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Hulk Faces Off Against His Son, Skaar...Finally

The moment we've been waiting for is finally approaching.

Are you still reading "Skaar: Son Of Hulk"?  What's your take on Skaar?  Ever since he first showed up, we've been waiting for the moment he meets up with his daddy, the incredible Hulk.  What's going to happen when father and son finally meet? 

"Planet Skaar Prologue" is due out on May 20, 2009.  It'll be written by Grek Pak and penciled by Dan Panosian (Ron Lim will be drawing the actual "Planet Skaar" story).  Skaar just got done ravaging his homeland. What's going to happen when he arrives on Earth?  According to Marvel:
 The sins of the father will come back to haunt Earth as Skaar's stunning secrets are revealed - and put Earth in grave danger!
I'm curious as to what version of the Hulk Skaar will face off against.  That could make a big difference in the outcome.  What do you think? 

Here's a preview for "Planet Hulk Prologue."  Click the images to enlarge.

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Posted by Hawk

Hummmm.......this could be ok.

Posted by The Hottness

id like to to see Hulk vs Skaar.....even tho Skaar would get destoryed

Posted by the Vica

I'm almost definitely picking up Planet Skaar. I've got Planet Hulk and World War Hulk already, and while I haven't been keeping up with Skaar's ongoing, I plan on getting this.

But I just don't get what will be significant about Skaar 'finally meeting his dad' when his dad has once again degenerated into a moronic ape.
Posted by Tainted-Cell

Why are his tattoos larger in size and of a darker pigmentation in Hulk-form?

I'm kind of tired of the Hulk - Planet Hulk and World War Hulk just kinda burned me out... and then came Red Hulk. :/

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like a smaller version of WWH.

Posted by DeadPool a.k.a Wade Wilson


Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

I'm excited! although I'll probably get this as a TPB

Posted by Dane

Uh since when do the fantastic four stab people with spears?

Edited by Mr.Voo the Doo

maybe they'll  have red hulk in their too and the three hulks will just kill each other that would be great

Posted by DEGRAAF

i am starting to think that this will be an alternate reality.  i mean since when is she-hulk a member of the fantastic four and since when does the fantastic four try to kill people?

im not fond of the art either. i like the art better in the comics that have already come out.

does anyone like the idea of skaar becoming a real boy. sounds like a twisted pinochio story to me. Ill still pick it up bc i love the idea of skaar and the possibilities for him but i think they are about to ruin him.

Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna

I want to see this. Not to excited but i do want to see it.

Posted by DEGRAAF

i just have this huge bad feeling that they are going to totally screw this up

Posted by SUNMAN
G-Man said:
So wait a second She-Hulk is back on the FF4.
Posted by fan di fumetti

I would like to see:
Skaar vs Juggernaut
Skaar vs Red Hulk
Skaar vs A-Bomb
Skaar vs She-Hulk (Jennifer)
Skaar vs the other She-Hulk
Skaar vs Wolverine
Skaar vs Ironman

Posted by StrongestOneThereIs

This will be cool but it depends on what Hulk they will use. I hope it is the WWHulk (or atleast his intellectual level). Anything less would be disappointing to Skaar

Posted by King Saturn
Posted by Gregomasta

Is Skaar and she-hulk going to get it on?