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How Rad Would A Marvel Zombies Movie Be?

This is something we can all wish for.

I seem to recall this trailer being posted here before but it seems to have disappeared.  I came across it a week ago and meant to repost.  Unfortunately it got lost in the numerous open tabs I have on my computer.  This is obviously fan made but you have to admit, it looks pretty good.  We know Marvel has stated that they will not make R rated movies anymore (for now, at least) and I'm sure trying to get the rights of all the characters together would be a pain (for some reason even though Marvel owns them all).  So sit back and enjoy what may be the only way we'll be able to watch Marvel Zombies.


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Posted by The_Martian

Oh I saw this on Myspace before. Pretty cool

Posted by G-Man

Yeah it's been around a while.  I know someone posted it here before.  I think myspace took it down or something.  I just felt it should be seen again.

Posted by blackstormtorrent

very cool should have been longer

Posted by defunkt

Scary! They did a good job on this. It was realistic enough to gross me out.

Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna

It be awesome if they did.

Posted by RedK

like'd the cap at the end really cool
this would be a great film.

Posted by mattydeNero

I think an animated adaptation would be choice.  I would love to see Galactus get chomped up in animated form.  I'm not a huge fan of the comic series, but a cartoon would have cache for sure.

Posted by likalaruku

I'd pay $25 to see THAT movie.

Posted by ~Clover~

I would love to see it. Wow I can't believe this was just thrown around, it looks really good. It don't look like a common youtube people messing around doing cosplay videos. It looks at the level of a 90s movie you know, not bad to be fake. :)

It be so cool If they did it :D

***** :D

Posted by Decept-O

That was great!  The Mary Jane in this was far superior than K. Dunst!  That is how M.J. should look.  The Make-Up and costume FX were great, they did a nice job.  The series and a movie idea, not my thing, but this was good.

Posted by Erik

Wow. For a fan movie, that was really good. I agree that this Mary Jane was much better as well. 

Posted by Kaimera

That is an excellent fan movie, I agree, I would love to see a Marvel Zombies movie.

Posted by blade hunter

that looked mint, hulk looked good.

Posted by Methos
G-Man said:
How Rad Would A Marvel Zombies Movie Be?


Rad as in Radical?

Bloody hell, back to the 80's everyone lol

Posted by Aqua Angel

Sweet more zombies we need more zombies

Posted by Media_Master

ha neat

Posted by Nahero

it looks good but i never liked marvel zombies

Posted by pixelized
Nobody said:
"Oh I saw this on Myspace before. Pretty cool"
That's where i saw it!

likalaruku said:
"I'd pay $ -25 to see THAT movie."

is that where they give you money to watch it?
Posted by Sparda

I freaking hated Marvel Zombies (Silver Surfer gets eaten....yeah, okay), but that looked pretty cool. Nice SFX.

Posted by johnnythehomicidalmaniac

Veeerrry gay. Zombies suck, Werewolves and Vampires are better.

Posted by Carnage47

lol loved the part when it shows spidey feasting, lol, very graphic bloody goory... i give it 5 stars 
Posted by Phorqe

Not a Marvel Zombies fan (despite liking Zombies and Marvel) but that was cool.