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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Booch

Scott Lobdell shares his thoughts on Brian Buccellato and his SONS OF THE DEVIL Kickstarter.

Regular readers of ComicVine know that I've called attention to more than one Kickstarter in this space... but nothing gives me greater pride or pleasure at the opportunity to shine a spotlight on no less a personage than Brian Buccellato and his new project, SONS OF THE DEVIL!

Siya Oum SONS OF THE DEVIL variant

Is he one of the newest and most talented young writers to make an impression in comics since his startling debut alongside Francis Manapul in the pages of the New 52 THE FLASH? Yep! Is he a great guy to hang around with -- in part because of his cutting sense of humor and in part because he's one of those creators who loves bonding with fans and bowling them over with some of the most surprisingly awesome cover sketches? Yep too! He's also one of my favorite dads ever -- I never tire of seeing him with his son. If love is enough to raise a great kid, no one needs worry about the next generation of Booches!

But you can't really appreciate what you're getting out of getting involved with a Brian Buccellato project without taking into account his stellar work on the self-published FOSTER (the trade will be out July 9th from OSSM Comics).

We've all read comics that are thinly disguised autobiographies -- but only Brian had the insight and talent to take all the fears a father has about raising his kid, protecting him from the monsters among us, and weave it into a white knuckled thriller that is as poignant as it is pugnacious!

Do yourself (and me, and a LEGION OF BOOCH fans across the world) a favor and check out his SONS OF THE DEVIL Kickstarter. He's THISCLOSE to realizing his multi-media dream of putting out the comic alongside the short film... and I know that if you commit to him, he won't let you down.

He's the Booch -- he doesn't have any experience in disappointing you!

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Posted by Fenderxx

Lol loved that article, an im sold, i will donate when i get off work, but i will donate even more if booch can get me out of work earlier... Just throwing it out there!

Posted by KyreCat

Very nice tribute in time for Father's Day. If he'll help me pack out a hundred pieces of deodorant, I'll donate. Seriously, okay. I'm sold too. As soon as I have the funds.

Posted by ScarletBatman

The comic looks like it will be gorgeous. I can;t wait to pick it up.