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How 'Man Of Steel' Should Have Ended

HISHE is at it again! This time, they're tackling the super polarizing film 'Man of Steel' in a hilarious video.

"How it should have ended" creates hysterical videos which reveal how movies could have ended in a way simpler manner. While I loved Man of Steel, there's no denying it's a massively polarizing film and there's definitely a lot of talk about how things could have gone differently. Well, HISHE decided to tackle this film and I simply had to share it with the Comic Vine community. It's just an added bonus that Batman comes up with an awesome new slogan.

What do you think about their alternate solution, Viners?

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Posted by doombot890

Aquaman secretly forms the justice league hahaha! greatest ending ever!

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Of all the arguments against Man of Steel ending the way it did, this is the most plausible alternative I have heard/seen.

Of course we also have to assume that Zod wouldn't have been prepared to prevent Superman from doing that and capturing him as he approached the ship.

I'll admit that I didn't consider the fact that Clark didn't consult his alien father about the Zod situation. The movie didn't make it clear how that entire conversation happened.

Posted by cfrehse

lol nice. it could have ended like that but a zero action supes movie would be boring,

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The Iron Man 3 one was hilarious.

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Haha this was pretty great. It does make absolutley zero sense why he didn't consult his fater's hologram. Hated the movie eithe way, so it wouldn't have made it a better one.

Posted by dadarkknight36310

@dondave: That was the whole point of the joke, the way people would have wanted it to ended would have been boring. The dude who does these videos actually loved the movie.

Posted by tikhunt

I have no care for this HISHE unfortunately it just didn't click for me but the Aquaman cameo was bloody awesome.

Posted by Ninjablade09

I love "What are you going to do, snap my neck?"

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Posted by BillyBonzo

brilliant xD

Edited by sagejonathan

XD Great video. Still love the movie immensely.

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In a story, if the audience can think of an alternative to your plot you need to explain (in the movie) why it wasn't possible. So people wont be saying why didn't he just stop the bad guy in the beginning. Oh, its because of this reason they show later on. This brought up stuff that I wasn't even thinking of. So funny. I hope Man of Steel 2 is much better, such potential. Superman needs to be a symbol of Hope.

Posted by StMichalofWilson


Well at least someone addressed the issue with the fight scenes. Also, the Aquaman part was funny.

Posted by fACEmelter88

HAHAHAHA! I love these! Great Aquaman cameo! The one for X-Men: First Class is my favorite def check it out kids.


Why would the bad guys change earths atmosphere? They would have powers right? Yellow sun wouldn't get through right?


Hope when Lex shows up it's the one that is Clark's age and friend/enemy

Posted by jakester217

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Posted by HolySerpent

It's a TRAP!!!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

This is utter crap as are the rest of their videos. The film ended how it should have.

LOL you actually take these seriously?

Posted by DEADPOOL

Wow, HISHE just made me realize how pointless all of that was. lol.

I really didn't like all that hubub about the codex in the movie, and I thought a simulation of his mother should had been included as well.

Posted by Mister_Sensational


I love this one too especially the part when the Avengers arrive and Thor says

"I heard your call my brothers and sister lets us go forth to VICTORY!"

Captain America - "Tony just blew up all of his suits!"

Thor - "Saith whaaaat!"


Posted by SmashBrawler

This was pretty funny. However, I've been thinking about this video and it actually doesn't make much sense. See, Jor-El had no way of knowing any of this by himself considering he's not a real, living being, so how would he know Zod was sentenced to the Phantom Zone and is using the same ship he designed? Clark only got a small glimpse of how Zod's ship looked like, that's obviously not enough for Jor-El to figure out how to stop them. So, the reason nobody thought about this is because it doesn't actually make sense in the context of the movie.

Posted by freeballer

anything would be better than man of steel... especially the ending

Posted by lykopis

I am so happy. So happy because the one thing I studiously avoided mentioning on the forums was why Superman's father got to be the one to retain his consciousness for Clark to access and refer to and yet, not his mother? A petty enough complaint (hence my not mentioning it) but considering the poor woman gave natural birth (I shudder to think just how a Kryptonian female body evolved without having given birth naturally for generations...)

AnyHOOOO -- thanks for this. I giggled, which is a fun thing to do.

Posted by tobyxtremegamer


Posted by Barkley

that was funny and im huge fan the movie I have good sense of humor

Posted by Friskynesss

I was waiting for the Aquaman spot during the actual movie XD

Posted by laabitres

lmaoooo justice legue hahahaha

Posted by _Genesis_


Posted by Jaydarocknrolla

i love hishe vids. espevially the super cafe ones

Posted by .Longshot.

For years in comics, Superman comes up with easy, effortless solutions to all his problems without real conflict or sense of peril- people say he's boring.

HISHE makes a joke about how he could have solved his problems easily and effortlessly without any conflict or sense of peril- half the site says it would make a better movie.


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Why is HISHE getting articles only just now? Their main feature is superhero stuff. :P

Posted by turoksonofstone

bwahahaha, Spot on.

Edited by Chibio

Yeah, this makes perfect sense. In the movie Superman killed thousands of people during his fight with Superman and I won't even start talking about the property damage. It's like Superman can't fly straight up in the air, but always does it horizontally, where he can hit as many buildings as possible.

Posted by TheAuroraChild

LMAO! This one's the best of them all! Me and my bro love it.

Edited by PunyParker

...Justiiiiiiiiice Leeeeaaaaaaaaague

Posted by Arinya

LOL as always HISHE speaks truth! Really makes MoS even more silly. If you don't think this was funny you need to check your sarcasm radar. It's broken.

Posted by ccraft


Edited by Guardiandevil83

People getting offended by this are to sensitive. They are joking. The creators are fans of the film. Also if Clark had done what they suggested, the movie would have been boring as hell. Who wants a superhero movie were the hero doesn't punch his enemies in the face?

Posted by bloggerboy

@lordrequiem: It's meant as humor.

That said the movie had an abysmal ending. Way to contradict the theme of having free will and choice. Superman was forced to kill Zod so that's what he did. That's utter crap.

Edited by Raw_Material

Lol, classic. That almost made my day just watching it. Aquaman's part was F'n funny! The scene where Kal-El is at the oil rig and falls into the ocean surrounded by a bunch of whales definitely is a easter egg as to where Aquaman was in the Man of Steel. I mean, who else would've helped him get back to land so quickly?! The ending scene with Lois Lane trying to figure out what the "S" stood for on Superman's suit is hysterical!

"I'm rich Batman!" - HISHE Batman

Posted by KidSupreme

I love Man of Steel, I would have to say it was Epic. I love how HISHE make fun of movies we all enjoy. I think people should be able to watch this and laugh without getting offended that they are poking fun at a movies we all like. Have a sense of humor!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Sounds more like Lara said "JERK!" than Jor when she said "I'm his mother, Jor!" Seriously though, this was HILARIOUS!

Posted by sugoionna87

LMAO! Love it!

"I'm rich Batman!"

and Aquaman was awesome also.

Posted by MarvelDCMan9999

Internet reviewer Jeremy Jahds said it would been cool if it turned out Aquaman caused the oil rig to explode which would could tie into the Justice League movie.

Posted by New_World_Order

Seems legit

Edited by daily_planet2013

The random priest thing was hilarious

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