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Hughie Get's His Own Comic In The Boys: Highland Laddie

Mini Offshoot of The Boys set to be released this August!

If you are a fan of Garth Ennis' The Boys series published by Dynamite Entertainment, and you cannot get enough of the series; then you will be happy to hear that the book will be getting an offshoot six issue mini starting this August. The series, which will be penned by Ennis and penciled by John McCrea ( Herogasm) will revolve around the popular Boys character Hughie and will be titled The Boys: Highland Laddie. While I personally am not a fan of Ennis' Herogasm series, I do enjoy The Boys' realist perspective on what life would be like if superheroes did in fact exist in our world. It is certainly a series that has pushed the envelope and definitely worth a look for mature readers. This new mini series, Highland Laddie, seems especially interesting since the comic will be dealing with the life and times of Hughie, one of the more popular members of The Boys.


 "Highland Laddie sees everyone's favorite Scotsman in his own series, with art by Herogasm's John McCrea," says writer Garth Ennis.  "All Hughie wants is a break, and thinks the perfect place to get one is back home- in Auchterladle, the little Scottish seaside town where he grew up. But friends and family have their own ways of wearing a man down, and with certain mysterious strangers in town, Hughie's already fragile psyche is in for another battering."

Dynamite Entertainment was kind enough to send us a look at the cover as well as four pages of preview art from the upcoming title which we have included below. Are you reading The Boys? Will you be picking up Hughie's mini series this August? 
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Posted by Jeffmoocow

Not a big fan of the art, Hughie's face looks really weird.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Here's hoping this artice doesn't turn out the way the Hudlin one did. I get not enjoying or liking his work, but where was all that anger coming from?
I've never read The Boys or the Herogasm(a rather suggestive title) series before. That said. I like the art in those preview images. The color work is really nice. It really makes the depth. Only thing that looked odd was in that very first page with the sun shining through the clouds. It just looks weird to have light shining through that one cloud.

Posted by MisterDK

I've been a big fan of The Boys since I caught up with the story about a year ago. I like Hughie (although being Scottish think that his "Scottish-ness" is often a little off) and will be picking this up come august for sure.

Posted by Blue_Shield

While I have been reading 'The Boys' since the beginnnig, and love the series, I'm trying to figure out how they can fill a 6-issue series about Hughie.  This is no slight on the character, but they have alluded to Hughie's life being pretty uneventful prior to joining 'The Boys'.  Herogasm seemed like it ran too many issues, even though some events tie-in with the regular series.
Posted by GT-Man

Edited by Duncan Idunno
@ Blue_Shield 
Huge fan of the series as well - unfortunately that seems rare - but I believe by the time 
this series comes out  there will have been enough profound changes in Hughie and his 
role to make this interesting. August is a way off, and unlike a lot of other titles that spin 
their wheels (see:Marvel Comics), much can and probably will have happened in the 
Boy-verse by then.
Posted by GraveSp

I love Ennis and McCrea working together.  It reminds me of reading Hitman.  

Posted by Curt2538

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed The Boys from the very first issue. The series really makes you think about what it would be like to deal with crazy people in tights, who can crush or kill you depending on the circumstances. Though I favor Butcher in the character department , Hughie is a close second. I think that it's great he's getting his own mini-series ! Let's hope this becomes a trend highlighting all The Boys .
Posted by Asymmetrical
@Jeffmoocow said:
" Not a big fan of the art, Hughie's face looks really weird. "
have to agree, I've grown to comfortable in Robertson's art on the series but I'll still read this, I'm always up for a Wee Hughie story!