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Hugh Jackman in Wolverine: The Musical

Hugh Jackman opens up his singing pipes in a BB1 Radio interview

By now, everyone should know that not only is Hugh Jackman an accomplished actor but also an accomplished man in musical theater winning multiple Tony Awards as well as hosting the 2014 Tony Awards. In a recent BBC1 interview, Jackman sang a few bars from the completely made up Wolverine: The Musical. Here's Jackman hitting almost all the notes needed for a killer performance.

Is it weird to say that even though I'm not the biggest fan of musical theater, I'd be the first in line to see this as a real musical? Can Hugh Jackman do no wrong?

Posted by i_like_swords

Yes. Wolverine needs a musical. We took his cool adamantium movie claws, we took his comic book healing factor and killed his son. Now all we need to is put him in a musical and Wolverines destruction will be complete... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHA

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Misleading title is misleading.

Posted by dagmar_merrill


Posted by YoungJustice

This is art.

Posted by JetiiMitra

Would watch.

Posted by jayc1324

Great but Hugh looks a little small there

Posted by micah

@rulerofthisuniverse: I thought I was going to see a Broadway actor in a leather jacket and pop-out claws LOL

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HAHAHAHA! This is great!

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God those lyrics are awful! Lol

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Posted by AmazingWebHead

I can't be the only one who would just love to see the other X-Men's faces while watching this.

Posted by G_leno

It was a very good plug for DoFP. Hugh is great. Seems like such a decent guy.

Posted by nintendork666

HAHA That was amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by RD189

I would be the first in line for a Wolverine Musical!!!!!

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Lol perfect

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Tony Award Winning Song, "I am the Best there is At What I Do (But what I do isn't nice)"

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This is the best thing ever.

Edited by Skit

This made ms remember that song he did with Lonely Island. I would totally go and watch a wolverine musical though.

Posted by TheCannon

I got very worried that this was an actual thing when I read that title.

Posted by The Poet

That was great.

Posted by fables87

I thought this was a real thing, but this is funny!

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Hugh Jackman is perfection personified (no homo (not that there's anything wrong with that))

Posted by kilon

that was a show worth i. loved it.

Posted by deadpool25mm

LOL he is awesome

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

Hugh Jakcman as Wolverine is the most perfect cating in the history of casting.

Posted by KidChipotle

I was really hoping he was going to say "bub" at the end of that but I was completely satisfied with what it was. Simply amazing.

Posted by Wolverine08

Tis' be how Logan gets zee' girls.

Posted by DoctorXander

Posted by Admiral_IronBeast

perfect. nuff said

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Oh Hugh Jackman, you are awesome!