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Nice Flavor Flav style clock. lol

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LMFAO!!!! when's the album release party?

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Ha Ha Ha  !

G-Man is Spittin them Bars  !
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Oh gods.

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Wearin' da Madman clock, I see, G. 

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i cannot believe this is happening

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LMAO! Best review ever!

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G-Man needs to sign with Def Jam Records... lord knows they could use him now

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You should do this every time G-Man.

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So does the "G" in G-Man stand for Gangsta?

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Holy Shit. That was surprising!

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Thanks G-Man.

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For me the art was good and the story was poop. 3.5 for me. The art and the ending helped a lot.

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I ask him to do a review of a hulk comic and he did it THANKS LOL!!!

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He had on his GL Bling too LMAO

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I always wear the GL ring.  That on one hand and wedding ring on the other.

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G-Man said:
"I always wear the GL ring.  That on one hand and wedding ring on the other."
Married to the Corps, G?
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But really check out my other bling. You gotta love my bungee cord necklace.
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Long time browser, first time commenting(I've been sucked into the Vine).

From this point on, it could go two ways:

1. Never ever do that again.

2. Never ever stop.  I dare not request a G-Mizzy feat. Red L.A.M.P. "collabo" as they say.  But then again, I just did.

Way to keep it fresh with those stupid dope rhymes, homie.

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That's awesome G-Man! I don't think I'd be able to attempt what you did without busting up laughing!

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That's something you don't see everyday.

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And for that, we can all be thankful.

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Hey you committed to the role. That's saying something anyway. (we're all waiting for the remix to drop)

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G-Man said:
"And for that, we can all be thankful.

So, um, that last page, what was it that intrigued you?
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lordraiden said:
"So, um, that last page, what was it that intrigued you?"
That last page is what bumped up the rating for me.  It's a "character" that I really enjoyed in the past.  One that I've been wanting to see return for some time.  I hope "he" is back, at least for a while.  I'm assuming you read the issue and know who I'm talking about?  I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't. I guess it's a more personal thing in the grand scheme of things.  Nothing really epic.  Just something I enjoyed before.
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I sounded like it be bad, interesting...

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@G-Man said:

Okay, 1) Did you lose a bet? 
and 2) Where the heck is that picture from? lol