted by BillyFamine

@dslboy said:

*looks at picture*

Is it a plank? is it a tree? No, it's Arrow...

Really, I understand this show is popular among people who don't necessarily read comics... but comic(green arrow) fans should despise this thrash, as they rape every character with bad actors/writing

Thrash metal is awesome man!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Wasn't a fan of her first season, but BIRDS OF PREY!!!!

Edited by BillyFamine

Hopefully she uses her crossbow though, she doesn't fit well carrying guns. I'm glad they have Bertinelli and not Wayne as Huntress as well, I miss Bertinelli a lot in the comics.

Posted by War Killer

Glad to know Black Canary is returning.

Posted by Perfect 10

has anyone else notice all the cameos actors are making in other shows? huntress in intelligence, peter from teen wolf in beauty and the beast just to name a few. i've never noticed this before. no more exclusive studio deals?

Posted by millennium

wow i get my wish too see huntress vs canary in the show hopefully its good

Edited by The Stegman

Ugh. Huntress was terrible in season one.

this. She was insufferable.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

This is pretty awesome.

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