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Human Target Lead Cast

The television adaption for DC's "Human Target" gets its lead actor.

Last month it was reported that Fox had given the greenlight to the adaption of DC's "Human Target" for television.  The comic deals with a top level athlete/detective/weapons expert/master of disguise who also doesn't seem to have fear.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Mark Valley (last seen as John Scott on "Fringe").

McG's Wonderland will be bringing us "Human Target."   The show could have some potential.  The comic was written by Peter Milligan.  Now you need to try to buy the trade paperbacks before the show starts.
Posted by Hawk

Hum.....IDK here I'm not a big fan of " John Scott. They seemed to fade him out though on Fringe ...I guess for this.

Posted by gunswordfist

McG's Wonderland?!! What does that exactly mean?!! Any involvement of that terrible director has me worried.

Posted by G-Man

It's the company he's part of.  He may have some involvement but I don't think it'd be a whole lot.  At least not on a regular basis.  He has a bunch of movies lined up so I'd think he'd focus on those versus a tv show.  It's kinda like Brett Ratner and Prison Break.  I doubt he was on set everyday.  If McG can bring some clout to it, maybe it can get the show some more attention.  Not many people are completely familiar with the comic.

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Posted by Darkchild

REALLY HIM oh man im pummped now